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Chapter 391 Uncover Identity

In fact, Qin Haozheng wanted to help Gu Ning in the beginning, but he wasnt sure whether he should tell them the truth about Gu Ning.

Even though he believed Gu Ning, others might not without proof.

Hearing that, people who didnt know about it were all shocked.

A highly valuable antique that was worth at least five million yuan This young girl is that rich Everyone had the same questions in mind.

“I met Girl Gu once at the antique street, and she picked up an antique plate which is worth 1.5 million yuan.

She cant be poor!” Gu Changjiang opened his mouth too.

He had the same thought as Qin Haozheng, and they were both willing to support Gu Ning.

Everyone was quite surprised looking at Gu Ning.

Although Qin Haozheng and Gu Changjiang stood with Gu Ning, some still didnt believe that Gu Ning was willing to send a birthday gift which cost hundreds of thousand yuan to a young girl.

Before Mrs.

Hao could join the argument, Gu Ning opened her mouth first.

“It seems like I have to tell you the reason why Im so rich,” Gu Ning teased.

She stared straight into Jin Kexins eyes and said with seriousness, “Jin Kexin, you want to know my family background Im telling you now.

Jade Beauty Jewelry is my brand.”

“What” Hearing that, Jin Kexin panicked and couldnt believe her ears.

“Its impossible.”

Jin Kexin refused to believe that Jade Beauty Jewelry was owned by Gu Ning.

Su Anya and the other guests were also surprised.

“What brand” someone who didnt hear asked with curiosity.

“Gu Ning, do you mean that youre the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry” Su Anya asked with uncertainty because it was so shocking.

“What The real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry” Hearing that, they were all amazed.

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied.

People around her couldnt help but draw a long breath in astonishment.

Jade Beauty Jewelry wasnt a large store, but its jewelry was all made of high-quality jade, so it was worth at least a billion yuan.

It was too shocking to convince people.

“Really Shes so young, so how is it possible that shes the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry! The value of Jade Beauty Jewelrys assets is at least a billion yuan!”

“Who knows! However, I dont believe it.”

“Me neither.

Hearing their doubts, An Guangyao stood out and smiled at Gu Ning.

“Chairman Gu, I guess that you cant hide your real identity anymore.” It was apparent that he already knew that Gu Ning was the chairman of Jade Beauty Jewelry from his tone, and they seemed very close.

Once An Guangyao appeared, people started to believe that Gu Ning was the chairman of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

An Guangyao was a respected businessman, and people trusted him.

“What She is really the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry”

“Its so unbelievable!”

Everyone was in shock.

To their amazement, the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry was an 18-year-old girl!

“Ha-ha, well, I told Chairman An to keep it a secret.

Unexpectedly, something unpleasant happened.

I think its not wise to keep it a secret any longer.

Otherwise, my reputation could be ruined,” Gu Ning said resignedly.

Hearing that, people all looked at Jin Kexin with disdain, because she was the source of the gossip.

“No-no, its impossible!” Jin Kexin still refused to face reality.

“Wow, Miss Gu, youre the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry! Youre indeed a promising young girl!” Yuan Jisong exclaimed.

“Exactly! Its so shocking!” Su Zhenhao said.

“Jesus! Gu Ning, youre so awesome!” Su Anya, of course, believed Gu Ning and she was more than shocked now.

“Gu Ning, youve hidden it for so long!” An Qian rounded her eyes in shock.

“No wonder your mother was willing to use jade pendants from Jade Beauty Jewelry as the prizes for the annual event in her beauty salon!” Mrs.

Hao said with surprise.

Hearing the word, beauty salon, they understood that Gu Nings family also had a beauty salon.

However, it wasnt shocking now that they already found out that Gu Ning was the chairman of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

No matter how big the beauty salon was, it couldnt compare with a jewelry store.

“Yes, otherwise I wouldnt have used such expensive jewelry as the prize in a small business event!” Gu Ning said.

Afterward, people around Gu Ning all went forward to shake hands with her.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was a newly-built brand, but it was already so popular within a short time, which proved Gu Nings outstanding business ability.

Besides, they admired the fact that the brand founder was only 18-years-old even more.

This young girl would be very successful in the future!

People were already really impressed after hearing that Gu Ning owned a jewelry store.

If they found out that there were many other profitable companies under Gu Nings name, they would be even more shocked.

Although the value of Gu Nings companies assets was merely billions of yuan at the moment, she was actually in possession of a lot more wealth than that, because she had many uncut jade raw materials which were worth a fortune too.

Even so, Jade Beauty Jewelry was rich enough to be ranked sixth on the list of the richest in City F.

However, Jade Beauty Jewelry was located in City G, so it couldnt be ranked on the list of the richest of City F.

Anyway, people still respected Gu Ning.

However, Gu Ning didnt care about that at all.

Her aim was the capital.

She was going to build her business empire as well as take revenge there.

Since Gu Nings real identity was exposed, many rich ladies asked her whether she would open a branch in City F so that they didnt need to fly all the way to City G.

Gu Ning would of course do that, but not right now, because she was occupied with her business in the capital.

Nevertheless, she was going to settle a branch in City F this year.

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