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Chapter 504 Vicious Slander

Indeed, although Su Tongnuo was being criticised now, more and more people got to know her name.

Once her name was cleared, she would be famous within a short time.

All they needed to do now was to clear her name.

Since Gu Ning allowed the post to go viral on the Internet, she was confident that she could handle it well.

Hearing what Gu Ning had just said, everyone was relieved.

After what they had been through together, Gu Ning gained everyones trust.

She was only 18-years-old but behaved like a mature and stable grown-up.

She had outstanding abilities and strong charisma.

She seemed to be a natural leader.

With Gu Nings promise, they left for Changyang Mountain to continue shooting.

When they arrived, they began to work and Gu Ning also received Ks message at the same time.

K: Boss, this Miss Paparazzi is very interesting.

Ive sent you an email.

Go check it now!

Gu Ning immediately opened the email.

Miss Paparazzi turned out to be an actress named Li Jiayue who worked for Feiteng Entertainment.

And there were many amorous pictures in her computer.

Without a doubt, it was Li Jiayue who posted the article on the Internet.

Gu Ning instantly figured out that Li Jiayue didnt get along with Su Tongnuo, so she deliberately attacked Su Tongnuo once Su Tongnuo got the chance to be the leading actress in Lu Zhans new film.

Gu Ning sent the evidence to Lu Xiao and told him to post it on their official Weibo account.

However, they werent in a hurry.

Gu Ning planned to wait for a while longer till the news got more attention and then they would post the evidence.

Gu Ning didnt worry that it would cause a sensation, because she was confident to solve it in the end.

When Lu Xiao saw those amorous pictures, even he as a man flushed.

Su Tongnuo trusted Gu Ning, so she focused on her acting in the film.

At noon, with the help of K, the shocking news about Su Tongnuo became the hottest topic on Weibo.

Afterwards, Lu Xiao acted.

Fenghua Entertainment Official: About what @Miss Paparazzi has exposed about actress @Su Tongnuo in our company is totally fake news.

Without evidence Miss Paparazzi viciously attacked an actress who works for our company, and we regain the right to sue Miss Paparazzi.

In addition, we also have solid evidence in hand that proves that Miss Paparazzi is @Li Jiayue.

We do hope that Miss Li could give us a reasonable explanation.

At the same time, we strongly suggest that @Feiteng Entertainment Official gives an account for the fact that Su Tongnuo had been shut out of the entertainment industry for a year.

(Evidence Attached]

Lu Xiao didnt expose the amorous pictures of Li Jiayue right now but would wait for the right time and make full use of them.

Although the official account of Fenghua Entertainment was just opened yesterday and it didnt have many followers, Lu Xiao believed that it was just a matter of time before they would have millions of followers.

The moment Lu Xiao posted it, Gu Ning told Lu Zhan and the others to repost it.

When Su Tongnuo heard that the person who attacked her on the Internet was Li Jiayue, she was slightly surprised but soon accepted it, because the two never got along after all.

Han Lengxuan, Bai Lin and the other actors werent involved in this mess, so they didnt repost it.

Before long, the post attracted a lot of attention.

Some loyal fans of Su Tongnuo reposted the post without delay.

“What the f*ck! Li Jiayue is such a bitch!”

“Exactly! Shes so vicious!”

“I hate Li Jiayue!”

“Cant those pictures be photo-shopped”

“Dont blame Jiayue for that! I think that shes innocent!”

“Its totally a conspiracy!”

“Who is Fenghua Entertainment Ive never heard of that company.”

“Im not a fan of either of them, but I trust Su Tongnuo more.”

“I think that Fenghua Entertainment will support and protect their actors well.”

“My major is computer science, and I can tell that the pictures are real.

Su Tongnuo was trapped by Li Jiayue.”

“Are you sure At least its a fact that Su Tongnuo had been shut out for a year.”

“Exactly, theres no smoke without fire! If Su Tongnuo hadnt done anything shameful or illegal, she wouldnt have been shut out!”

Only a few people were aware of the real reason why Su Tongnuo had been shut out for a year, so the majority assumed that Su Tongnuo must have done something amoral.

It was highly possible that she had annoyed an important figure, but the onlookers on the Internet would never know the truth.

Therefore, once Miss Paparazzi exposed that Su Tongnuo had been shut out because she had drugged someone in a high position; most people were inclined to believe it.

In the Hengdian World Studios, Li Jiayue was in a good mood because her post got a lot of attention.

However, after a while, she sensed that others in the crew looked at her with disdain.

Li Jiayue frowned a little but didnt know why.

She had no idea that she became the one who was being criticised on Weibo now.

Her assistant ran to her in a hurry and seemed extremely upset.

“Jiayue, look at this!” saying that, her assistant showed Li Jiayue the official account of Fenghua.

Reading its latest post, Li Jiayue was shocked.

And now she understood why people around gave her that look.

How-how is it possible! Li Jiayue didnt know what had happened or how to deal with it now.

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