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Chapter 465 Save Situ Yes Life

Gu Ning was deeply touched.

She now had a family who truly cared about her.

“Mom, aunt, dont worry.

I will take good care of myself,” Gu Ning said.

In order to make them happy, Gu Ning did her best to eat as much as she could, and she was very full at the end.

Once Chu Peihan heard that Gu Ning was back, she invited all of their friends to gather together.

The appointed place was Dihao Clubhouse, but they had fun in a private room, instead of the bar.

Gu Ning had thought that only her friends from school would come, but she found out that Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng were also there when she walked in.

However, not all of her friends from school showed up today.

Only Hao Ran, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi came.

When Gu Ning walked inside, Hao Ran and Mu Ke were playing cue sports, while Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi were playing darts.

“Hi, boss!”

“Hi, Ningning!”

Seeing Gu Ning coming, Hao Ran, Mu Ke, Yu Mixi and Chu Peihan all stopped and greeted her.

Gu Ning greeted them too, then walked to Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng who were sitting on the sofa drinking alcohol.

“Hi, Situ, Xuanfeng!”

Gu Ning was very at ease, which impressed Chu Xuanfeng.

In his eyes, Gu Ning was really different from other girls.

Chu Xuanfeng already knew that Gu Ning knew Situ Yes identity, because he was told by Situ Ye.

Thus he was surprised to see Gu Ning being so calm and relaxed when she faced Situ Ye.

There were very few people who werent afraid of Situ Ye, even Chu Xuanfeng felt scared of Situ Ye sometimes.

What shocked Chu Xuanfeng more was Gu Nings boyfriend, who was the heir of the Leng family in the capital, and the youngest major general in the military.

“Hi, Gu Ning! Come here and have a seat!” Chu Xuanfeng welcomed her, and poured a glass of wine for her.

They didnt like to have fun when there were outsiders around, so there werent waiters in the private room, and Chu Xuanfeng took the responsibility to pour wine.

Situ Ye looked at Gu Ning and complained.

“I didnt call you, so you never called me! You just sent me a message during the Spring Festival.”

Hearing Situ Ye complaining, Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan were both surprised.

Since when had their boss become so sensitive He had changed a lot ever since he had met Gu Ning

Chu Xuanfeng understood that Situ Ye liked Gu Ning, so he knew why Situ Ye treated Gu Ning differently.

Chu Peihan, on the other hand, had no idea about it, and her dart completely missed the round board because of her astonishment.

Yu Mixi didnt know what was going on, so she felt that it was very strange that Chu Peihan suddenly missed her aim.

“Sorry, I was lazy.” Gu Ning gave him a perfunctory answer.

Situ Ye knew that it was just a perfunctory answer, but he didnt know how to retort.

“I sent you a New Years gift, but you didnt prepare a gift for me” Situ Ye frowned a little.

Hearing that, Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan were surprised again.

Since when did their boss lack gifts

Fine, Chu Xuanfeng realized that his boss didnt lack gifts at all, but he lacked a gift from Gu Ning.

Situ Ye didnt care about others gifts but all he wanted was Gu Nings gift.

Gu Ning was also surprised.

“Youre so rich, and do you lack my gift”

Although it was polite to send a gift back, Gu Ning was surprised that Situ Ye would ask for it on his own initiative.

“Yes!” Situ Ye said with certainty.

“Fine, I will give you a gift,” Gu Ning said.

However, before Situ Ye was cheered up, what Gu Ning said next let him down again.

“Ill give a gift to everyone here!” Gu Ning added.

Situ Ye was upset.

A gift for everyone would be meaningless.

However, he could do nothing about it.

“Will we get a gift too What is it” Hao Ran and the other people in the room immediately gathered around Gu Ning.

They all knew that Gu Nings gift had to be very special, so they were all curious.

Gu Ning took out many porcelain bottles that she had prepared earlier on.

There were three pills in each of the porcelain bottles.

“This is a unique medicine, which can cure any diseases, and its very safe.”

Gu Ning then told them the effects of the medicine in details.

Hao Ran and her other friends had already heard of it when they had been in Su Anyas home, and they had also witnessed it, so they all believed it.

Situ Ye and Chu Xuanfeng, on the other hand, were quite surprised, and couldnt believe it.


“Of course.

We saw it with our own eyes!” Hao Ran opened his mouth before Gu Ning could and told them about what had happened in the Su familys house.

Although it wasnt a secret in the high society of City F, not everyone knew the details, especially Chu Xuanfeng who seldom stayed in City F.

After Hao Rans explanation, they started to believe it.

Even though they still had doubts, they accepted the gift with pleasure.

It wasnt uncommon for them to be injured, so this medicine was exactly what they needed.

As for the source of the medicine.

None of them asked although they were all curious about it.

After that, they kept on drinking and playing.

All of a sudden, a red spot flashed by Gu Nings eyes.

Gu Ning was surprised.

And without hesitation, she directly raised her leg, kicking heavily at the nearby sofa.

The sofa slid to the side under the force of the kick and Gu Ning instantly pushed it to stand up at the same time.

Before anyone else realized what was going on, a bullet hit the sofa with a clear sound.

Seeing the bullet, everyone understood that one of them had been aimed at.

Gu Ning looked towards the sniper at once, and the sniper panicked a little before he packed his things and ran away.

Chu Peihan and the others were stunned by the scene, while Chu Xuanfeng quickly walked to Situ Yes side.

Situ Ye stayed calm, but was furious.

None of them were in the mood to have fun after the accident, so they left the clubhouse.

“Thank you so much, Gu Ning,” Situ Ye said.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he would have been killed.

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