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Chapter 562 Whats Your Aim

Xia Yichu had just arrived at the capital, and she hadnt found an appropriate apartment yet, so she chose the three thousand housing allowance to rent an apartment for her and her younger brother.

Although the housing price in the capital was extremely high, it was enough to rent a good apartment with the three thousand yuan housing allowance.

Xia Yichu and Xia Yidong had lived a poor life, but they still owned an apartment in City B.

The apartment in City B was bought by their parents, and it was already 10 years old, but they could get some money by selling it.

After that, they could use the money to buy a smaller apartment in the capital.

Xia Yichu planned to do so in the future, because she and her younger brother couldnt go back to City B now.

It would be dangerous as long as Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena were still there.

In the end, Xia Yichu signed her name, and felt quite relieved.

She could finally chase her dream and fight for her own future from now


Lu Xiao checked the contract then asked, “By the way, which grade is your younger brother studying in now”.

“Eleventh grade,” Xia Yichu replied.

“Do you have any request for the level of the school” Lu Xiao asked.

“No, just close to my older sister please,” Xia Yidong said first.

Xia Yichu agreed as long as Xia Yidong was happy with that.

In addition, she would also be worried if her younger brother studied far from her.

“Great,” Lu Xiao said.

“Have a rest for a few days! You can find a place to live first, and Ill inform you about your future work.”

After that, Xia Yichu finally settled down.

When Gu Man went to talk to Tang Yunfan, Gu Ning told Tang Haifeng that she would be leaving for City D later and hoped that he could arrange a car for Gu Man.

“Well, your mother can stay here with us,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Im afraid that my mother prefers to stay in my house,” Gu Ning said.

“Fine.” Tang Haifeng didnt insist.

Gu Ning was busy dealing with other things, so she didnt stay in the Tang Familys house for lunch.

She planned to meet Leng Shaoting first then go to look at the garment factories together before she flew to City D.

She wouldnt come back today, so she parked the car in the parking lot of the Tang Familys house.

The car cost over ten million yuan, and she didnt dare to leave it at the airport.

After meeting Leng Shaoting, they went to check the garment factories together.

The factories were all located in the suburbs or somewhere near the suburbs, and the first garment factory Gu Ning and Leng Shaohao visited was in a suburb.

Because the clothing it produced wasnt a famous brand, the garment factory wasnt very big; it was a medium-sized garment factory.

It was a four-story single building, and the size of each story was slightly bigger than a basketball playground.

It was enough in Gu Nings eyes.

After having a short tour around it, Gu Ning decided to buy it.

There were around 60 workers in the factory, including 10 or so supervisors, and the rest were common workers.

The garment factory needed to stop working for a short time, but the workers would be paid as usual.

And Gu Ning decided to deal with other things concerning the factory when she came back from City D.

At the same time, Qiao Guanxiang was undergoing mental torture because of Xia Yichu.

Hours later, Liu Ge finally called him back, but it wasnt good news.

“Guanxiang, I cant find the two people in the pictures.

Could they have left City B already” Liu Ge asked.

Qiao Guanxiang also had the same idea but refused to believe it.

However, Liu Ge failed to find them in City B, so it was likely that they had already left.

Where did they go

Although Liu Ge was a member of a gang, he wasnt an important figure in the gang, so his ability was limited.

Qiao Guanxiang didnt have the connections to check Xia Yichus and Xia Yidongs ID cards to see whether they had booked tickets to another city either.

Liu Ge failed to help him find Xia Yichu and Xia Yidong, but Qiao Guanxiang still had to pay fifty thousand yuan.

“What should we do What should we do now” Pei Hena was in despair.

If they couldnt find Xia Yichu, they were doomed.

Qiao Guanxiang was also hopeless, but he refused to accept it.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the factory, it was already 3:30 pm, so they went to the airport right away.

It was almost 8 pm when they arrived at the airport of City D and they took a taxi heading straight downtown once they walked out of the airport.

Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry to contact Chu Peihan and the others today, and she planned to call them tomorrow.

For now, they needed to dine first and went to book a hotel.

In City B, Pan Zirui was having fun with his friends in a private room in a high-end clubhouse.

“Zirui, its been so many days.

Why hasnt your boss called you yet” The man who had told Pan Zirui to invite Gu Ning out to have fun with them airily asked him again.

This man was named Feng Xin.

He was 28-years-old and was a vice general manager of a construction company.

The reason he kept mentioning Gu Ning wasnt because he was interested in Gu Ning, but because he wanted to be close to the Tang Family.

Feng Xin approached the Tang Family for a reason, of course.

The government of City B was going to develop a tourist destination this year, and gave an order that only five companies could be involved in this project.

The Tang Family was very likely to be a dominant one among them, so Feng Xin was ambitious to build a close relationship with the Tang Family.

With his connection with the Tang Family, he could easily win a seat for his construction company.

Moreover, as long as he got to know the Tang Family, it would be greatly helpful for him to run his business.

Hearing that, Pan Zirui stopped drinking then realized that Gu Ning hadnt contacted him in many days.

“Shes probably busy.”

Feng Xin, on the other hand, doubted Pan Ziruis relationship with Gu Ning.

If they were really close, why hadnt Gu Ning called him in so long Even so, Feng Xin couldnt say it aloud, because he still had hope to meet Gu Ning if he maintained the friendship with Pan Zirui.

“Whats your aim Why do you keep mentioning Miss Gu” Guan Bin asked.

He thought that Feng Xin could be interested in Gu Ning.

Pan Zirui, at the same time, looked at Feng Xin with suspicion.

Feng Xin, however, denied it at once.

“I just heard from you that shes really awesome, so I want to meet her.

Thats all.”

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