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An Qian didnt want to embarrass Gu Ning, so she took back the check.

But since Gu Ning had saved her life, she also felt uncomfortable doing nothing.

Thus, after An Qian had taken away the check, she pulled out a name card, handing it to Gu Ning, “If you dont want to take the check, then lets be friends.

This is my name card.

If you need anything in the future, please feel free to call me.

As long as I can help, Ill spare no effort.”

Compared with money, network was more precious actually.

Gu Ning didnt reject this time.

Not because she was greedy, but An Qian just wanted to make friends with her.

If she disagreed again, she would seem arrogant.

Moreover, she needed friends and a network.

Gu Ning didnt think too highly of herself.

She believed a network would be helpful.

Of course, she wouldnt make people do things for her.

It was totally up to the others will.

“Great, then Ill take it,” Gu Ning accepted the name card without further ado.

Seeing Gu Ning accept the card, An Qian immediately reached out her hand, “Nice to meet you.

My names An Qian.”

Gu Ning held her hand at once, “Nice to meet you too.

Im Gu Ning.”

This was how they officially met.

“Sorry, I have to go now.

My mom will be worried if she cant find me.

Please dont tell the police that Im involved.

I dont want to get into any trouble.” Then before An Qian could reply, Gu Ning turned around and left.

“Hey,” An Qian wanted to stopped Gu Ning.

She hadnt had her phone number yet!

But Gu Ning walked too fast.

When An Qian ran to the entrance of the stairs, Gu Ning was already gone.

But Yang Hao was still there, An Qian couldnt leave, so she gave up.

Several minutes later, there was someone appeared on the open balcony.

The head was a middle-aged man in a white coat.

He was about 50 years old, and followed by two male doctors, who were around 30 years old.

“Qianqian, are you alright” The middle-aged man rushed to An Qian once appeared.

He asked with worries.

“Dad, Im fine,” An Qian replied.


Thats great.” An Qians father was finally relieved, seeing An Qian was safe.

He then glanced over the open balcony.

There was only Yang Hao, who was still unconscious on the ground, and nobody else.

An Qians father asked, “Wheres the girl who has saved your life”

“Oh! Shes gone in case her mother would be worried.

And she also doesnt want the police to know her involvement.

She doesnt want to get into trouble.” An Qian told her father what Gu Ning had said.

“Did you thank her” An Qians father asked again.

“I gave her a check for ¥500,000, but she wouldnt accept.

Then I handed her my name card to make a friend.

She accepted at last.” An Qian answered.

An Qians father was surprised too.

He now felt more respectful than grateful to Gu Ning.

Actually, even if Gu Ning had taken the money, they wouldnt have blamed her for that, because she indeed had saved An Qians life.

The An family knew to be thankful.

If Gu Ning asked for more money, they would give it to her without delay.

Gu Man had come back to the patient room earlier than Gu Ning.

She didnt find Gu Ning, and was concerned at once.

She dropped a bag of apples, going out to search for her daughter, but the minute she left the patient room, Gu Ning was back.

Gu Man knew she was being overreacted, so she didnt blame Gu Ning.

It was a peaceful night.

The second morning, Gu Nings report was out.

It said Gu Ning was healthy and was ready to leave the hospital.

Seeing the result, Gu Man was greatly relieved.

She packed up immediately, preparing to go home.

“Gu Ning, Im here to visit you.” Right at that moment, a female voice sounded outside the door.

It was An Qian.

Gu Ning was a little, but not very surprised.

Due to what had happened yesterday, it was normal that An Qian would visit her.

And it was easy for An Qian to find out which room she was in, because An Qian worked in the hospital.

When Gu Ning had gone yesterday, An Qian then realized Gu Ning, or her mother, must be a patient in this hospital.

Or, probably she and her mother were here to visit another patient.

If Gu Ning was a patient, she could ask the information desk.

If Gu Nings mother was a patient, then it would be impossible for An Qian to find them, because she had no idea what was the name of Gu Nings mother.

If they were merely visitors, An Qian thought she might better give up.

When An Qian had went back to work and passed by the information desk, she had asked her colleague whether there was a patient named Gu Ning.

To her surprise, she was right.

So she went to visit her this morning.

“Miss An, welcome,” Gu Ning stood up and welcomed her.

“This must be your mother,” An Qian looked at Gu Man.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Nice to meet you, Gu Nings mother.

My names An Qian.

Im Gu Nings friend,” An Qian greeted Gu Man.

Actually, An Qian was confused about how to call Gu Nings mother.

Gu Man was around 40 years old, while she was 27.

Gu Man was merely 10 years her senior.

If she called Gu Man “Aunt”, Gu Man was younger than her aunt.

But if she called Gu Man “Sister”, it was inappropriate neither, because she said she was Gu Nings friend.

Gu Ning was 18 years old, and 10 years her junior.

If she let Gu Ning call her “Aunt”, Gu Ning wouldnt accept, and she wouldnt neither.

Because she wasnt that old to be called aunt.

It was an embarrassing age! An Qian hoped she had been in her early twenties.

If she had been in her early twenties, she would have been young and free, and wouldnt be worried about getting married soon.

But she didnt have a boyfriend now, how could she get married! Besides, she wanted to enjoy her single life for a few years longer.

She didnt want to marry someone that soon.

Fine, she was going too far.

Although there was a 10-year age gap between her and Gu Ning, she didnt feel Gu Ning was a teenage girl, but a mature woman like her instead.

Probably that was precocity.

“Nice to meet you, Miss An,” Gu Man greeted An Qian.

Though she was puzzled why Gu Ning had a friend who was much older than her, Gu Man didnt bother to think further.

She didnt limit the freedom of Gu Ning to make friends.

She only wanted Gu Ning to have her own principles.

“This is for Gu Ning.

Hope she could recover soon.” An Qian gave her gift to Gu Man.

“Thank you so much, Miss An! I dont know how to thank you for that.” Gu Man was slightly embarrassed, because she knew the gift wasnt cheap.

But she took it at the end for its a gift from a friend.

She didnt want to reject the kindness.

“Its nothing,” An Qian wore a smile.


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