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Chapter 472 Leng Shaoting Changed

After a while, Gu Ning received Chu Peihans call.

A few minutes later, she and Zhang Tianping joined them.

Now, only Qin Zixun, Su Anya and Yu Mixi were absent.

Gu Ning took a selfie when she was in the middle of beautiful, bright lanterns, and sent it to Leng Shaoting.

At this time, Leng Shaoting was playing chess with his grandfather.

He checked his phone immediately when he heard the sound of the new message.

He had set a special sound for Gu Nings messages and calls, so he would know that the message was from her the moment he heard the sound.

When Leng Shaoting read the message and saw Gu Nings smiling face in the photo, there was a gentle smile on his lips too, which shocked Master Leng.

Since when had his grandson learned how to smile Master Leng immediately realized that the message must be sent from Gu Ning.

Master Leng was curious, and approached Leng Shaoting trying to have a peep.

Unexpectedly, Leng Shaoting discovered him, and instantly drew his phone back.

“Go away,” Leng Shaoting said lightly and gave Master Leng a cold look.

“You young brat…” Master Leng was annoyed, but couldnt do anything about it.

He didnt want Leng Shaoting to be mad at him, or he would have gotten someone to investigate the girl already.

“I dont want to play anymore.” Master Leng lost interest.

“Fine, Ill go back to my room then.” Leng Shaoting stood up at once.

He didnt care to play chess at all and left without hesitation.

“You…” Master Leng was astonished.

His grandson really chose his girlfriend over his grandfather! In fact, Master Leng never felt like Leng Shaoting cherished him, because Leng Shaoting had been busy with tasks before, and now he was busy dating his girlfriend.

However, Master Leng accepted it soon, because he also hoped that his grandson could be happy.

Leng Shaoting sent a message back to Gu Ning the moment he went back to his room.

Leng Shaoting: Ningning, are you seducing me

When Gu Ning read his message, she v struck dumb for a second.


Gu Ning: Im not.

Leng Shaoting: You alone are a seduction to me.

Reading the words, Gu Ning flushed, and replied: Since when have you become so horny

Leng Shaoting: Since the moment you turned me on.

Leng Shaoting put it plainly.

Gu Ning breathed hard, and suddenly doubted whether the person who was texting with her was really Leng Shaoting, because she couldnt believe that those words were typed down by him.

Gu Ning: Are you Shaoting

Leng Shaoting was also struck dumb for a second when he read Gu Nings message, and soon figured it out and called Gu Ning at once.

Seeing Leng Shaotings call, Gu Ning answered it without delay.

“Ningning,” Leng Shaoting called her.

“I wondered if someone was playing on your phone,” Gu Ning said, but still felt shy when she thought of what Leng Shaoting had just texted her.

“Its impossible that Id let others play on my phone, unless its you, because Im willing to give you my everything,” Leng Shaoting said with affection.

Gu Nings heart was pounding fast.


Its too noisy here, Ill call you back when Im home.” After that, Gu Ning hung up.

Although they had already slept together, Gu Ning still felt shy to talk to him about it.

Leng Shaoting smiled resignedly when he heard the busy signal on the phone, but he didnt mind, because he knew that she was hanging out with her family, and he also had no intention to bother her.

In City B, Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei had another conflict again after a short while of silence, simply because a stand owner selling sky lanterns mistook them for a couple and persuaded them to buy one.

They disliked each other very much, and were both mad when others thought that they were a couple.

Cao Wenxin said with disdain, “Hey, whats wrong with your eyes We are not a couple.

I hate men like him!”

Xin Bei also retorted with intense dislike, “What I dont think youre capable of judging others, given that youre so rude and unkind.”

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin was irritated.

“What did you say Im rude and unkind Dont forget youre the terrible man!”

“Im a terrible man” Xin Bei was amused.

He thought that he really should stay away from Cao Wenxin, because they always had conflicts whenever they were together.

“Fine, I dont want to argue with you, nor play the blame game.

I think we better keep a distance from each other.” After that, he stood aside.

“Wenxin, I think youre being a little too much.

Since when have you become so impolite” Cao Wenjun criticized.

“I…” Cao Wenxin didnt know how to explain, because she knew that she did it impulsively.

After a while, they went to drink tea at a nearby teahouse.

“Hey, Im sorry.

Can we just drop it” Cao Wenxin reflected on herself and realized that it was her fault.

Although she disliked him, he was her relative, and there was no need for them to argue every time.

Therefore, she poured a cup of tea for Xin Bei in person and apologized to him.

Xin Bei also wasnt mean so he wouldnt bring it up as long as she didnt say it.

Since Cao Wenxin apologized to him on her own initiative, he accepted it, and drank the tea she had poured for him, which was the sign of reconciliation.

They didnt hang out for long, and went back home when it was almost 11 pm.

Xin Chen drove Cao Wenjun and Cao Wenxin home first before he went back to the Xin Familys house with Xin Bei.

Xin Chen and the others had left, Cao Wenjun asked Cao Wenxin, “Why do you hate Xin Bei so much”

Cao Wenxin didnt hide the truth, and told her older brother everything, but she omitted the accident where she had hit Xin Beis penis on the plane, because it was really embarrassing.

Hearing what had happened between them, Cao Wenjun was mad about her behavior, because she was the one who should be blamed, but she instead blamed Xin Bei for everything

Xin Chen also asked Xin Bei what had happened between him and Cao Wenxin.

Xin Bei told him the truth too, and he also omitted the accident where Cao Wenxin had hit his penis on the plane.

“Well, I know that she usually isnt a rude girl.

Maybe you two just dont get along.

I think that you should just let it go.” Xin Chen didnt want to blame Xin Bei anymore, but persuaded him to let it go.

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