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Chapter 400 Zhou Zhenghongs Son Is Kidnapped

“If you still dont believe me, you can check at the Bureau of Industry and Commerce,” Gu Ning said, although she knew that Song Manni would trust her.

Song Manni inhaled deeply before she said, “Im really surprised that youre able to achieve so much at such a young age.

I do admire you and Im willing to work for you, but I prefer the capital to Province


“The headquarters are in the capital, but its still being decorated.

There will be many departments like Human Resources, Finance and so forth.

We lack staff working there now because its newly-built, so you can choose to be the manager of any department as long as youre able to do the job.”

“Of course, Ill also give you chances to practice.

Other than the positions in the headquarters, Im going to open branches of Fenghua Entertainment, Jade Beauty Jewelry, and Shenghua Real Estate too.

However, youll only get promoted in the headquarters,” Gu Ning said.

Although Gu Nings business group was still young, Song Manni believed that it would be successful, because Jade Beauty Jewelry and Shenghua Real Estate were great examples.

Song Manni also believed that Gu Ning had the ability to build her business empire.

“Ill work in Human Resources at the headquarters.” Song Manni chose HR because she was more familiar with that department and had worked in it before.

Gu Ning immediately took out a contract and a pen from her backpack.

She wrote on it and said, “Well, Im not just saying it, and we can sign the labor contract now.

Although the office building of our headquarters is still under decoration, were badly in need of staff.

If youre not busy right now, I hope that you can fly over and start to work right away.

Youll be paid twenty thousand yuan a month without accommodation.

Dont worry about the salary, it can be increased in the future and youll get a bonus too.”

As for the monthly salary, Song Manni was surprised, not because it was low, but because it was higher than she had thought.

She had just started, and twenty thousand yuan was quite a lot compared to her peers.

Even in the capital which was the most advanced city in this country, twenty thousand yuan a month was high.

Moreover, her salary could increase in the future and she would get a bonus too! Facing such appealing conditions, Song Manni had no complaints.

As for the accommodation, Song Manni didnt worry about it at all.

Her house was worth two million yuan in City G and she planned to sell it as soon as possible.

Two million was enough for her to buy a single apartment in the capital.

She just got divorced and had no plan to marry again in the short term.

And if she was going to enter a second marriage, she would definitely marry a man with a house, because she had learned her lesson from her last marriage.

Gu Ning signed her name on the contract and handed it to Song Manni.

There was nothing serious for Song Manni to deal with in City G now.

She had already handed in her resignation letter and could leave after three days.

She had also put her house on sale.

Although nobody called her yet, she wasnt worried, because she could rent an apartment in the capital for a short time.

She had a savings of ten thousand yuan in her account too, which was enough to support her for a relatively long time.

In addition, she would get the salary from her new job after a month.

Therefore, she had enough money to live her life.

Song Manni read the contract and signed her name.

“Im not mean.

Although youre the manager of HR in my company, you can have a sideline in your free time,” Gu Ning said.

Song Mannis major was interior design, and Gu Ning would love to see her follow her interest.

Maybe Song Manni would go back to working as an interior designer someday.

No matter what, as long as Song Manni was still willing to work for her, Gu Ning wouldnt mind.

Hearing that, Song Manni was surprised and appreciated Gu Nings kindness.

Interior design was her major, and she was unwilling to give it up.

After signing the contract, Gu Ning said, “Ill make a call first.”

She called An Guangyao and asked him when the decoration of the office building would start.

An Guangyao told her that it would begin tomorrow.

The headquarters of their business group was under refurbishment, which was a large project, so An Guangyao cleared his schedule for it.

Gu Ning then told An Guangyao that she had hired Song Manni who would fly to the capital to assist him.

Gu Ning didnt know much about decoration, so she asked An Guangyao what jobs Song Manni could do.

After hearing that Song Mannis major was interior design, An Guangyao was excited.

He had wanted to hire an interior designer to be in charge of the interior style of the office building, but he hadnt found a qualified designer yet.

If Song Manni could come, it would solve a big problem.

Song Manni was also excited after Gu Ning told her the news.

Gu Ning told Song Manni to design her office first.

They didnt separate until eight pm.

After that, Gu Ning went straight back to Clean Water Blue Sky.

She had been so busy these days, but once she had a break, she couldnt help missing Leng Shaoting.

Having a boyfriend with a special identity and being unable to contact him whenever she wanted, Gu Ning felt resigned sometimes, but she loved him very much and would accept everything about him.

The next day, Gu Ning arrived at the airport of City G around 8:30 am.

However, when she had just entered the lounge, she received Zhou Zhenghongs call.

Zhou Zhenghong said that his son had been kidnapped that morning by Shao Ping.

Shao Ping asked for ten million yuan, or he would kill Zhou Zhenghongs son.

What was worse, Zhou Zhenghong only had half an hour left.

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