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Chapter 353 Disease Cured

He knew about Gu Nings ability quite well.

And even if Gu Ning failed to cure his fathers disease, he wouldnt doubt her ability either.

“Girl Gu, Im sorry.

This is my daughter and she has just never met you before,” Bai Linwei said to Gu Ning.

“Its fine.” Gu Ning didnt care.

She understood that she had to be prepared to be challenged because of her young age.

If she hadnt cured Master Yan, they wouldnt believe her either.

“I dont think that Im wrong,” Bai Xueyan retorted in a low voice.

She was afraid of her father.

However, no matter how low her voice was, the others still heard it.

“Get back to you room!” Bai Linwei was irritated by her bad manners.

“Well, lets wait and see!” Bai Xueyan said before she glared at Gu Ning and turned back, walking upstairs.

Afterwards, Bai Linwei and his wife guided them to Master Bais bedroom.

Master Bais bedroom was on the first room, and it consisted of two rooms.

A study and a bedroom were integrated into one.

Once they walked in, they saw the study which was 15 square meters large.

The wall next to the door was made up of shelves on which various antiques and emeralds were placed.

On the left side, there were bookshelves and a table.

The sofa was in alignment with them, and there was a coffee table in front of the sofa.

Between the bedroom and the study was a delicately-made screen in a traditional style.

Master Bai was lying on the bed in the bedroom.

Because of Gu Nings arrival, Bai Linwei told him to stay in bed.

Master Bais legs werent in good condition, but his mind was very clear.

Seeing Gu Ning, he was obviously delighted.

“Hi, Girl Gu!”

He was happy, not just because Gu Ning could cure his disease, but because he truly appreciated Gu Ning and treated her like his own granddaughter.

Maybe it was because Master Bai didnt see Gu Ning often, so he was more pleased to see Gu Ning than his own grandchildren.

“Grandpa Bai, how are you today” Gu Ning walked to the bedside.

“Please let me help you with your legs!”

“Sure!” Master Bai said.

Bai Linwei immediately uncovered the quilt for Master Bai and Master Bais legs were out in the air.

Gu Ning reached out her hands and massaged Master Bais right leg first.

Except for Master Yan, everyone else was both anxious and excited.

Gu Ning still only gradually put her power in after she had massaged for over a minute.

Master Bais leg immediately regained its feeling and his eyes lit up with excitement.

“I feel…”

“How do you feel” Bai Linwei and his wife asked nervously.

“Dont you feel a cold flow which is quite comfortable” Master Yan asked, but he seemed proud because he had already known about it.

“Exactly!” Master Bai nodded.

He was too excited to complete a sentence.

During the following massage, Master Bai felt greatly relaxed and comfortable.

“Ha-ha! Youll soon be full of energy, as if you were a dozen years younger!” Master Yan said.

Master Yan had the same experience last night after the massage.

He now really felt like he was much younger.

“Really” Master Fu was surprised.

“Youll know when Girl Gu helps you with a massage!” Master Yan said.

Master Fu was full of anticipation.

Nobody would refuse to feel a dozen years younger! Old people were often vulnerable to diseases, which was quite bothersome.

A few minutes later, Master Bais right leg was back to normal and healthy.

Without delay, Gu Ning massaged Master Bais left leg.

Five minutes later, his left leg was healthy again.

Although it didnt cost Gu Ning much power, she did consume some, so her face turned a little pale, but normal people wouldnt notice it.

“Master Bai, why dont you get up and have a walk” Gu Ning said.

“What I can walk” Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

“Sure!” Gu Ning said affirmatively.

Bai Linwei immediately went forward to help Master Bai get out of the bed.

They were all eager to know the result.

When Master Bais legs were placed on the ground, he was certain that he was able to walk again.

One step, two steps, three steps…

“I can walk! I can walk!” Master Bai burst into tears from excitement.

Although his legs losing feeling wasnt a severe disease, and he might recover after a period of time of getting medical treatments, it was a torture to go through it.

However, now Gu Ning had cured him within minutes, which was quite exciting.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much! I dont even know how to thank you enough,” Mrs.

Bai said to Gu Ning, and her eyes were slightly wet with tears.

“Indeed, Girl Gu, thank you so much!” Bai Linwei added.

“Uncle Bai, Mrs.

Bai, its my pleasure,” Gu Ning


Although it was no big deal for Gu Ning, it was a great favor for the Bai Family.

Master Bai tried his best to calm down and said to Gu Ning, “Girl Gu, thank you for curing me.

If you have any need in the future, feel free to let me or your Uncle Bai help you.

Well spare no effort to help as long as we can.”

He understood that Gu Ning had a powerful network, so she probably wouldnt need their help, but he still showed his willingness to help her since Gu Ning had cured his legs.

Master Bai wasnt pretending either.

If Gu Ning really encountered any trouble, they were absolutely willing to help her.

Not only because Gu Ning had cured his legs, but because Gu Ning was also a promising young girl.

Gu Ning didnt hesitate, and agreed.

She didnt need the Bai Familys support right now, but they could be of great help in the future.

“No way! She did it” Bai Xueyan appeared from outside of the door with astonishment on her face.

Although she had gone upstairs earlier, she came back down immediately.

She didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to cure her grandpa at all, so she planned to laugh at her.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning did it.

Hearing what Bai Xueyan had just said, the rest of the Bai Family members were displeased.

However, before they could criticize her, Bai Xueyan opened her mouth again.

“Im sorry for what I said to you,” Bai Xueyan apologized to Gu Ning with sincerity, which surprised Gu Ning.

She didnt expect that Bai Xueyan would admit her fault and be so sincere.

It seemed like she wasnt a bad girl.

After that her family relaxed as well.

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