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Chapter 561 Were Doomed!

Pei Hena gave Qiao Guanxiang her other phone at once, and Qiao Guanxiang called Xia Yichu without delay.

This time Xia Yichu answered his call, but hung up on him the second she heard his voice.

“Damn it! She betrayed us!” Qiao Guanxiang almost smashed the phone on the ground.

He was more panicked than angry now.

He was right.

Xia Yichu blacklisted their phone numbers and left them.

Since Xia Yichu left for the capital, she planned to change her phone number, but she wasnt free yet, so she used the old phone number temporarily.

“What” Pei Hena was shocked and her face turned pale from fear.

Were doomed! She thought to herself.

“Did-didnt you tell me that Xia Yichu wouldnt dare to betray us” Pei Hena asked in a hurry.

“How could I know that she would really do it” Qiao Guanxiang was also astonished that Xia Yichu escaped that day, right after he had threatened her.

“What should we do now If she escapes, were doomed!” Pei Henas body shook in horror.

Qiao Guanxiang made another call at once.

“Liu Ge, I need your help and Ill pay you a lot for it,” Qiao Guanxiang said once the call was answered.

“What is it” the man on the other side of the phone said.

“Ill send you two pictures later along with their name and some basic information.

Help me find them.

Once you find them, help me control them,” Qiao Guanxiang said.

“No problem,” the man said.

After that, Qiao Guanxiang sent pictures of Xia Yichu and her younger brother to Liu Ge.

Liu Ge was Qiao Guanxiangs friend in a gang.

Around 9 am, Wan Hui, who was Lu Xiaos chauffeur and the person who had picked Xia Yichu and her younger brother up at the airport yesterday, walked to go meet them at the hotel.

The hotel was just around a hundred meter away from their company.

On the way to their company, Wan Hui said to Xia Yichu, “Let me introduce our company to you now.

Our company is still undergoing renovation, so it hasnt been formally established yet, but there are already ten staff members.

Were temporarily working on the 6th floor of an office building next to our companys building.

Boss said that you can have a rest and relax for a few days before you start to work.”

“Thanks,” Xia Yichu said.

Since she was signed by this company, she should follow their arrangements.

Wan Hui took Xia Yichu to the temporary office building and pointed to another tall building not far away.

“Thats the Shengning Group Building.

Fenghua Entertainment is on the seventh, eighth and ninth floors.

The seventh floor will be a dance studio.

The eighth floor will be made into a recording room, and there will be many offices on the ninth floor for the actors and staff of Fenghua.”

Xia Yichu was surprised.

She thought that Gu Ning was just a boss of an entertainment company, however, it turned out to be a large group.

In that case, Fenghua Entertainment was just a subsidiary of Shengning Group.

Xia Yichu was curious whether Gu Ning was a shareholder of Fenghua Entertainment or the founder of the Shengning Group.

It was hard for her to believe that Gu Ning, who was younger than 20 years old, could be a chairwoman of such a large business group.

She thought that it was more likely that Gu Nings family owned this large business group.

Xia Yichu wanted to ask Wan Hui, but thought that it wasnt appropriate, so she said nothing.

After that, Wan Hui guided Xia Yichu and Xia Yidong to the general managers office.

Once they entered the office room, Xia Yichu took off the mask, because she thought that it wasnt polite to wear a mask all the time.

The second the mask was removed, the scary scar on Xia Yichus right cheek was exposed, which surprised Wan Hui and Lu Xiao, but they didnt show any dislike because they already knew what had happened to this poor girl.

“This is Manager Lu,” Wan Hui introduced to Xia Yichu and her younger brother.

“Nice to meet you, Manager Lu!” They greeted Lu Xiao at once.

“Have a seat please,” Lu Xiao said.

“Here is the contract.

You can read through it before you sign it.”

“Sure,” Xia Yichu said.

Xia Yichus contract was the same as Su Tongnuos.

The ratio of the companys take to her take was 6:4, which meant the company would take 60% while she could have 40% of the profit.

Although Xia Yichu wasnt very experienced in the entertainment industry, she had learned a lot after working with Qiao Guanxiang for so long.

Usually, the ratio was 8:2, and it was rare to see 6:4, especially when she was just a newcomer who didnt have much fame.

In fact, Xia Yichu was a newcomer without fame, but her songs werent.

Pei Hena, with the help of Xia Yichu, was already a B-list singer, and was even more popular than Su Tongnuo.

As long as their dirty secret was exposed, Pei Henas career would come to an end, while Xia Yichu would walk into peoples sight.

Moreover, her songs were quite popular these days, so it wasnt difficult for her to attract peoples attention.

Xia Yichu would probably be criticized too after the dirty secret was exposed, but it wasnt uncommon in the entertainment industry that every celebrity had a certain amount of haters.

Sometimes, those haters left many acerbic comments on the Internet, not because the celebrity had done something wrong, but simply because they needed a way to vent their anger at life.

All in all, one had to have a strong heart when working in the entertainment industry.

“Manager Lu, are you sure the profit ratio is right” Xia Yichu asked with uncertainty.

Lu Xiao smiled, which stunned Xia Yichu.

This young manger is so charming!

“Its right.

And its just the beginning.

If you can become an A-list singer, the ratio will be 5:5,” Lu Xiao said.

Xia Yichu was shocked again.

If she could become an A-list singer, she could have 50% of the profit! Her new boss was really generous!

After a long while, Xia Yichu finally got her mind back.

The company would provide a single apartment for her and pay the utilities.

If she had her own house, the company would give her three thousand yuan monthly as a housing allowance, and reimburse her for utilities.

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