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Chapter 564 A Test of Psychological Quality

“Im in Huangdeng Hotel now,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Chu Peihan was surprised again.

“Youre already here”

“Yes, are you up now” Gu Ning asked.

“Not yet, but Ill get up soon,” Chu Peihan said.


Have breakfast with me downstairs at 7:30 am; Ill call Hao Ran as well,” Gu Ning said before she hung up, and Chu Peihan got up without delay.

Gu Ning called Hao Ran later, and Hao Ran was as surprised as Chu Peihan when he received Gu Nings call.

After receiving Gu Nings call, they all got up in a hurry.

Although Gu Ning told them to meet her at 7:30 am, they all gathered together at the dining hall on the first floor when it was just 7:15 am

When they saw that Gu Ning came with Leng Shaoting, they were surprised, then stood up to greet them.

They were in awe of Leng Shaoting, because he was the youngest major general in this country.

There were few people who had the chance to dine with a major general, and their friends would be envious of them.

In fact, it was a test of psychological quality to dine with Leng Shaoting, because they all felt stressed when Leng Shaoting sat next to them.

“Boss, did you come here yesterday” Chu Peihan asked.

“Yes, but it was too late when we arrived, so I didnt call you,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, I heard from Mu Ke that you wont be attending the rest of the classes in our school, right” Hao Ran asked.

They were kind of used to it because Gu Ning was always absent from classes.

“Yes, Im very busy these days, so Ill attend the National College Entrance Examination directly,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Hearing that, they were all astonished.

They knew that Gu Ning was academically inclined so she could be absent from classes, but would their principal agree

Leng Shaoting, on the other hand, was very pleased because he could meet Gu Ning whenever he was free from now on.

He didnt need to wait for her until her classes were over anymore.

“Did you talk to our head teacher Did she


“I called our principal and he agreed,” Gu Ning said.

After breakfast, it was still early, so they left for the hotel where Lu Zhan stayed a little later.

Gu Ning had told Lu Zhan to buy an exclusive car for the crew, a small truck to move the equipment, a medium bus for the staff, and the actors could either take their own cars or local rented cars.

Therefore, the crew was able to use their own cars and only the actors were transferred by hotel buses.

They werent famous actors after all, so none of them asked for an exclusive car.

When Lu Zhan saw Gu Ning, he was surprised, because he didnt know that she would be coming

“Oh, hi, Miss Gu!” Lu Zhan welcomed her.

He didnt call her boss in front of others.

“Good morning, Miss Gu!” Su Tongnuo and the others greeted her too.

Although the other staff in the crew didnt know that Gu Ning was the sole investor of this film yet, they understood that she had to be an important figure from the way the actors and Lu Zhan treated her.

Lu Zhan and the group of actors went on a large bus and they were all stunned by Leng Shaoting.

They guessed that he had to be a star that Gu Ning had just hired.

Since Gu Ning wasnt in the bus and there were only strangers around him, Leng Shaoting sat alone in the front seats, keeping a distance from others.

Accordingly, nobody dared to greet or talk to him.

When they were about to set off, Gu Ning came back and sat right by Leng Shaotings side, so Leng Shaoting became more gentle.

The bus moved ahead soon, but Gu Ning didnt introduce Leng Shaoting to the others in the bus, and nobody asked her who he was.

If everything went well, they could finish the scene at Changyang Mountain this morning.

After shooting in the morning, they went back to dine in the hotel.

Although it wasnt a four-star or five-star hotel, the food there was much better than takeout.

In the following days, they were going to shoot in the Radio and Television University in City D.

Jiang Bowen had talked to its principal in person, so it was settled quickly.

Chu Peihan and the others part in the film was mainly a story of a ghost in the mine.

In the scene, a professor heard news about the ancient grave, so he went there with a few students.

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The scene only lasted around dozens of seconds in the film.

Apart from that, they also needed many students to be extras, so they cooperated with some students who majored in broadcasting.

Some of those extras would play roles in the film, so Lu Zhan signed contracts with them.

When the film crew arrived at the school, they attracted a lot of attention from students in the campus.

Before long, Chu Peihan and the others finished their acting.

However, they didnt leave right away because Gu Ning was still here.

After that, they went to gather the students who majored in broadcasting to shoot the next scene.

However, a girl was absent.

She played an important role in the scene, so they couldnt start to shoot if she was absent.

Lu Zhan was a little mad, because they had already signed the contract.

If she was absent, it was a breach of contract.

Most importantly, it would waste their time of shooting.

Their head teacher, Qiao Yan, called the girl at once, but the girls phone was off.

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