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Chapter 357 The Drama in the Café

Gu Ning tasted the dessert.

It really was delicious; sweet but not greasy.

“Song Manni, dont be too much!” All of a sudden, a sharp female voice sounded and attracted a lot of attention from people in the café.

Gu Ning and Bai Xueyan also looked over.

There were three women sitting at a table in the corner of this café.

A woman who was around 30-years-old sat alone on one side.

She was pretty to some extent but seemed tired.

Opposite her, a woman who was around 50-years-old along with a young woman who was about 25-years-old sat together.

The sharp female voice was from the older woman.

After the loud noise, the woman realized that she lost her manners, so she shut her mouth at once.

After a long while, she continued in a lower voice.

“Song Manni, since youre infertile, you should know your position and leave right away.

Meixin is already pregnant, and shell marry Jie.

Thus you have to divorce him!” the older woman said acidly and then threatened the woman who sat across the table.

Although the older womans voice was much quieter, people around them could still hear it, including Gu Ning and Bai Xueyan.

Hearing what she had just said, Gu Ning felt disgusted.

Although she didnt know the whole story, and shouldnt jump to conclusions, it seemed that this older woman and Song Mannis husband were shameless people.

Even though Song Manni was infertile, her husband should divorce her in a gentle way, but they hadnt even divorced yet, and her husbands mistress was already pregnant!

“Exactly, my older sister.

Although its not your fault that youre infertile, you shouldnt be so stubborn and occupy the position.

You cant let my brother-in-law have no heirs at all! And I am already carrying his baby.

You should be smart and agree to the divorce!” the young woman said and gloated.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was completely disgusted.

To her astonishment, the young woman was Song Mannis younger sister! And Song Mannis younger sister was pregnant with her husbands kid!

“What the f*ck! The whole family is shameless!” Bai Xueyan couldnt curb her anger any longer, and swore loudly.

The older woman and the young woman were displeased and glared at Bai Xueyan.

“I told you that I will divorce him, but Feng Jie must leave without any property,” Song Manni said calmly without any hint of anger.

It wasnt that she wasnt angry, it was because she had already had enough.

She now accepted reality, but wouldnt give up her benefits.

“Impossible, my son bought the house.

Why should he leave without any property” the older woman was annoyed.

“Because he cheated on me, thus he needs to leave without any property,” Song Manni sneered.

“And, I paid the down payment of the house together with your son, so the house doesnt belong to your son.

In addition, Ive been paying the home loan alone these last years, and your sons down payment is less than one-third of the value of the house.”

“So what You married into my family, so what is yours is ours.

Besides, you cant give birth to a baby, so you should pay compensation to us!” the older woman argued.

She was so shameless that everyone around her felt embarrassed.

“What the f*ck! What a shameless person she is!” Bai Xueyan said again.

“Shut up!” the older woman snapped at Bai Xueyan.

“I wont, so what” Bai Xueyan stood up abruptly, walking towards them.

“You shameless witch, along with your shameless son and this shameless mistress, go to hell!”

Gu Ning finally understood why Mrs.

Bai had reminded Bai Xueyan to be quiet and not cause trouble, because Bai Xueyan really was impulsive sometimes.

However, Gu Ning didnt stop her, because herself could tolerate it too.

“What did you say!” The older woman and the young woman were both furious.

“Are you deaf or something Do you want to bite me Come on!” Bai Xueyan stood with arms akimbo.

She deliberately used the word “bite” to imply that they were crazy dogs.

“You…” The older woman suddenly stood up and raised her palm to slap Bai Xueyan.

“What a little bitch you are!”

However, before her hand could fall, Song Manni pushed her down to the sofa.

“How could you do that!” Song Meixin criticized Song Manni.

“How dare you do that!” The older woman flushed and was trembling in anger.

“You deserve it,” Song Manni said with disdain.

“Dont you think that youre a bunch of shameless people Oh, youre too shameless to realize that.

If you want me to sign the divorce agreement, follow my demand.

Otherwise, I wont ever sign it.

And when Song Meixins child is born, it will be an illegitimate child.

In the end, youre the only people who will be laughed at.”

“You…” Song Meixin panicked when she heard “illegitimate child” because she was an illegitimate daughter.

And precisely because of that, she had been laughed at and humiliated ever since she had been a child.

Thus she had strong animosity towards the word “illegitimate”, and wasnt willing to let her child go through the same thing.

Song Mannis father valued sons much higher than daughters, but Song Mannis mother had only given birth to a daughter who was Song Manni.

And because of that, Song Mannis mother had been bullied by Song Mannis fathers family the entire time.

A few years later, Song Mannis mother had still failed to give birth to a boy, so Song Mannis father secretly had had a sexual relationship with Song Meixins mother without getting divorced.

Before long, Song Meixins mother had gotten pregnant, but Song Mannis father had been worried that it could be another daughter.

Thus the man had deceived Song Meixins mother, telling her that one of his old family members had just passed away and so it wasnt approximate for them to get married right away, but they could be married a year later after the child was born.

Song Meixins mother had fallen deeply in love with Song Mannis father, so she had agreed.

However, when the child had been born, it had been another daughter, so Song Mannis father had regretted and told Song Meixins mother that he was already married.

Song Meixins mother had been in a rage, but had been reluctant to leave Song Mannis father, so she had agreed to be with Song Mannis father and give birth to a son for him.

If Song Meixins mother could give birth to a son, Song Mannis father would divorce Song Mannis mother.

However, if it was a daughter again, they would send the child away.

One year later, Song Meixins mother had gotten pregnant once more, and given birth to a son.

Thus Song Mannis father had divorced Song Mannis mother afterwards.

Song Mannis mother had already known that Song Mannis father had cheated on her, and her heart was broken.

Thus she hadnt cried or argued at all when she had signed the divorce agreement.

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