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Chapter 563 Tang Weiyong

“Well, let me be honest with you.

Its impossible that my boss will be interested in you,” Pan Zirui said plainly.

Hearing that, Feng Xin pulled his lips.

He wasnt interested in Gu Ning, but what Pan Zirui said hurt his self-esteem so he asked, “Why”

“Because my boss isnt only beautiful and good at kung fu; most importantly, shes only an 18-year-old, senior high school student,” Pan Zirui said.

He implied that there was a huge age gap between Feng Xin and his boss, so it was impossible that they would be together.

Feng Xin was shocked by Gu Nings age.

He didnt expect that Gu Ning could be so successful at such a young age.

“Ha-ha, my boss isnt a simple girl!” Seeing Feng Xin being so shocked, Pan Zirui was very proud, as if the person who was so successful was him.

Everyone except Feng Xin had already heard of Gu Nings achievements, so none of them felt that it was an exaggeration, but thought that Gu Ning had accomplished much more besides.

“Wow, Im impressed,” Feng Xin said.

At the same time, two middle-aged men were discussing something while sitting on a sofa in a study on the second floor of a three-story house which was located somewhere near a suburb of City B.

One of them was Tang Deming, while the other was Tang Xinruis father, Tang Weiyong.

The talk between Tang Deming and Tang Weiyong on the phone last time was enough to prove that Tang Weiyong had a long-standing grudge against the Tang Family, and had secretly attacked Tang Yunfan many times.

In fact, the accident Tang Yunfan encountered in City F was also arranged by Tang Weiyong.

However, none of the Tang Family was aware of that.

Although the Tang Family was very powerful, its enemies were everywhere.

Most importantly, the Tang Family all believed that Tang Weiyong was dead.

It was a story which could be dated back to 18 years ago when Tang Yunfan came back after he had disappeared for a whole year.

Nineteen years ago, Tang Haifengs younger brother, Tang Haiming, had schemed against Tang Yunfan, and Tang Yunfan had almost been killed.

Tang Weiyong was precisely Tang Haimings son.

A year later, when Tang Yunfan came back home, Tang Haiming and Tang Weiyongs scheme was exposed, so they fled along with their family.

In the process of arrest, unfortunately, Tang Haiming died in a car accident, while Tang Weiyong was seriously injured.

Only his wife and children survived.

The chief culprits were Tang Haiming and Tang Weiyong, and Tang Weiyongs wife and daughter were innocent, so Tang Haifeng didnt punish them.

After that, they heard that Tang Weiyong was dead, but none of them went to check or saw it in person because it wasnt important for the Tang Family back then.

Unexpectedly, precisely because of that, Tang Weiyong was back and continued to scheme against the Tang Family now.

Now, Tang Weiyongs daughter, Tang Xinrui, had sneaked into the Tanghuang Group.

Once everything was ready they would act, and they were determined to take the Tanghuang Group back.

Of course, Tang Xinrui had changed her name and identity, so nobody would know her relationship with Tang Weiyong.

“The latest news, a mother and daughter often visit the Tang Familys house these days.

Their relationship with the Tang Family isnt clear yet, but they seem to be related to Tang Yunfan,” Tang Deming said.

Tang Deming was from a branch of the Tang family.

He hadnt participated in the scheme against Tang Yunfan, and he never thought to betray the Tang family.

However, he later received a lot of favors from Tang Weiyong and was brainwashed by Tang Weiyong too, so he was now willing to do anything for Tang Weiyong

Hearing that, Tang Weiyong squinted a little and his eyes looked dangerous.

He asked, “Do you mean that the mother and daughter may be Tang Yunfans woman and daughter”

“Yes.” Tang Deming did have that thought.

Of course, it was just a thought but they couldnt ignore it since they were doubtful.

“If so, Tang Yunfan hid his secret very well! Nobody was able to discover it during the past years.” Tang Weiyong wore an evil expression right now.” Once Tang Yunfan had an accident, they appeared.

Im afraid that they just want to compete for the properties of the Tang family!”

Tang Weiyong believed that it had to be the truth.

If the girl was really Tang Yunfans biological daughter, she was very likely to inherit the properties of the Tang Family.

However, Tanghuang Group was his prey, and he would never allow others to grab it from him.

“Ill arrange some people to make it clear.

If theyre Tang Yunfans family, they cant be left alive,” Tang Weiyong said coldly and ruthlessly.

No matter who his stumbling block was, he would remove him or her.

A touch of cruelty flashed through Tang Demings eyes.

He actually had the same idea as Tang Weiyong

Tang Weiyong took a sip of tea then asked, “Oh, what do they have in mind now”

They were, of course, Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan who had abstained.

Tang Deming seemed displeased and said in a low voice, “They didnt give me a clear answer.

It seems that theyll remain neutral and are unwilling to get involved in our fight.”

Although it wouldnt affect their plans, they had to make more effort without their support.

However, it wasnt a bad result that they remained neutral, instead of supporting Tang Haifeng.

“Well, two old cowards,” Tang Weiyong snorted with disdain.

In his eyes, neutrality was just an excuse.

In fact, Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan were just timid and afraid.

They were afraid of failure, because they would lose everything they had now once they failed.

Tang Weiyong understood why they chose to abstain, because the odds of success were really small at the moment.

Therefore, Tang Weiyong decided to give up on them.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to Huangdeng Hotel after their meal.

Because Gu Ning gave her Black Card to Chu Peihan, Leng Shaoting booked a new room for them.

Gu Ning was still on her period, so Leng Shaoting couldnt have sex with her, but just kissed her for a while before they went to bed.

The next morning, Gu Ning called Chu Peihan.

When Chu Peihans phone rang, it was just 7 am.

Chu Peihan thought that it was her alarm ringing, so she got up at once.

However, when she noticed that it was Gu Nings call, she was surprised.

“Hey, boss!”

Chu Peihan knew that Gu Ning would come here today, but she didnt expect that Gu Ning would call her so early.

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