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There were thousands of chat messages above, which shocked Gu Ning.

These people were so talkative!

Gu Ning read those messages.

Some asked whether she had arrived at City G, while some were curious why she was in City G.

One said she was here to visit relatives, while one said she was here to meet a friend or a blind date.

Gu Ning felt like laughing.

Gu Ning: “Im in my hotel now, safe and sound.”

Hao Ran: “Wow, boss is here.”

Chu Peihan: “Boss, dont forget our gifts!” [Gift emoji]

Mu Ke: “Dont forget our gifts!” [Gift emoji]

Qin Zixun: “Dont forget our gifts!” [Gift emoji]

Zhang Tianping: “Dont forget our gifts!” [Gift emoji]

Yu Mixi: “Dont forget our gifts!” [Gift emoji]

Gu Ning laughed out loud.

These people were so adorable!

She hadnt decided what she would bring back to them as gifts yet.

Gu Ning: “I wont forget.

Its late now.

I need to go to bed.

Tomorrow is a busy day!”

Chu Peihan: “Fine, Im more and more curious about what youre up to now.”

Hao Ran: “Exactly, boss, are you going to live in the lap of luxury without us”

Mu Ke: “Nonsense, Hao Ran, youre already living in the lap of luxury.” [Kick out emoji]

Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping: “Agree!” [Kick out emoji]

Hao Ran: “You all bully me.” [Cry emoji]

Hao Ran: “Boss, I need your care.” [Pitiful face emoji]

Gu Ning: “Get out.” [Kick out emoji]

Everyone: “LOL.” [Laughing out loud emoji]

Hao Ran: “You people! Im going to die.” [Spurting blood emoji]

Gu Ning: “Alright, Im going to make a big deal, and Ill tell you one day.

Good night.”

Yu Mixi: “Good night, Ningning.”

Everyone: “Good night, boss.”

After the talk, Gu Ning started to read.

Stone gambling was also called object gambling.

It meant that when the jade was mined, there was a layer of weathered leather 1 wrapped around it.

It was impossible to know the quality of it.

It must be cut to know the quality of the jade.

The original stones of jade were divided into two types, namely mountain material and seed material.

As the name implied, the mountain material referred to the material from mountains.

It had no outer skin and was a jade itself.

However, most of the jade was poor in quality.

The seed material was the raw material of stone gambling that people often referred to.

The seed material was formed in the riverbed.

The surface of the seed material was weathered, so the outer shell was formed.

Thus the inner condition couldnt be seen.

One could only rely on his experience to judge whether the inner part had formed an emerald.

Those seeds were called raw materials or raw stones.

The most profitable, most tempting, but also the most risky bet would be stone gambling.

There was a saying in the jewelry industry: Stone gambling was like life gambling.

The winner could earn ten times or hundreds time more money, and became a millionaire overnight, while the loser could lose everything.

Compared with stone gambling, stocks, real estate and other risky trades all seemed mild and gentle.

The buying and selling of the original stones of jade was the most mysterious trade in the jewellery industry.

Its mystery lay in the word “gambling”.

Therefore, the buyers always called it jade gambling or stone gambling.

Generally, one couldnt tell what was in a stone from its appearance.

Even with the technological advances today, there was no instrument which could quickly determine whether a stone was valuable or valueless through its shell.

Therefore, the risk of buying and selling stones was very high, and it was also very exciting.

Thus it was called “gambling” and was quite profitable if one won.

Accordingly, this business had been going on since ancient times.

The jade used to gamble was also divided into different classes, mainly depending on the type, color and transparency.

Again, the quality of the jade mainly relied on three points: type, color and transparency.

The type referred to the variety of jade.

Jade from a good type was hard.

The types from high to low levels were old pit glass, ice, hail, bean, oil green, hibiscus, gold, and so on.

The type of the jade was of great importance..

Color referred to the colors of jade.

There were many colors of jade, but the best jade was mainly bright green.

The colors from high to low levels were green (kings green, bright green, apple green), red, yellow and purple.

The production of jade in special color was relatively small.

The color of jade must be combined with great transparency, and it must be less cracked in order to be priceless.

Transparency was the ability of the jade to let the visible light pass through.

The jade with a higher transparency was more valuable.

The best jade was like glass, and was called “Glass Bottom” in the jade industry.

After understanding the stone gambling, Gu Ning turned to the computer to learn about the domestic jewellery brands history, development, fame, reputation, founders and its chairman.

Regardless of whether it was the first, second or third, or not on the line, Gu Ning has read it all over.

But the time was limited, so Gu Ning didnt check the foreign brands now.

Besides, Gu Ning hadnt developed so fast.

She wanted to be influential, but she also knew to take it slowly.

The next day, Gu Ning got up at seven am.

She called for breakfast first, then brushed her teeth and washed her face.

30 minutes later, her breakfast arrived.

Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry, because it was too early so the stores werent open yet.

At half past eight, Gu Ning called the reception and ordered a tailored car.

The hotel was efficient.

When Gu Ning went down to the first floor, her tailored car was waiting for her.

Antiques and stone gambling were always together.

So Gu Ning told the driver to take her to the antique market.

It wasnt far from downtown to the antique market.

She would arrive there after 40 minutes, if there was no traffic jam.

On her way, Gu Ning took out her phone.

Her friends were talking in the “Family of Fighters” group again.

But Gu Ning didnt get involved in their talk.

She took a glance, then put her phone away.

When she arrived at the antique market, it was slightly past nine.

The antique market was already active.

Gu Ning knew she would spend a lot of time in the antique market.

She would not make the driver wait for her for so long.

So she told the driver to leave first, and she would call him when she needed to go back.

The minute Gu Ning walked into the antique market, she became excited and nervous.

The antique market in City G was much bigger that the one in City F.

The objects were also in a larger number.

The power of Gu Nings Jade Eyes was thin now, so she decided to take a look at stones first.

She wanted to absorb the power.

Antiques and stone gambling were set separately on the two sides of the street.

Following the sign, Gu Ning walked towards the street of stone gambling.

The nearer Gu Ning was to the street of stone gambling, the more excited she got, just like there was a large amount of thick power and money waiting for her ahead.

The market of stone gambling in City G wasnt very big.

There were only around 10 shops, but people were everywhere.

Gu Ning walked into the first shop.

It wasnt big, and was around 40 square meters.

There were piles of large and small stones on the ground and the platform.

Those were raw materials of stones.

These raw materials had already been selected by the boss, and were stacked in equal order.

All marked with a price.


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