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Chapter 602 Are You an Idiot

“Jesus!” Lin Xiaoxia exclaimed in shock again.

“Whats wrong” Su Tongnuo was worried.

“Read it yourself.” Lin Xiaoxia didnt know how to explain it, so she put her phone on the tale, and others approached to read it.

It was the news about Gu Ning and Jade Beauty Jewelry.

After reading it, Gu Ning understood what had happened, but she wasnt surprised.

The others, on the other hand, all rounded their eyes in great shock.

“Boss, are you a kung fu master”

“Boss, are you an alien”

Gu Ning was amused.

Alright, she had to admit that it looked very unbelievable in ordinary peoples eyes.

Fei Nan was also astonished.

He had served in the army for three years, and kept exercising in his daily life but he knew that he was barely comparable to Gu Ning.

She was so young! However, she was already the boss of a high-end jewelry brand, and now was involved in the entertainment industry.

She even had an unusual relationship with Tanghuang Entertainment.

She couldnt be a simple girl!

As time went by, Su Tongnuo became a hot topic on Weibo.

All the stars who ached to be a hot topic felt very jealous of her, because Su Tongnuo had already done it several times within a month.

In addition, there were more supporters than haters of Su Tongnuo this time.

Probably because of the previous news reversal, Su Tongnuo left a good impression on many people, while Shen Ruiyin had a bad reputation.

All in all, it was still unclear whether Su Tongnuo had grabbed the photo studio and photographer away from Shen Ruiyin.

Even if Su Tongnuo had done that, Tanghuang Entertainment should be the first one who came out to explain it.

Therefore, most people believed that Su Tongnuo was innocent.

In the meantime, some still thought that Su Tongnuo must have made some dirty deals with the senior management of Tanghuang Entertainment so that she was able to use the photo studio.

Wang Wei didnt know that Shen Ruiyin had caused such a big problem on the Internet until hours later.

Without doubt, he knew that it must be Shen Ruiyin who had posted the pictures, so he called her without delay.

“Did you post the pictures on Weibo”

Although Wang Wei was certain that it must have been Shen Ruiyin, he still had to ask for her answer at first.

“Yes.” Shen Ruiyin didnt deny it, like she wouldnt deny her relationship with Wang Wei.

“Are you an idiot Dont you know that its a very cheap trick Once our company clears Su Tongnuo and the truth is revealed, your career will be ruined,” Wang Wei snapped at her.

He didnt expect that Shen Ruiyin could be so stupid.

“I didnt use my own Weibo account.

Nobody will find it out!” Shen Ruiyin said airily.

It wasnt the first time that she had done it after all.

“Youre truly an idiot! Dont you know that youre the number one suspect in this mess Its obvious that the pictures were taken at the photo studio, so Fei Nan can easily find out who did it.

If the person betrays you, your career will be ruined!” Wang Wei almost shouted in anger.

When he had signed Shen Ruiyin a few years ago, she had been a modest, smart girl.

However, she became very arrogant once she gained some fame.

Hearing that, Shen Ruiyin finally panicked.

“What-what should we do now”

“What else do you think we can do now Delete the post right now and post your apology.

Say its a mistake and then use your own Weibo account to repost it.

Use the excuse that youve been busy all the time, so you didnt see the hot topic until now, and its not true.” Wang Wei was regretful now that he had signed Shen Ruiyin.

“Sure-sure.” Although Shen Ruiyin was reluctant to do that, she had to listen to Wang Wei for the sake of her career.

Before long, Shen Ruiyin deleted the pictures and sent out another post.

“Im sorry! Its a mistake and not true that Su Tongnuo grabbed the photo studio away from Shen Ruiyin.

Please forgive me.

Once this post was out, it threw another bomb on Weibo.

Most Internet users believed that Su Tongnuo was innocent from the very beginning, so they started to attack this Weibo account user now.

At the same time, Shen Ruiyins fans were also amid criticisms now.

“Ha-ha! Another news reversal!”

“What can you say right now”

“Haters are pests!”

“Well, maybe this Weibo account user apologized under threat.”

“I agree.”

“Why do you believe the post that Su Tongnuo grabbed the photo studio away from Shen Ruiyin, but now refuse to believe this post that its not true”

“Those people are brain-washed stupid fans, and they only believe what they want to see.”

“Calm down, guys.

Both Shen Ruiyin and Su Tongnuo are still quiet now.”

Lin Xiaoxia had been following the trend of the hot topic on Weibo all the time, so she saw the apology the moment it was sent out.

Gu Ning and others read it afterwards but they didnt react at once.

Gu Ning was curious about what Shen Ruiyin would do next.

If she was willing to clear Su Tongnuos name, Gu Ning would let her go this time.

About a dozen minutes later, Shen Ruiyin used her own Weibo account to repost the apology along with several lines of words.

“Sorry, guys.

Ive been very busy for the past few hours, so I have no idea what has happened until now.

As for the photo studio thing, its NOT true at all! Please stop spreading fake news.”

Most people chose to believe that it was just a mistake because nobody knew that it was a drama filmed and acted by Shen Ruiyin herself.

Afterwards, Su Tongnuos fans went to attack Shen Ruiyins fans.

“How do you feel now, Shen Ruiyins fans”

“Why are you so quiet now”

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