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Chapter 574 Fingerprint Identification

Zhang Yongjian had a feeling of sheer panic.

What Shes a friend of the head of the Kirin Gang How is it possible

Gu Ning sneered, “Mr.

Zhang, my mother and I have never harmed you.

Why did you want to abduct us”

Zhang Yongjian remained silent because he didnt know how to answer.

He, of course, was afraid to annoy the Kirin Gang.

Since he had made a terrible mistake, his future would be full of danger.

All of a sudden, Zhang Yongjian remembered Zhang Yongjun who was locked in the car at the outside, and an idea dawned on him.

“I think that you have probably mistaken me for Zhang Yongjun but Im his older brother, Zhang Yongjian.

I have no idea what Yongjun did to you and your mother.

I just followed Yongjun here because I didnt want him to commit any crimes.

Oh, hes still in the car outside, and I already tied him up.

Please wait for a while,” saying that, he turned to one of the two bulky men.

“You, get Zhang Yongjun here right now.”

Gu Ning didnt stop him.

Although she didnt believe Zhang Yongjians explanation, she was curious to see what he would do.

Before long, Zhang Yongjun who was tied up was brought inside.

Once the seal was removed from Zhang Yongjuns mouth, Gu Ning noticed that he closely resembled Zhang Yongjian.

“Wow…” Hong Fen was astonished, because even he couldnt distinguish Zhang Yongjun from Zhang Yongjian although he had met Zhang Yongjun in person.

They had met in a dark clubhouse and both of them had drunk alcohol, so it wasnt easy to remember each others faces.

“Zhang Yongjian, what the hell are you doing” Zhang Yongjun questioned once he was able to talk.

He only knew that Zhang Yongjian wanted him to be a scapegoat, but he didnt know what Zhang Yongjian had done.

“He said that it was you who hired several members of the Kirin Gang to abduct my mother and me.

Is it true” Gu Ning asked calmly.

In fact, she already saw that Zhang Yongjun knew nothing about the abduction.

Gu Ning wasnt dumb.

“What Thats insane!” Zhang Yongjun was shocked then was in a rage.

“Zhang Yongjian, thats why you want me to be a scapegoat”

Since they were already enemies, Zhang Yongjun didnt care about their family connection anymore.

Zhang Yongjian, on the other hand, criticized Zhang Yongjun.

“Zhang Yongjun, dont blame me for that.

It was your plan and I just heard you talking to someone on the phone saying that youve successfully abducted the mother and daughter, so I followed you here to rescue them.”

“Zhang Yongjian, youre indeed a poisonous snake! Do you have any evidence to prove what you just said” Zhang Yongjun glared at Zhang Yongjian.

He knew that he hadnt done anything illegal, so he was confident that he was innocent.

“Well, there are call records on your phone,” Zhang Yongjian said.

“You took my phone and you used it to call others!” Zhang Yongjun argued in anger.

“I just took your phone when we arrived here,” Zhang Yongjian said, then turned to look at Hong Fen.

“Hong Fen, was the person who contacted you these days named Zhang Yongjun”

“Yes…” Hong Fen answered, but he didnt know whether the person who called him was Zhang Yongjian or Zhang Yongjun.

However, before Hong Fen could say it aloud, Zhang Yongjian interrupted him.

“Now, you hear that.

Hong Fen said that it was you who called him.”

“I didnt,” Zhang Yongjun said, but seemed weak because he knew that his older brother was determined and well-prepared to put him in jail.

“Alright, I think its easy to find out who really called Hong Fen,” Gu Ning said.

In fact, she already had the answer in her heart, but she wanted him to expose himself.

Zhang Yongjian and Zhang Yongjun stopped arguing, looking to Gu Ning.

“Where is the phone Give it to me,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” Zhang Yongjian said then took out the phone walking to Gu Ning.

He thought that Gu Ning was still a naive young girl and could be easily deceived.

However, he had no idea it was just a trap set by Gu Ning.

“Since he said that you took his phone away earlier on, we can have a fingerprint identification to see whether its true,” Gu Ning said, then took out a plastic bag to keep the phone.

Obviously, she didnt want to touch it herself.

Hearing that, Zhang Yongjian was terrified.

Once they did the fingerprint identification, his scheme would be exposed.

Zhang Yongjun, on the other hand, was relieved.


Zhang, whats wrong” Gu Ning asked on purpose.

“No-nothing,” Zhang Yongjian said.

He was reluctant to give the phone to Gu Ning now.

“Great, then give it to me now!” Gu Ning urged.

Zhang Yongjian, however, stopped walking.

“Zhang Yongjian, why did you stop” Zhang Yongjun sneered.

Zhang Yongjian ignored him, hesitating to move a step forward.

All of a sudden, he made up his mind and ordered, “Catch them, now!”

Zhang Yongjian knew that his scheme would be exposed sooner or later, so he decided to catch Gu Ning right away.

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