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Chapter 484 A Zombie Is Dug Out of a Mine Site

“Great!” Gu Ning replied.

After that, K invited Gu Ning to have a meal together but was declined.

Gu Ning had her own arrangements, so K didnt insist.

Gu Ning then left.

She went to a restaurant for lunch and checked the latest flight to City F on her phone.

It was still early, if she could go back home today, she would fly back.

After a while, she booked a ticket.

The plane would take off at 4:20 pm.

It was 1 pm, so she had three hours to relax here before she went to the airport.

When Gu Ning was bored, she surfed the Internet reading news to kill the time.

However, shocking news appeared in her sight.

A Zombie Was Dug Out of a Mine Site at Changyang Mountain, Many People Were Injured.

(Photo Attached]

The photo was taken from a distance, so it wasnt clear.

People could only see that about 10 soldiers were in a fight with a black thing, but nobody knew whether it was a zombie or not, except Gu Ning.

She recognized that the black thing was a zombie at a glance.

Although no one believed that it was a zombie, the news caused a sensation.

“Jesus! Is it a real zombie”

“Is the end of the world coming”

“I dont believe in zombies!”

“If its not a zombie, what are the soldiers doing there”

“Who knows! The picture was taken from so far away.

It isnt clear at all.”

Anyway, the majority didnt believe in zombies.

Gu Ning wasnt interested in the Internet users comments.

Since a zombie appeared, she had to do something.

As long as a zombie appeared, there had to be an ancient grave.

If there was an ancient grave, there would be antiques.

Either way, Gu Ning decided to go there.

Therefore, Gu Ning left the restaurant at once, taking a taxi heading straight to Changyang Mountain.

Changyang Mountain was 23 kilometers away from City D, and Gu Ning arrived around 20 minutes later.

From afar, Gu Ning saw strong Yin at the mountain, and she immediately ran to it.

When she came to the foot of the mountain, there were guards stopping people from walking inside.

Two groups of reporters were also blocked out.

Since Gu Ning couldnt go in from the front, she decided to get in from the back of the mountain.

It was impossible for ordinary people to do but it was very easy for Gu Ning.

Before long, she arrived where the strong Yin was.

And saw that over 10 soldiers were confronted by a zombie.

The zombie was quite aggressive and was hard to destroy, but it was under the soldiers control.

They had already tied it with ropes.

However, it wouldnt last.

While they couldnt destroy it, it was still very dangerous, and the ropes werent able to limit its movement forever.

The zombie was in an ancient soldiers uniform but Gu Ning didnt know which dynasty it came from.

The miners stayed far from this mine site, but didnt leave the mountain because it would cause widespread fear if they posted what had just happened at the mine site on the Internet.

As for the news on the Internet, it had already been deleted a few minutes after it had been released.

And the miner who had posted the news was warned to not do it again.

In addition, all the people at the mountain were warned to not spread the news.

Nonetheless, many reporters still came here for the shocking news, but they were all stopped at the foot of the mountain.

“They were scratched by the zombie and the injures have turned black.

Our medicines cant cure them!” a middle-aged doctor said.

“What What should we do now”

People around were anxious.

“I can cure them!” Since Gu Ning was already here she had to do something.

“You can cure them” Nobody believed that the young girl who suddenly appeared could cure those injured people.

“Who are you What are you doing here Why did the police let you in” the doctor questioned Gu Ning in annoyance.

He was an expert from the Central Hospital of City D.

If he couldnt cure those injured people how was Gu Ning able to do it She was challenging his authority.

“I said that I can cure them.” Gu Ning walked to those injured people without delay, but was stopped by the doctor before she even moved near.

“Are you a doctor Why should we believe you” The doctor didnt think that a young girl was able to do what he couldnt.

“Since you failed to cure them, why wont you let me try Are you going to watch them die” Gu Ning asked, staring straight at the doctor.

“You…” The doctor was mad.

“Doctor Tan, I think that what the young girl said makes sense.

Since you cant cure them, we can let her have a try!” Gao Qiang, the supervisor of the mine site, said.

Gao Qiang wasnt blaming Tan Jiangfeng, he simply wanted those injured people to be cured as soon as possible, but Tan Jiangfeng was displeased.

“Gao Qiang, so you choose to believe a young girl instead of me”

Hearing that, Gao Qiang was irritated.

“Doctor Tan, what do you mean by saying that Since you cant do anything, why wont you let the girl try it No one wants to see them dying right in front of our eyes.

If the young girl can do something, we at least have hope!”

“Whats going on here” At this time, Jiang Bowen, the mayor of City D, walked over.

When he walked near, he recognized Gu Ning at a glance, and was quite surprised.

“Miss Gu, why are you here” Jiang Bowen wasnt only surprised but also excited to see Gu Ning, because he knew that Gu Ning wasnt a simple girl.

She had rescued Yan Zhenglin and Xiao Changchun, and had helped Yan Zhenglin unseat Liu Shikuns group, but she didnt show off at all.

Afterwards, she had even acquired the Hongyun Group!

In Jiang Bowens eyes, Gu Ning was an upright young girl as well as a successful businesswoman.

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