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Chapter 565 Jiang Yihan

“Does any one of you know where Jiang Yihan is now” Qiao Yan asked.

Jiang Yihan was the absent girl.

“No idea,” everyone said.

Right at this moment, a gentle female voice sounded at the door of the classroom.

“Excuse me, Ms.


Hearing that, everyone looked to her.

It was a pretty girl named Ling Sixue who studied in the next classroom and also majored in broadcasting

“Whats wrong” Qiao Yan asked.

“Well, I went to have lunch with Jiang Yihan this afternoon, but she accidentally fell on our way back and she was seriously injured, so I sent her to the hospital.

Her phone was running out of power, and she didnt remember your phone number, so she told me to come back and tell you she feels guilty that shes absent, and shes willing to let me play her role,” Ling Sixue said, but a touch of evil flashed through her eyes, which was caught by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning squinted at her.

Shes lying.

“Well…” Qiao Yan turned to look at Lu Zhan.

“Director Lu, what do you think”

Lu Zhan said, “Its not easy to replace an actress after we have already chosen the right person, especially when weve signed the contract.

Since Jiang Yihan cant finish her acting now, she should end the contract with us first and then we can choose another girl to play the role.”

It seemed like Lu Zhan was cold-blooded because the first thing he did after he found out that the actress was injured was to replace her.

However, rules were rules.

If you couldnt finish your work, you would be fired.

In addition, Lu Zhan didnt say that Ling Sixue could get the role right away.

The right of choice still laid in Lu Zhans hands.

Lu Zhan actually didnt discover anything wrong with Ling Sixue, but it was just his way of doing his job.

Lu Zhan had signed Jiang Yihan because he thought that she was suitable for the role.

Hearing that, Ling Sixue panicked a little, but soon calmed herself down.

“Cant I replace her It was Jiang Yihan who told me to come here!”

Lu Zhan frowned in annoyance.

“I said that its not easy to choose an actor whos suitable for the role.

If you want the role, you need to do the audition.”

Ling Sixue was upset.

She did want to win the role on her own, but Lu Shan hadnt chosen her in the audition.

Jiang Yihan was Lu Zhans first choice, then there was another girl, and Ling Sixue was ranked third.

Even if Lu Zhan was going to replace Jiang Yihan, Ling Sixue wouldnt be his first choice either.


Qiao, Im afraid that we cant shoot today, and Ill arrange someone to visit the girl in the hospital with you.

If she cant finish her part, we need to end the contract and choose another girl.

If she can recover by tomorrow, well go on,” Lu Zhan said.

It was an accident, so Lu Zhan was willing to give her another chance.

“Sure,” Qiao Yan said.

After that, Lu Yichen and Qiao Yan went to visit Jiang Yihan together.

Before they left, Gu Ning took out a porcelain bottle giving it to Lu Yichen.

She told Lu Yichen to pour some water in the bottle and help Jiang Yihan apply the water around the wound so that Jiang Yihan could recover soon and come back to finish her acting tomorrow.

If Jiang Yihan had a wound, it was better to apply the medicine to help her recover.

Since Jiang Yihan was the actress chosen by Lu Zhan, Gu Ning was willing to help her.

As for whether Ling Sixue was involved in the accident which had happened to Jiang Yihan, Gu Ning wasnt interested.

Lu Yichen was doubtful about the effect of the medicine that Gu Ning gave him, but he trusted that Gu Ning did it out of kindness, so he took it.

When they separated, Gu Ning went back to the hotel.

Chu Peihan and the others didnt play important roles in the film, so the crew didnt hold an ending ceremony for them, but gave each of them a red envelope.

Gu Ning, of course, would thank them later.

After sending the actors to the hotel, Gu Ning said to Lu Zhan, “Uncle Lu, well go back later, and you need to go to the Huangdeng Hotel with me to do registration before you drive the bus back to the hotel where you stay.”

In the morning, Gu Ning had already told the manager of the Huangdeng Hotel about the bus.

Because Gu Ning had the Black Card, she had the right to enjoy all the services of the hotel for free.

The manager also agreed to let them use the car, but the user needed to do registration and sign an agreement.

If the bus was damaged, they had to pay compensation.

“No problem,” Lu Zhan said.

Lu Yichen arrived at the hospital to visit Jiang Yihan and her family was also there.

To Lu Yichens astonishment, Jiang Yihans father was Jiang Bowen who was the mayor!

Qiao Yan was aware of that, but she also kept it a secret because Jiang Yihan kept a low profile in the school, and only a few people knew that Jiang Yihan was the mayors daughter.

“Nice to meet you, Mayor Jiang,” Qiao Yan greeted him with great respect.


Qiao, nice to meet you,” Jiang Bowen said politely, then looked to Lu Yichen with confusion.


Lu, why did you come here”

Although Jiang Bowen had helped the crew find a school to cooperate with them, he had no idea that his daughter, Jiang Yihan, had joined the crew too and Jiang Yihan also didnt dare to tell him.

Jiang Yihan loved acting ever since she was a child, and her dream was to be an actress, but her family disagreed so she took a step back and majored in broadcasting.

Therefore, when Lu Yichen showed up in her patient room, Jiang Yihan was surprised and panicked.

She knew that her father was going to find out sooner or later, so she remained silent preparing to be criticized.

Jiang Yihan was a good-looking girl.

Although she wasnt stunning, she was still attractive.

“Were here to visit Jiang Yihan, because she is playing a role in our film.

We heard that she accidentally fell and was injured, so we come here,” Lu Yichen said.

However, Jiang Bowen wasnt mad after hearing that.

He was surprised but didnt criticize Jiang Yihan.

It was because Gu Ning was the investor of this film.

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