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Chapter 335 Lao Sans Death and the Black Moving Body

Because of the bright light of the night-luminescent pearl, the large group of bats was just flying from left to right outside, but didnt dare to come inside.

Before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went out, she said to Lao Da and others in the anteroom, “Its his own choice, and whether he can stay alive had nothing to do with me.”

Lao Da and the others also knew

that even if Lao San died, they couldnt blame anyone.

“Once were out, you need to immediately close the door,” Gu Ning reminded them.

The moment that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were out, Lao Da closed the door and no bats had the chance to fly inside.

In the tomb tunnel, Lao San was holding his burning torch, so the bats didnt dare to approach too close, but the light of a single burning torch was too weak in front of thousands of bats, thus some bats still attacked Lao San once in a while, which scared him.

As for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, they had the night-luminescent pearl to protect them from the bats.

However, if they didnt kill the bats, it could still be dangerous.

No one could promise that the bats wouldnt attack them or bite them by chance.

At this time, Gu Ning heard Lao Sans agonized shout.

Obviously, he had been bitten by bats.

Lao San used his antidote to stop the effects of bats poison.

And although he survived, he was much


“Let me ask you for the last time.

Do you want the antiques or your life” Gu Ning still had her sympathy towards Lao San and gave him one last chance.

“Its none of your business!” Lao San said in anger and continued to walk ahead.

Since he said that, Gu Ning wouldnt persuade him anymore.

She took out a flame thrower from her backpack and sprayed flame at the group of black bats behind them.

The flame thrower emitted flames that were two meters long and ten centimeters wide.

Once the flame was sprayed out, a group of bats were ignited.

They struggled, then died and fell.

Lao San was so jealous of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

He was eager to grab the night-luminescent pearl and flame thrower from them, but was afraid that he couldnt beat them alone.

After spraying flame three times, almost all the bats behind Gu Ning were dead, but it wasnt realistic to kill them all, because some of them hid away.

As long as they werent being threatening, Gu Ning wouldnt bother killing them.

Gu Ning only killed the bats behind her, but there were a lot in front of Lao San.

With a single burning torch, he could hardly escape from their attacks.

Lao San went to the anteroom that they had opened before the bats flew out, but he couldnt get inside right away because the bats were precisely flying out of this anteroom.

He cautiously looked inside.

There were a lot less bats in it, but

they all flew backwards seeing fire.

“Dont go inside!” Gu Ning tried to stop Lao San, but he refused to listen to her.

Lao San walked in directly and later screamed in horror and pain.

When Gu Ning followed him, she saw Lao San lying on the ground with blood around his body.

He was dead already.

And there was a black moving body standing in front of Lao San.

It was a zombie.

Before they went into the anteroom, Gu Ning had used her Jade Eyes and saw the zombie.

She was shocked to find that there really were zombies in this world.

It was because she was so stunned that she failed to stop Lao San in

time, but she had indeed warned

Lao San to not go inside


If he had listened to

her, he wouldnt have been killed, but the truth was that Lao San had died because he refused to listen to Gu Nings advice.

In the first anteroom, the three men heard Gu Nings voice and Lao Sans scream.

They had a premonition that Lao San was in trouble.

If Lao San was really in trouble, they would feel terrible too, because they had been working together for two years.

However, Lao San valued money too high, and he would risk his life for it.

Besides, Lao San had betrayed them for money, which Lao Da kept a secret.

That was the reason why he hadnt tried his best to stop Lao San.

He had planned to dismiss Lao San after this time.

Lao San had done a lot to discover this ancient grave after all.

“Boss, is Lao San in trouble” Lao Er asked.

“I have no idea,” Lao Da said.

He wasnt sure either.

Leng Shaoting was terrified too when the black moving body appeared in his sight.

“What the hell is that” He had been through many dangerous situations and places, and he had fought in the Amazon Rainforest, but he had never panicked in front of scary beasts or enemies.

However, this black moving body was too strange and horrifying.

It looked like a human being, but had black fur all over its body.

It seemed to be a gorilla, but was obviously not.

“A zombie,” Gu Ning said.

It wasnt the normal zombies that they had seen in the horror films.

This zombie smelt like rotten corpse, which was quite disgusting.

What A zombie Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was more than shocked.

He had only heard of ghosts and monsters in tales.

To his astonishment, there were really zombies in this world.

His original views of this world started to change dramatically.

The zombie was afraid of light and fire too, so it didnt dare to approach them because of the night-luminescent pearl in Leng Shaotings hand, but a zombie was much more threatening to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting than a group of bats, because it was really strong and could use other things to attack them.

Without hesitation, the zombie threw the heavy cover of a coffin at them.

It happened too fast and suddenly, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were almost hit by it.

However, the heavy cover hit between the two of them, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting escaped in two different directions.

However, that being the case, Gu Ning was out of the brightest light, and the zombie seized the chance, attacking Gu Ning with his sharp, black nails.

“Ningning!” Leng Shaoting was shocked.

He ran to Gu Ning at once, but unexpectedly, the zombie moved much faster than him and got close to Gu Ning like lightning.

Gu Ning wasnt weak either.

She fought against the black moving body with her magical power, so it didnt hurt her.

At the same time, Gu Ning said to Leng Shaoting seriously, “Keep the night-luminescent pearl bright and never let it leave your hand!”

Gu Ning was really worried that Leng Shaoting would ignore the night-luminescent pearl in order to help her.

If the night-luminescent pearl was covered, it would be a great advantage to the zombie.

Besides, it Leng Shaoting lost the protection of night-luminescent pearl, he would be hurt by Yin.

Seeing Gu Ning being so serious, Leng Shaoting bore her words in mind.

Luckily, the zombie wasnt able to hurt Gu Ning, and Leng Shaoting was less concerned.

However, he still wanted to help Gu Ning.

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