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Chapter 555 Pei Hena And Qiao Guanxiang

Xia Yichu was surprised again.

This pill can cure my scar She couldnt believe it because the scar on her face wasnt small, and only plastic surgery could remove it.

However, she thought that there was no reason for Gu Ning to lie to her.

They had no benefit conflicts after all.

In addition, Gu Ning needed her to make money for Gu Nings company.

Anyway, nothing good came without risk.

Even if Gu Ning was just lying, she still had to try it.

If she tried, she had hope; otherwise, she would be totally hopeless.

Therefore, Xia Yichu took Gu Nings pill and thanked her with sincerity, “Thank you so much!”

“Youre welcome.

We just got what we needed from each other,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, you must do an injury report in the hospital first.

Itll come in handy when you need it.

I think you better do it when you arrive at the capital in case Qiao Guanxiang discovers it and causes unnecessary trouble.”

“Sure,” Xia Yichu said.

After that, Gu Ning walked away and Xia Yichu immediately went back to her home and called her younger brother on the way.

Xia Yidong was Xia Yichus younger brother.

He was 17-years-old, studying in the second grade in the No.5 High School in City B.

He wasnt very academically inclined, but was still a good student in his school.

Xia Yichu was beautiful, and Xia Yidong didnt have a plain face either.

Moreover, Xia Yidong was a talented composer.

Xia Yichu stopped chasing her music dream because of an accident, so Xia Yidong made up his mind to actualize his older sisters dream, and studied music hard.

However, he kept it a secret from Xia Yichu, because he didnt want his older sister to be worried about him.

It wasnt a flat road to success, because there were too many people scheming against one another for fame and fortune in the music industry.

Today, Xia Yidong asked for a leave from his school in order to listen to a lecture delivered by a famous music expert in a conservatory of music.

When he received Xia Yichus call, Xia Yichu asked where he was, and he lied, “Im at school now.”

“Head to the airport right now.

Ill meet you there after I go home first.

Dont ask further questions or tell anyone else; Ill tell you everything at the airport.

If you dont do that, both of us will be in danger.

Do you understand” Xia Yichu said seriously and nervously.

Hearing that, Xia Yidong understood that something had to be wrong.

He was anxious but Xia Yichu wouldnt tell him details until they met at the airport.

A classmate who came to listen to the lecture with Xia Yidong noticed Xia Yidongs anxiety after answering the call, so he asked with concern when Xia Yidong hung up, “Yidong, whats wrong”

“Im sorry.

I gotta go now.” Saying that, Xia Yidong took a taxi to the airport at once.

Gu Ning called Lu Xiao later and told him what had happened to Xia Yichu.

Lu Xiao would make arrangements for Xia Yichus music career in the future.

After that, Gu Ning turned to Leng Shaoting.

“Can you help me monitor Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena, and record their conversations”

“Sure.” Leng Shaoting was, of course, more than willing to help Gu Ning.

He wouldnt hesitate to do anything for her, let alone monitoring two people.

Leng Shaoting then made a call and arranged for someone to monitor Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena.

Once Qiao Guanxiang left the park, he went straight to Pei Henas apartment.

Pei Hena didnt go to work today, so she wasnt wearing any make-up.

She wore a thin sleeping gown which accentuated her alluring figure.

Pei Hena was the same age as Xia Yichu.

Both of them were 26 years old, and beautiful.

Not many people knew that Xia Yichu was Pei Henas ghost singer, but it wasnt a secret to some people.

Except the senior management of their company, Xia Yichus younger brother and Pei Henas two assistants were all aware of it.

And none of them would reveal it.

Xia Yidong knew that his older sisters face had been disfigured so she couldnt stand on the stage.

However, it wasnt a bad thing that she could sing songs behind the scene to make some money.

Pei Henas assistants had signed confidentiality agreements.

If they leaked this secret information, they would be put in jail.

The moment Qiao Guanxiang walked inside, Pei Hena pressed on him with her body then asked, “How is it Did the bitch tell you why she was absent yesterday”

“She found out about our secret,” Qiao Guanxiang said calmly to some extent, because he was less worried now after he got the goods on Xia Yichu.

“What She found out about our secret How much does she know” Pei Hena, on the other hand, was frightened.

She understood that Xia Yichu wouldnt listen to them anymore if Xia Yichu found out their secret.

She had paid a lot to be a famous singer and was reluctant to fail.

Qiao Guanxiang hugged her and comforted.

“Dont worry.

I have Xia Yidong as a hostage, so she has to obey my orders.

We dont need to keep our relationship a secret anymore.

We can do whatever we want from now on.”

Hearing that, Pei Hena relaxed a little, but she was still worried.

“However, since she already found out, shes a walking time bomb now.

What if she spreads it abroad”

“Its useless to think too far now.

Dont you trust me” Qiao Guanxiang said.

Before Pei Hena could say another word, he kissed her wildly.

Although they appeared as agent and singer before others, they were a couple in private.

However, they had to keep a distance from each other in order to take advantage of Xia Yichu, and so they seldom made love.

And now, Qiao Guanxiang told Pei Hena that they were able to do whatever they wanted, so Pei Henas burning desire was aroused.

She could finally stop meeting Qiao Guanxiang in private like she was the other woman in their relationship.

“Would you mind staying with me for a while” Leng Shaoting stared straight at Gu Ning when Gu Ning drove Leng Shaoting back to the hotel.

“I cant,” Gu Ning said.

She knew that if she went to the room with him, she wouldnt be leaving right away.

Who knew what he would do to her It was already 4:30 pm, and it would be too late when she went back to her house, especially when it was highly possible that she would be caught by the rush hour on her way back home.

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