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“Gu Nings mother, please dont worry and relax.

Itll help you recover, and wont cost much.

If you cant have a good rest, your health will be affected.” An Qian knew Gu Mans feelings, and used them to comfort as well as threaten her.

Gu Man literally had been scared.

She tried to relax in order to recover soon and cost less money.

After the dinner, Mu Ke and others were gone.

Before they left, they asked Gu Ning whether they should teach Gu Xiaoxiao a lesson.

Gu Ning said no, she wanted to do it herself.

Thus Hao Ran and his bros stayed quiet.

There were only Gu Ning and Gu Man in the patient room now.

“Mom, actually, I had a secret to tell you after this weekend, but since you had an accident, I believe its better to tell you now.” Gu Ning suddenly wore a serious face, which made Gu Man feel nervous.

“I rescued a person several days ago.

He gave me an emerald as a reward.

I sold it the other day.

Unexpectedly, the emerald is worth 10 million yuan,” Gu Ning said.

She behaved like it was a great surprise to her.

“What 10 million yuan”

Hearing that, Gu Man was stunned.

She couldnt believe her ears.

“Yes, 10 million.

Therefore, you dont need to worry about the cost at all.

We have enough money,” Gu Ning said.

“I planned to take a look at houses these days, and tell you after I bought the house, but the accident happened.

Well, I also planned to use a part of the money to do business.

Mu Ke runs a jewelry store, which is profitable.

I think Ill buy in some shares.” Gu Ning lied about the shares.

She simply wanted to convince her mother by using Mu Ke.

Gu Man was totally in shock now.

She opened her mouth, but couldnt say a word.

Gu Ning continued, “And, after my car accident, my memory suddenly became really good.

I can remember anything that I read.

I was poor at studying in the past, but now, whatever Ive read, I can keep it in my mind.

I think its easy for me to get into the best university in the capital city too.

Besides, it will be a waste if I dont use my skill to do business.”

At the end, Gu Ning didnt forget to compliment herself.

At short notice, Gu Man cried.

No one knew whether she cried out of horror, happiness or because of something else.

“Mom,” Gu Ning was a little nervous.

She knew it was hard for Gu Man to accept the truth, but she was going to tell her the news sooner or later.

“Im fine.

Ningning, youre finally growing better and better.

Mom is truly happy for you.” Other than happiness, Gu Man also had mixed emotions, especially sadness.

Gu Man was happy that Gu Ning was growing better.

However, those rich kids all lived a life without any worries, while Gu Ning started to do business.

Gu Man blamed herself for being useless.

She did not provide her daughter with a good life.

“Oh, how did you rescue the person Were you in danger Is it reliable that the person gave you such an expensive object Will you be in any trouble later” Gu Man asked in worry.

She cared about her daughters safety most.

“Its fine.

The person is super rich.

He wont care about it.

I met him today.

It was him who drove me to the hospital,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning tried to make the man sound like a good guy to comfort Gu Man.

She didnt lie though.

Although the man was cold, he didnt seem like a bad guy.

After that, Gu Man was finally relieved.

“Mom, my second aunt always helps us.

I plan to buy a house for her family too.

I want to help them,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Gu Man felt like crying again.

She was so touch by Gu Nings kindness.

“Great, great.

Ningning, mom feels so proud of you for being grateful.”

Gu Man also wanted to thank the family of Gu Qing.

She would never forget their help.

“But mom, I want you to know something now.

I will only take the family of my second aunt as my relatives in the Gu Family.

As for my eldest and third uncle, both you and I know how they treat us.

Accordingly, even if I become rich in the future, I wont help them if they need my help.

As for grandmother, although I hate her, youre her daughter after all.

Its our responsibility to support her, but Ill decide how much we should support her financially.

If grandmother is greedy, I wont tolerate her either,” Gu Ning said solemnly.

She wouldnt give in.

Actually, through all those years, Gu Man already felt hurt by the rest of the people in the Gu Family.

Thus she agreed on what Gu Ning had said.

“Great, mom agrees with you,” Gu Man answered without further hesitation.

Gu Ning was relieved when Gu Man agreed.

She had been worried that Gu Man would forget the humiliation and disdain only because those bad people were family.

“Oh, please dont tell my second aunt that Im going to buy them a house.

Tell them when the thing is done,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Gu Man replied.

“Besides, Mu Ke is going to City G to deal with some business this weekend.

Mixi and I will go with him as well.

Were going to learn.

Please dont worry about me.

Ill take good care of myself.” Gu Ning again used Mu Ke and Yu Mixi as an excuse to comfort Gu Man.

Although Gu Man was concerned, she didnt stop Gu Ning.

She felt Gu Ning had grown up, and was able to make decisions on her own.

Since she had a plan, Gu Man believed that she shouldnt burden her daughter.

“Mom, I also hope you dont need to work that hard.

Thus, why dont you quit I have enough money now, and Im going to earn more.

I can support you now.

You can go shop, take care of your skin, buy some makeup, or travel.

Mom, I want you to enjoy your life.

If you still want to work, you can tell me what you like to do.

I can buy a small shop for you.

Well hire someone to run the shop.

If you feel bored, you can go and take a look.

If you dont want to, you can stay at home,” Gu Ning added.

To further make Gu Man feel comfortable in her heart, Gu Ning continued.

“Mom, were mother and daughter.

Were a family.

Mine is yours.

Please dont feel guilty at all.

Ill be happy as long as youre happy.”

Gu Man felt guilty at the beginning.

She blamed herself for not offering a good life to Gu Ning, and even let Gu Ning support her financially.


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