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Chapter 505 Digging Her Own Grave

Right at that moment, Li Jiayues phone rang, and the caller was her agent, Tong Zhen.

Li Jiayue hesitated to answer it because she knew the reason why Tong Zhen called her, but she couldnt refuse to take it.

Therefore, Li Jiayue walked to a quiet place without anyone around.

“Hi, Tong…” Before she could finish her sentence, Tong Zhen yelled in anger on the phone, “Did you write the article attacking Su Tongnuo on Weibo”

“I-I…” Li Jiayue stammered.

She wasnt willing to admit it, but Tong Zhen wouldnt believe her even if she denied it.

Once Li Jiayue stammered, Tong Zhen was sure that she did it and he was even angrier.

“Its fine that you attacked her, but they now have the evidence in their hands.

Youre simply digging your own grave! Chairman Xia has made it clear that if this problem cant be solved, youll be fired!”

“What-what should we do now” Li Jiayue panicked and almost cried.

“Can we say the pictures are photo-shopped”

“Seriously” Tong Zhen was furious.

“Do you think that everyone is as dumb as you are”

“I-I cant admit it!” Li Jiayue said anxiously.

Tong Zhen was silent for a while, and said, “Ill hire an Internet Water Army right away, and turn peoples attention to the fact that Su Tongnuo has been shut out for a year.” In the following hours, many haters suddenly appeared on the Internet and kept attacking Su Tongnuo and Su Tongnuos fans.

Smart people all knew that they were just an Internet Water Army, but nobody could stop


Seeing that, Li Jiayue and her team were satisfied.

However, a short while later, two super influencers joined the fight of public opinion.

Fang Tang: Never treat others the way you dont want to be treated.

I believe in karma.

repost from @Fenghua Entertainment Official

Lu Yizhe: Well find out the truth in the end, and I hope that innocent people wont be hurt.

repost from @Fenghua Entertainment Official

Once the two super influencers reposted the latest post sent out by Fenghua Entertainment it threw a bomb into the entertainment industry.

Fang Tang was 28, and was the Best Actress with sixty million fans.

While Lu Yizhe was 30, and was the Best Actor with seventy million fans.

Both of them followed the official account of Fenghua Entertainment and it was obvious that they sided with Fenghua.

Normally, famous actors were unwilling to be involved in quarrels on the Internet.

If they were willing to do so, it meant that they had a close relationship with Fenghua Entertainment.

Within minutes, tens of thousands of people reposted their post.

Fang Tang and Lu Yizhes fans were very loyal to them and trusted them without any doubt, so they naturally chose to believe and support Fenghua Entertainment.

Before long, the Internet Water Army hired by Li Jiayues team was exposed and Su Tongnuo as well as Fenghua Entertainment gained more and more support on Weibo.

Without Ks help this time, Su Tongnuo and Fenghua Entertainment immediately became the hottest topics.

Meanwhile, Su Tongnuos and Fenghua Entertainments followers were increasing dramatically.

When Su Tongnuos assistant, Lin Xiaoxia, found out that Fang Tang and Lu Yizhe sided with them against Li Jiayue, she was super surprised and excited.

It seemed like Fang Tang and Lu Yizhe had close relationship with Fenghua Entertainment.

Su Tongnuo was in the middle of shooting, so Lin Xiaoxia walked to Gu Ning and asked, “Boss, are Fang Tang and Lu Yizhe your friends”

Lin Xiaoxia totally forgot the fact that Su Tongnuo had been under fierce attack on the Internet just a few minutes ago, but her eyes lit up with curiosity as she looked at Gu Ning.

“Who I dont know them.” Gu Ning frowned a little.

“What You dont know them However, they followed our official account on Weibo just now, and they reposted our post to support us,” Lin Xiaoxia said and showed the Weibo page on her smart phone to Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood what had happened.

“Oh, I told the general manager of our company to handle it.

Maybe theyre his friends,” Gu Ning said after reading the Weibo page.

“Oh, that would explain it.” Lin Xiaoxia nodded.

“How is it going now” Gu Ning asked.

Lin Xiaoxia beamed at once.

“They hired an Internet Water Army, but now we have a lot more supporters than them after Fang Tang and Lu Yizhe sided with us.”

Gu Ning smiled, but didnt say anything, because everything was under her control.

Tong Zhen and Li Jiayue, on the other hand, were in a great panic.

To their astonishment, Fenghua Entertainment had a close relationship with Fang Tang and Lu Yizhe.

After all, either one of them was more influential than any actor in Feiteng Entertainment.

Li Jiayue called Tong Zhen and almost cried from worry.

“What should we do now Fang Tang and Lu Yizhes fans are even more aggressive than the Internet Water Army!”

Li Jiayues voice and body trembled in fear.

She knew that she was in big trouble now.

Tong Zhen took a long breath and said, “We can only make your assistant the scapegoat now.”

Although Li Jiayue made a huge mistake, she was valuable to some extent, while her assistant meant nothing to their company.

“Oh, right! Ill tell her right now!” Li Jiayue felt relaxed.

Such a selfish person as she was would never feel guilty for ruining an innocent persons life.

Besides, she believed that as long as her assistant was blamed for what she had done, she would be fine.

When her assistant was informed about the decision, her assistant was heartbroken and couldnt believe it.

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