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Chapter 549 CEOs Office

However, if anyone dared scheme against them behind their backs, they wouldnt hesitate to take action.

Interestingly, Tang Yunfan didnt know that the real boss of Shengshi Group was Leng Shaoting, and vice versa.

And from now on, given their relationships with Gu Ning, Shengshi Group and Tanghuang Group would cooperate with one another in a more harmonious way.

They would compromise for the sake of Gu Ning and wouldnt hurt each others benefits.

Shengshi Group was located in a place near the downtown.

It was a 32-story tall building, which covered over a thousand square-meters.

He Qiming was the president of Shengshi Groups City B branch.

He was around 40-years-old, and was a diligent man who was also part of the legacy left by Leng Shaotings grandfather.

The majority of the experienced managers Leng Shaoting had hired to work for him were all loyal people.

The fact that Shengshi Group could be so successful today partially relied on them.


Once Leng Shaoting entered the hall of Shengshi Group, he attracted a lot of attention from people around him, especially the young girls at the reception desk.

“Wow, Mr.

Leng came here today! Hes as handsome as always!”

“Indeed! Its so rare to see him here.”

The young girls who worked at the reception desk all knew Leng Shaoting, because he had been here before, and He Qiming also told them not to stop Leng Shaoting whenever he came here.

Of course, He Qiming didnt tell them Leng Shaotings real identity, so they thought that Leng Shaoting must be his friend.

However, when Leng Shaoting walked forward to get in the elevator, a group of people had just walked out of one, and the person leading them was a beautiful, young, professional woman.

When she saw Leng Shaoting, she was stunned by him at first glance.

She didnt strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting in public, but remembered his face and made up her mind to have a meeting with him.

Leng Shaoting ignored them, directly walking to the CEO exclusive elevator.

When the woman saw Leng Shaoting walking into that elevator, her eyes lit up.

“Go find out who he is.” The woman gave an order to her secretary when Leng Shaoting walked into the CEO exclusive elevator.

“Yes, madam,” her secretary said.

After a while, Leng Shaoting arrived at the CEOs office on the 32nd floor.

Before Leng Shaoting came here, he told He Qiming not to welcome him in order to protect his real identity.

The minute Leng Shaoting walked inside, He Qiming greeted him with great respect.

“Welcome, Lord Leng.”

“Hi,” Leng Shaoting said lightly then sat on the sofa.

He Qimings secretary immediately poured a cup of tea for Leng Shaoting before she walked out.

He Qiming then reported to Leng Shaoting on the recent development of the company, but Leng Shaoting didnt need to deal with the business himself.

In fact, Leng Shaoting wasnt good at doing business, but he was excellent at choosing the right people to do the right thing

When the company needed a final decision when facing a difficulty, Leng Shaoting would.

of course, be the final decision-maker.

Gu Ning was still absent from her school next week.

Zhang Qiuhua didnt know why because Gu Ning hadnt told her that she would be absent for so long

During the recess, the principal told Zhang Qiuhua that Gu Ning wouldnt attend the following classes, which shocked Zhang Qiuhua.

“What She wont attend the rest of the classes, and will only come on the days of the National College Entrance Examination You agreed”

“Yes!” the principal said.

He didnt think that it was a bad idea.

“The entrance examination to college is just around the corner!” Zhang Qiuhua felt helpless.

“She promised to keep studying on her own, and that shell pass the exam with a good score.

Dont worry,” the principal said.

Even so, Zhang Qiuhua still thought that the idea was crazy.

However, the principal had agreed, and she couldnt change his decision.

Yu Mixi and the others also knew that Gu Ning was busy and wouldnt attend the rest of the classes, so they didnt call her in order to not disturb her.

Once in a while, Gu Ning would chat with them in their WeChat group.

In the Tang familys house, Gu Man spoke to Tang Yunfan in the room as usual, while Gu Ning stayed in the living hall.

Today was Monday, so Tang Yunhang and the others went to work while Tang Haifeng, Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning stayed at home.

Before long, Quan Mingkai came and followed Tang Haifeng walking to the study to discuss business with him.

“Master Tang, Tang Deming frequently visits Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan these days.

I think that he wants to win their approval,” Quan Mingkai said.

Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan were the two directors who had abstained in the vote for a new chairman of Tanghuang Group.

“How has Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan reacted to that” Tang Haifeng asked.

“I dont see any differences from their usual behaviors, but nobody knows what theyre doing privately,” Quan Mingkai said.

Even though there was no apparent change in their relationship with Tang Deming, nobody knew what they were doing in private.

Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan had done a lot for the company, and had never hurt the benefits of the company, but Tang Haifeng still had to be careful.

“Master Tang, I have the feeling that there is someone supporting Tang Deming from behind the scene, but I dont know who the person is yet.

From Tang Demings call records, I dont find any suspects, however, its also possible that they use secret phone numbers to contact each other,” Quan Mingkai said.

Although the Tanghuang Group was very powerful, they still couldnt find out everything they wanted to know.

“Keeping a close eye on them,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Yes, sir,” Quan Mingkai said.

After that, they talked about something else for a while before walking out of the study.

“Miss Gu, your store can be completed today, and itll be fully cleaned tomorrow.

Please let me know when you finish your work.

Lord Tang has told me to cooperate with you in propaganda and endorsement,” Quan Mingkai said to Gu Ning.

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