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Chapter 447 Cao Wenxin Encounters Xin Bei

“As for the make-up, Im going to create a high-end brand and its price will be as high as the popular international brands.

Dont worry.

Ill give you the price list later,” Gu Ning said.


“We dont need to produce a large amount of medicines or make-up in the early stage, just a 100 pieces of each of them.

After production, tell me first before sending them to drug control, because I need to make some arrangements.

We dont need to contact other merchants either.

We will open our own store.

Ill handle the advertising and promotion.

As long as our products are famous and popular, merchants will come to us.”

After that, they went to finish the legal procedures.

The initial authorized capital was thirty million yuan, and Gu Ning added seventy million yuan to it, so it added up to a hundred million yuan, which shocked Ning Changkai.

When they finished the legal procedures, Gu Ning gave Ning Changkai a bank card with ten million yuan in it.

He could use the money to buy raw materials of the best quality.

Facing Gu Nings trust towards him, Ning Changkai was touched, and promised to work hard as well as be loyal to Gu Ning.

In the end, Gu Ning said to him, “You can go back to prepare the raw materials and hire enough staff.

When theyre all settled, call me at once.

Ill bring my pills to make the new medicine in person, but Im only staying in the capital for three more days, so you better be quick.”

Although she could give her power crystals to Ning Changkai right now, she still wanted to check the factory herself.

“I think that we can probably begin to make new medicine the day after tomorrow,” Ning Changkai said.

He needed to prepare new raw materials and it took time for their suppliers to deliver the goods.

When Ning Changkai went back to work, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left for the headquarters of her group.

An Guangyaos secretary, Zhang Shunjie, was the supervisor.

When Gu Ning had almost arrived, she called Zhang Shunjie and Zhang Shunjie immediately went downstairs to welcome them.

“Its so nice to meet you, Miss Gu, Mr.

Leng!” Zhang Shunjie said.

There were other people around, so he didnt call Gu Ning his boss.

“How is everything going” Gu Ning asked.

“Very well! I think that we can finish the renovations in about three months,” Zhang Shunjie said.

“And the female designer that you recommended is excellent.” Zhang Shunjie complimented Song Manni.

Gu Ning nodded slightly, and was satisfied.

Afterwards, Gu Ning met Song Manni and talked with her for a short time.

“Boss, I already sold my apartment and paid the deposit of my new apartment in a nearby housing complex.

I can move in after its been redecorated,” Song Manni said.

“Oh, Ive done the design drawing for your office.

Please have a look.”

Song Manni turned her computer on and showed Gu Ning the design drawing.

Gu Ning didnt have many requirements for the office, as long as it was comfortable, but she liked Song Mannis design very much.

A whole floor belonged to her.

It included her office, a bedroom and a bathroom and so on.

“Very good,” Gu Ning said.

While Gu Ning was busy working, Cao Wenxin was hanging out with her friend in a shopping mall.

Her friend was her age, but looked younger and had a childlike face.

They had shopped for a long time, so they decided to have a break at the café.

However, before their coffees were even on the table, they heard a quarrel from the table in the corner.

“Xin Bei! I like you so much, and Ive done so much for you too.

How can you be so cruel to me Do you think that because youre successful now you can despise me” a beautiful woman was shouting at a man.

The man was precisely Leng Shaotings teammate, Xin Bei.

Xin Bei, on the other hand, coldly looked at the woman and sneered.

“What Im cruel to you Arent you shameless Yes, I am successful now, and I do despise you now.

So what I didnt force you to do anything for me!”

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin was displeased at once.

The man must be a playboy.

She thought to herself.

Everyone in the café had the same idea.

“You…” The woman was mad.

“Yu Wenjing, leave me alone.

Otherwise, youll pay for it,” Xin Bei said, then stood up to leave.

“Xin Bei, please, dont…” Yu Wenjing followed him standing up.

She tried to grab Xin Beis hand, but was flung backwards onto the sofa by Xin Bei.

“Yu Wenjing, do you have any sense of shame Xin Bei lost his patience and temper at this moment, because this woman before his eyes was indeed shameless.

“What the f*ck!” Cao Wenxin was suddenly furious too.

She abruptly stood up and grabbed the coffee a waitress had just placed on the table, running forward.

“Wenxin!” Cao Wenxins friend, Ai Xinyu, wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

The distance between their tables wasnt far, so Cao Wenxin dashed in front of Xin Bei within seconds.

She directly threw the warm coffee into Xin Beis face, and criticized him.

“Youre a terrible man!”

Xin Bei didnt notice her coming, so the coffee was thrown right into his face by Cao Wenxin.

Luckily, the coffee wasnt hot, but it was still extremely uncomfortable.

“Are you crazy! You dont know the situation and its none of your business!” Xin Bei glared at Cao Wenxin.

He was so angry but curbed his anger because he was well-educated and would never beat a woman.

“Isnt it clear enough Ive heard it clearly.

The girl has done a lot for you, but you dump her once youre successful! You are a terrible man!” Cao Wenxin raised her voice in anger.

Ai Xinyu immediately ran to them and pulled Cao Wenxin back.

“Wenxin, its their own business.



“No!” Cao Wenxin rejected.

“Dont you dare make a girl cry! Let me teach you a lesson today!” Saying that, Cao Wenxin directly slapped at Xin Bei.

However, her hand was caught by him before it was even able to fall.

Xin Bei was in a rage now.

“Youre a crazy woman!”

Cao Wenxin was surprised that the man was able to grab her hand and get control of her.

It seemed that the man wasnt simple.

After that, Cao Wenxin kicked at him, but Xin Bei avoided it in time.

Cao Wenxin now realized that the man knew how to fight too, and he was even better than her.

“Let me go!” Cao Wenxin gave up and struggled to get rid of him.

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