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Chapter 589 Mr.


“We didnt want to worry you,” Tang Yunhang said.

Tang Jiakai wiped his eyes.

“I prefer to be worried rather than being regretful now.

I feel so guilty that Ive been out having fun while our family was in danger.”

“Were fine now, so dont tell Jiayang about it,” Tang Yunhang said.

“I wont,” Tang Jiakai said.

He understood why his family hadnt told him, because he was also unwilling to worry Tang Jiayang now.

“Oh, there is something else…” Tang Yunhang opened his mouth again but Tang Jiakai rounded his eyes, staring straight at him in fear before he could finish.

Seeing that, everyone was amused.

“Dont be so nervous.

Its good news.” Tang Yunhang smiled.

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai was relieved.

“What is it”

“Its about Ningning,” Tang Yunhang said.

Tang Jiakai turned to look at Gu Ning at once with confusion.

“Actually, Ningning is your Uncle Yunfans biological daughter,” Tang Yunhang added.

“What” Tang Jiakai was shocked and stood up in excitement.


“Yes, but you cant leak this information either,” Tang Yunhang said.

“Of course I wont!” Tang Jiakai understood that his father said it for a reason.

Hearing the good news, Tang Jiakai was cheered up within a second.

He ran to sit with Gu Ning and pushed Cao Wenxin aside

“Ningning, youre really my younger sister.

Biological younger sister!” Tang Jiakai said happily.

Tang Jiakai was a stable young man normally, but he now behaved like a kid who just got candy.

He always wished that Gu Ning could be related to the Tang family and it turned out to be true now!

Although Tang Haifeng had already accepted Gu Ning as a member of their family before, there was still a distance between them.

However, there was a family connection between them now, so they were much closer than before.

“Since Ningning is Uncle Yunfans biological daughter, then Ningnings mother is…” Tang Jiakai said, but was interrupted by Gu Ning.

“Not yet.”

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai realized that it wasnt that easy.

Tang Yunfan had been apart from Gu Man for so long and it was totally understandable that Gu Man couldnt accept him right away.

After dinner, Gu Ning left the Tang familys house with Cao Wenxin and Gu Man.

Tang Yunfan wasnt able to show up now, so he could only watch Gu Man leaving from his sight.

On the way back, Gu Ning suddenly remembered that she hadnt contacted Leng Shaoting yet ever since he left this morning.

Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting had to be busy, so she didnt call him.

At that moment, in the airport of City Teng, Leng Shaoting, Chen Meng and Xu Jinchen were in a car in a parking lot.

They didnt get out of the car and it seemed like they were waiting for something.

“Chen Meng, are you sure the information is accurate They are criminals wanted by the international criminal police.

Would they dare to take a plane to our country Arent they afraid of being caught” Xu Jinchen asked Chen Meng.

Chen Meng rolled his eyes and said with disdain, “Are you an idiot Do you think that theyre as dumb as you Dont you know that there is a way of disguising called molding They all hold fake passports and its impossible for the Customs to find them.

If they could be easily caught, why would our country send us here”

Chen Meng hit the point.

The international criminal police failed to catch those criminals so the country sent out the Red Flame.

“I was just saying! Theyre really desperadoes!” Xu Jinchen was less experienced than Leng Shaoting and Chen Meng, so he sometimes couldnt stay calm.

“Those people will do anything for money,” Chen Meng said calmly.

After a while, Leng Shaoting heard Xin Beis voice from his earphones.

“Boss, theyre out.

Six in all.”

“Copy that,” Leng Shaoting said.

Six people werent all the members of the criminal group but was just a small team of it.

Before long, Xin Beis voice sounded again.

“Boss, they entered the parking lot.”

Seconds later, Leng Shaoting and the others noticed six men in business suits walking into the parking lot.

Although they were all dressed like businessmen they were stone-faced and looked more like bodyguards.

Ordinary people might not see the difference, but it was quite clear in the eyes of Leng Shaotings group.

They got in an MPV then left, followed by Leng Shaotings car.

In their car, several people were negotiating.


Akino, I think that the price you gave is a bit high.

Would you mind lowering it before we settle the deal In this case, we can also share more reward.” A 30-year-old man sitting in the front passenger seat turned his head and looked at the young man sitting in a rear seat in the second row against the window.

He was speaking in fluent Language R.

“Bai Zhen, I hope that you can understand that there are more buyers than us who wants to buy this batch of goods.

Theyre willing to make this deal with us all because we bid higher than others.

If we lower the price now, they wont sell the goods to us.

If so, how should we explain it to the Andou family Do you think the Andou family will let us get away with it” Mr.

Akino wore a cold expression and reminded Bai Zhen in an impatient tone.


Akino is right.

We can never annoy the Andou family,” another young man echoed.

“Fine!” Bai Zhen frowned.

Although he was disappointed, he gave up because he knew that he couldnt persuade them.

“I havent been to this country for a long time.

It seems this country is declining.

What do you think” A young man sitting on a rear seat in the third row suddenly opened his mouth to cheer everyone up.

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