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On the ground were raw materials of a low level, while on the shelves were raw materials of a high level.

Raw materials could be sold by number or weight.

The price of a raw material didnt rely on its size.

From a professional point of view, if the skin was good and the green rate was high, it would be marked as a higher level, and was more expensive.

Of course, the higher level didnt equal to a high green rate.

After all, it was extremely difficult to choose the right raw material with jade in it.

No one knew whether there was an emerald in a raw material.

Therefore, even if it was a raw material of a low level it was possible there was an emerald in it.

It all depended on ones luck.

There were many people in the store, and no one came to welcome Gu Ning.

Gu Ning liked that though.

She wasnt willing to shop with a salesman who kept talking beside her ears.

Gu Ning immediately used her Jade Eyes to scan over those raw materials.

She checked those on the shelves first.

They were supposed to be in the high level with high green rate.

However disappointedly, they were mostly white stones.

Although there were some jade in them, the jade wasnt of good quality.

It wasnt worth much even if you cut it out.

Gu Ning didnt want to waste her time on it.

Then, Gu Ning turned to the raw materials on the ground.

They were all white stones again.

It seemed a pair of Jade Eyes wasnt enough.

Gu Ning also needed good luck!

She stepped out of this shop with disappointment then entered another one.

The result was the same.

The raw materials were either white stones, or with bad jade in them.

The power in Gu Nings Jade Eyes was thin, so she felt tired after a short time.

She prayed in her heart, hoping to find jade soon.

Otherwise her power would be completely consumed soon.

Without the power, she couldnt use her telepathic eyes.

It seemed the God had heard Gu Nings pray.

When Gu Ning was about to close her Jade Eyes she found two raw materials with green jade in them among a pile of raw materials.

One was almost as big as a football, while the other was merely bigger than an apple.

Both of them were of good quality.

Gu Ning felt excited, but remained calm.

She walked like an ordinary customer to the pile of raw materials.

With a cart, Gu Ning picked up those two raw materials with green jade in them.

To avoid special attention, Gu Ning also picked up another three raw materials in different size.

They were all smaller than a football.

“Hey, how much are these in total” Gu Ning pushed the cart to the counter.

The boss was a little surprised to see Gu Ning, who was a teenage girl, but since she was a customer, the boss treated her kindly.

There were marks on the raw materials, so the boss didnt need to ask where Gu Ning had picked those raw materials up.

Those raw materials were all of a low level, and werent expensive.

200 yuan a pound.

Those five raw materials that Gu Ning had picked up werent big.

They added up to 40 pounds and cost 8,000 yuan.

Eight thousand werent much as long as there were emeralds in those raw materials.

If they were all stones, eight thousand would be too much.

Gu Ning paid her bill.

The boss asked, “Miss, do you want to cut them out now”

“Yes, please,” Gu Ning replied.

Gu Ning was here for money.

She definitely wanted to cut the raw materials on site, and sell to the emeralds right away.

“Lao Zhang, come and cut the stones out,” the boss called someone inside the room.

“Im coming.” A man, who was around 50 years old, walked out from the room.

He came to the counter, seeing Gu Ning.

He was surprised that the customer was a young teenager.

Lao Zhang asked with uncertainty, “Miss, its you who wants to cut the stones out, right”

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Please follow me.” Lao Zhang then guided Gu Ning towards the area where they cut stones.

Meanwhile, those customers in the shop all stood around them to have a look.

Although there was a faint, almost zero, possibility to get jade out, it was the exciting point of stone gambling.

Even if it was impossible to get jade out, the gambler would stay hopeful.

Everyone who enjoyed stone gambling shared the same feelings.

And the crowd was surprised the owner of those raw materials was a young girl.

Most customers here were middle-aged men or the elderly.

There were few young people, especially young girls around.

Gu Ning handed the worker a waste material first.

The worker asked her, “Miss, how would you like to cut it Rub or cut”

“Cut, please,” Gu Ning said.

“Cut it directly, or draw lines first” the worker asked again.

Although he could tell this one must be a waste material, he needed to follow the customers order.

“Cut it directly, please.” It was a waste material.

Gu Ning didnt care at all.

Cutting a stone directly didnt mean to cut it randomly.

The worker still needed to have a good judgment.

The machine started to work.

After one cut, it was nothing but a white stone.

After another cut, there was still nothing in it.

After the third cut, the stone had already been cut half out.

Nothing in it.

It was waste.

The crowd felt disappointed after the result.

But if there really was jade in it, the crowd would be envious.

That was human nature.

Gu Ning calmly picked up another waste material.

It also proved to be a pure stone.

The crowd began to feel bored.

Some walked away.

The third time, Gu Ning chose a big raw material with jade in it.

“Let me draw lines first,” Gu Ning said, then drew some lines on it.

She didnt draw the lines accurately, but basically the same.

The machine started to work again.

After one cut, the out layer was removed.

There was a light green color open to the air.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning sensed a kind of strong power.

She was excited, and couldnt wait to absorb it.

The power was absorbed into her eyes.

She felt cool and comfortable.

Her sight became better and she was energetic now.

At the same time, the worker raised his voice in excitement, “The jade! There is jade in it!”

His voice immediately attracted everyones attention in the shop.

The people in front of them were all surprised and wide-eyed.

It was so incredible! Those who had just left immediately turned back, and some who just entered the store, all came up.

“What There is jade in it”

“Yes, there is jade in it!”

The onlookers seemed more excited than Gu Ning, who was the owner, because stone gambling was a high-risk business, and the green rate was always low.

Most of the onlookers knew Gu Ning was the owner.

They all looked to Gu Ning with envy, but Gu Ning stayed calm as usual.


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