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“Gu Ning, come out here for a moment.”

The head teacher asked Gu Ning to come out the minute she arrived.

Gu Ning knew it must be because of what had happened tonight.

The minute Gu Ning walked out of the classroom, the head teacher asked her in anger, “Why did you do that in the canteen Why did you hit another schoolmate And why did you accept the challenge of Hao Ran, Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping, whore from the seventh classroom Do you know this is a big deal now, which has a bad impact on both you and our class”

Facing the head teachers questions and anger, Gu Ning wasnt mad at all.

She explained with patience instead, “Professor Zhang, it was because Gu Xiaoxiao has humiliated me and my mother first, then I hit her in the canteen.

How can I be able to tolerate the humiliation like that As for Hao Ran and his friends, they will never leave me alone if I didnt accept the challenge.

I would rather face the trouble at the very beginning.”

Zhang Qiuhua actually knew Gu Nings condition.

She knew other students always bullied Gu Ning.

However, since nothing severe had happened, she ignored all of them.

It was understandable that Gu Ning would fight back.

Though she believed it had been too over, Gu Ning had made the right choice for herself.

Zhang Qiuhua didnt know what to say.

But, she still couldnt accept the fact that Gu Ning had accepted the challenge of Hao Ran.

“Gu Ning, can you, a girl win over the three boys Besides, the school wont allow students to fight.

Youll be punished for that, and our class also will be criticized,” Zhang Qiuhua said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was a little shocked.

She totally forgot she would be punished for fighting, and her class would also be criticized for her behavior.

“But Ive promised them already.

If I regret, Hao Ran will revenge on me.” Gu Ning felt she had been cornered.

“You, my blood is boiling now.” Gu Ning really pissed Zhang Qiuhua off.

Although Gu Ning was the reason of all these troubles, Hao Ran was the major cause, Zhang Qiuhua couldnt blame Gu Ning for all.

She also wasnt that cold-blooded to see Gu Ning revenged by Hao Ran only because Gu Ning regretted.

If Hao Ran was going to take revenge on Gu Ning, even the school couldnt stop him.

“How about this I can go have the fight with Hao Ran outside the school, then no one will be punished,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Zhang Qiuhua was still displeased.

“Gu Ning, how could you be so dumb! How can you be so sure that you can win Hao Ran and his friends What if youre hurt, and your mother will be worried Can your family afford the medical treatment”

Zhang Qiuhua had told the plain truth.

She had no intention to insult Gu Ning, but its for Gu Nings good.

Gu Ning understood her teacher cared about her, so she wasnt annoyed.

Gu Ning replied with pure confidence, “Please dont worry about that.

I am going to win them, really.”

It was hard for Zhang Qiuhua to believe, but she knew it was meaningless to continue this topic, so she said, “Good luck.”

After that Zhang Qiuhua stopped talking to Gu Ning, and left in anger.

Gu Ning shrugged her shoulders resignedly and went back to her classroom.

Although everyone in the classroom was all ears to listen to Zhang Qiuhua criticizing Gu Ning, Zhang Qiuhua kept her voice low and no one actually heard anything.

They only saw Zhang Qiuhua leave in anger.

Gu Ning, instead, was super calm from the very beginning to the end, and wasnt sad or scared of being criticized at all.

Everyone was puzzled.

When Gu Ning walked inside, most of the students focused on her face wanting to figure out what had happened.

Because the head teacher was gone, the classroom wasnt that quiet any longer.

It wasnt one of the top classes, thus those students didnt enjoy studying very much.

“Hey, Gu Ning, are you sure youre going to win them” A male student sat in front of Gu Ning turning back to ask her in doubt.

“Exactly! one vs.

three, thats really something!” Another male student added with admiration.

“You have the great gesture.

Do you have the same great ability” Someone poured cold water on Gu Ning.

“Exactly, Im not positive about that,” another one agreed.

Most of the students didnt believe Gu Ning would succeed.

Gu Ning ignored them, but Yu Mixi couldnt stay quiet any more.

She retorted for the first time, “I believe in Gu Ning.

I think shell win.”

Gu Ning smiled a little.

Yu Mixi made her progress.

“So what You believe in her doesnt mean shell win,” a classmate argued.

“Exactly, I dont believe,” someone said.

“Well all find out tomorrow noon.

Its too early to deny Gu Nings ability now! Lets wait and see!” Yu Mixi argued.

Those who werent positive turned quiet gradually.

Some still wanted to pour cold water, but the head teacher returned.

They had to close their mouth.

In the house of the Gu family, a room was decorated in a dreamy way like it was a princesss room.

Gu Xiaoxiao was in a pink nightgown, lying on a big pink bed with a phone in her hands.

She was watching the video sent by Chen Ziyao, and felt it was a pity that she hadnt been there herself.

Gu Xiaoxiao had the same reaction as Chen Ziyao.

She felt extremely unhappy about Gu Nings confidence, and didnt believe Gu Ning could win Hao Ran and his friends.

She was gloating now.

She couldnt wait to see Gu Ning beaten down on the ground tomorrow noon.

Moreover, she was waiting for the apologies from Gu Ning.

Gu Xiaoxiao decided to spare no effort to pick on Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning wouldnt apologize, or she wasnt satisfied, she would persuade her grandma to kick Gu Ning and her mother out of the old house.

The next morning, Gu Xiaoxiao waited at the stairs for Gu Ning.

She wanted to seize the chance to make fun of Gu Ning.

After a long time, Gu Ning was still absent.

Gu Xiaoxiao was losing her patience.

“The morning class is about to begin.

Is Gu Ning terrified to come to school today” Gu Xiaoxiao assumed.

“Who knows!” Chen Ziyao was sure.

It was two minutes away from the morning class, Gu Ning appeared with Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

Seeing Mu Ke, Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao was more jealous of Gu Ning now.

Mu Ke had been their friend before, but now he chose Gu Ning over them.

Besides, Mu Ke was from a better family than them.

They wanted to cooperate with Mu Ke.

Unexpectedly, Mu Ke would stand up for Gu Ning against them.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi felt unpleasant when they noticed Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao were here.

Gu Ning stayed calm as usual.

“Gu Ning, Ive heard that youre going to fight with those three boys this noon.

One vs.

three even.

Youre bold and confident enough to do so, but are you really being confident, or youre simply arrogant” Gu Xiaoxiao said unkindly.


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