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Chapter 463 Poor Sister-in-law

“I heard that news too! And Im so jealous of her parents because they have such an outstanding daughter!” Although Jin Lanxin had previously had conflict with Gu Ning, she didnt know her name, and Lin Lijuan didnt tell her either, so she also had no idea about the relationship between Gu Ning and Lin Lijuan.

Hearing that they were complimenting Gu Ning, Lin Lijuan was full of animosity towards Gu Ning, but she couldnt say anything because what they had said was the truth.

“I went to City G once after I heard the news.

I think the jewelry in Jade Beauty Jewelry is more beautiful and of higher quality than jewelry that Ive seen in other jewelry stores.

I bought a pair of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet.

They cost me a million yuan!” Mrs.

Yang said and was showing off.


Yang, Im so envious of you! You can buy anything you like without caring about the price.

Not like us.

We couldnt afford that,” Jin Lanxin said and flattered.


Yang was pleased.

She enjoyed shopping with other women who were poorer than her, because their “poverty” could accentuate her wealth.

Gu Man, at the same time, was ready to go home.

Gu Ning was coming back today, so she was going to prepare a meal for her daughter.

However, when she had just gotten downstairs, she encountered Lin Lijuan.

Lin Lijuan was already in a bad mood when her friends complimented Gu Ning, and now she was in a worse mood when Gu Man appeared.

In the past, Lin Liyuan was always better than Gu Man, but now there was a huge abyss between them.

Even so, she still hated seeing Gu Man because of jealousy, and she even wished that Gu Man could be poor again.

“Oh, Lijuan, isnt this your poor sister-in-law” Before Lin Lijuan could say a word, Jin Lanxin opened her mouth first.

Gu Man now didnt seem poor at all, and dressed like an elegant lady who was even richer than Mrs.


Hearing what Jin Lanxin had said, Lin Lijuan felt a little embarrassed.


Yang, on the other hand, was displeased.

She looked to Jin Lanxin and said, “Mrs.

Pan, although several million yuan in wealth isnt very rich I dont think you can call it poor.”

The family name of Jin Lanxins husband was Pan, so Mrs.

Yang called her Mrs.


From what Mrs.

Yang said, she had to know Gu Man.

“What” Jin Lanxin was astonished.

She has several million yuan in wealth

Jin Lanxin abruptly turned to Lin Lijuan.

Seeing Lin Lijuan showing jealousy towards Gu Man, she immediately realized that what Mrs.

Yang had said was true.

How is it possible! Jin Lanxin was shocked.

“Hi, Mrs.

Yang!” Gu Man greeted Mrs.

Yang politely, but wasnt flattering her.

“Hi, are you going home now” Mrs.

Yang replied politely too, and didnt show any arrogance like she had in front of Lin Lijuan and Jin Lanxin.

In Mrs.

Yangs eyes, although Gu Man only had several million yuan in wealth, she was a good friend of Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.



Hao and Mrs.

Lu were the real noble ladies.


Yang felt jealous of them sometimes, but she knew that it was better for her to maintain a good relationship with them.

Gu Qing and Gu Man had also attended many parties along with Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu these days, so they got to know many other rich ladies.


Hao and Mrs.

Lu were aware that Gu Ning was the real boss of Jade Beauty jewelry, but Gu Man told them not to tell others that Gu Ning was her daughter.

Therefore, even though many rich ladies knew that the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry was an 18-year-old girl, they didnt know that she was Gu Mans daughter.

Since Gu Qing and Gu Man were good friends of Mrs.

Hao and Mrs.

Lu, nobody dared to despise them.

“Yes! Please excuse me, Mrs.


I must leave now,” Gu Man said before she left.

From the beginning to the end, Gu Man didnt bother to look at Lin Lijuan and Jin Lanxin.

Seeing that, Mrs.

Yang realized that Gu Man didnt get along with Lin Lijuan.

Maybe she had a bad relationship with Lin Lijuan.

Without hesitation, Mrs.

Yang decided to stay away from Lin Lijuan and Jin Lanxin.

Although Lin Lijuan hated to see Gu Man, she still felt displeased when Gu Man ignored her during the meeting.

“Lijuan, what happened How come your poor sister-in-law suddenly became rich” Jin Lanxin asked with curiosity.

Lin Lijuan didnt want to talk about Gu Man at all, so she didnt answer Jin Lanxins question.


Yang, on the other hand, interrupted.

“Shes the boss of Kamei Beauty Salon.

Although she isnt very rich compared to us, she definitely isnt poor either.”

“Alright, I think thats enough for today.

I have an appointment tonight, so I have to leave now,” Mrs.

Yang said and directly turned around walking away.

“What” Jin Lanxin didnt expect that Mrs.

Yang would leave all of a sudden and not care about their feelings at all.


Yang was the one who had called them to shop with her!

Lin Lijuan, however, understood that Mrs.

Yang left because of Gu Man.

Lin Lijuan almost went crazy then, and wasnt in the mood to shop any longer, so she left too.

Jin Lanxin was left alone in the shopping mall, and was quite furious, but she didnt dare to annoy either of them, so she could only swallow her anger.

When Lin Lijuan got home, Gu Qinxiang, Gu Xiaoxiao and Gu Qingyun were there too, but none of them were in a good mood.

Gu Qinxiang was mad because he had failed to borrow money from Gu Man.

Lin Lijuan was also unhappy because of what had happened in the shopping mall, while Gu Xiaoxiao and Gu Qingyun were also upset about their own problems.

The moment that Lin Lijuan got home, she threw her handbag onto the sofa and sat down angrily.

“Im so mad now.

I went to shop with Mrs.

Yang in the shopping mall today, but Mrs.

Yang abandoned me after meeting Gu Man! Who does she think she is How could she treat me like that!”

Lin Lijuan definitely didnt dare to say that in front of Mrs.

Yang, but she would badmouth Mrs.

Yang behind her back.

She was the one who did her best to please Mrs.

Yang, and now she was also the one who kept complaining behind Mrs.

Yangs back.

“And how did Gu Man dare to ignore me!” Lin Lijuan felt like she had been humiliated.

Lin Lijuan wouldnt stop complaining, which aggravated Gu Qinxiang who was already in a bad mood.

“Enough! Stop complaining!”

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