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Chapter 593 Grudge Fight

However, Aimees speed was nothing compared with Gu Nings.

Just as the knife in her hand was about to touch Gu Nings face, Gu Ning caught her wrist and forced her to stop.

“You…” Aimee rounded her eyes in shock.

How is it possible

When the two drivers realized that Aimee was attacking Gu Ning, Gu Ning had already caught Aimees hand, which astonished them.

The driver of the private car walked over at once, while the taxi driver drove the taxi away and escaped.

He didnt even ask Aimee for the fee.

To his astonishment, he encountered a killer.

Although she failed, she had the intention to kill another girl.

“Miss Gu, are you alright” The driver of the private car walked to Gu Ning in a hurry.

Although he didnt know Gu Nings identity, the chairmans secretary had arranged for the hotel to receive her, so he knew that she must be an important figure.

If anything bad happened to Gu Ning, he would probably lose his job.

“Im fine,” Gu Ning said.

Seeing that Gu Ning was safe, the driver stood aside in silence.

“How-how did you…” Aimee was still in shock.

“Why couldnt I Do you think that Im weak” Gu Ning sneered.

Aimee struggled at once to get rid of Gu Nings hand.

However, Gu Ning, of course, wouldnt let her go.

When Aimee was about to attack Gu Ning again, Gu Ning broke her wrist without delay and the fruit knife fell on the ground, and was kicked away by Gu Ning afterwards.

Aimee groaned in pain, and her face turned pale.

She felt quite embarrassed and got furious.

Gu Ning let Aimee go after she broke her wrist, but Aimee wouldnt give up like that.

Although her wrist was broken, she still believed that Gu Ning was just a young girl and she could easily beat her down.

If she couldnt teach Gu Ning an unforgettable lesson today, she would have nowhere to vent her anger.

In the following minutes, Aimee fought several rounds against Gu Ning, but she failed to gain any advantage.

Instead, she was hurt and injured by Gu Ning everytime.

In the end, Gu Ning kicked her away and she fell on the ground with a loud sound.

Aimee could barely stand up after this hit, so she glared at Gu Ning while lying on the ground.

“How dare you hit me The Hill family in Country Y wont let you get away with it!”

The Hill family Gu Ning frowned a little.

She had heard of the Hill family, which was a powerful ancient family in Country Y.

Even so, Gu Ning wasnt afraid of them, because it was Aimee who had attacked her in the first place.

In addition, Gu Ning believed that Situ Ye would help her.

“Oh, really If your family is as unreasonable as you, Im curious how theyll punish me for it,” Gu Ning sneered again with disdain, then she turned around to get in the private car and left.

For the sake of Situ Ye, Gu Ning still called him.

“Situ, Aimee stalked me and tried to ruin my face, but I ended up injuring her at XX Road,” Gu Ning said.

“What Aimee stalked you and even tried to ruin your face” Situ Ye was shocked as well as angry.

He didnt care that Gu Ning had injured Aimee.

Situ Ye and the others were drinking tea in a tea room at that moment.

When Adam heard what Situ Ye said on the phone, he was astonished.

“What” Chu Xuanfeng was also greatly surprised.

“Is Gu Ning alright”.

Situ Ye hung up the call and seemed extremely displeased.

“Situ, Im sorry.

I didnt know that Aimee would…” Adam explained at once.

It was beyond his expectation that Aimee would attack Gu Ning.

“How is Miss Gu now”

“Shes fine, but Aimee is injured.

Aimee attacked her in the first place and I dont want it to happen again.” Situ Ye coldly stared at Adam and warmed him seriously, “Not only because I want to protect her, but shes also a figure you cant hurt.”

Even Situ Ye didnt want to annoy Leng Shaoting.

The Hill family was barely comparable to the Leng family.

Adam wasnt an idiot, so he listened to Situ Ye.

Moreover, if Gu Ning was just an ordinary girl, Situ Ye wouldnt treat her so well.

“Sure,” Adam Hill said.

After that, Situ Ye sent someone along with Adam to pick Aimee up.

Although there was less traffic on that road, there were many people who saw the scene when Gu Ning and Aimee fought against each other.

Some of them even filmed it.

Gu Ning didnt think further so she just ignored them.

However, someone uploaded the video on the Internet, and it soon went viral.

A young girl beat a foreign woman down in City G.

Is it a grudge fight [Video Attached]

Besides, there was only the part when Gu Ning kicked Aimee away in the video, and the title obviously aimed to criticize Gu Ning.

Without the previous part when Aimee attacked Gu Ning, everyone thought that Gu Ning was a bully and blamed Gu Ning for everything.

“This girl is so violent!”

“She left right after kicking the woman!”

“The private car costs at least a million yuan.

She must be born in a rich family, which explains why shes so arrogant!”

“So what Rich people can beat others down without taking responsibility”

“I want to know what happens to the girl next.”

“Put her in jail!”

Many Internet users started to swear at Gu Ning

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