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Chapter 305 I Dont Like Him

Seeing Leng Shaoting being upset, Gu Ning was slightly angry and tried to defend him.

“Well, I think I need different friends who work in different fields, which would be helpful to my business, right” In other words, she needed help from different people, instead of Situ Ye alone.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was cheered up, but Situ Ye just smiled a little.

Before long, the dishes were on the table.

During the meal, Leng Shaoting still kept putting dishes into Gu Nings bowl as usual.

Although Situ Ye hated seeing that, he stayed calm, as if he didnt notice it at all.

However, as long as Situ Ye got the chance to talk with Gu Ning, he wouldnt allow Leng Shaoting to lead the conversation.

“I think that your jewelry business is quite profitable now.

When will you open a branch” Situ Ye asked Gu Ning.

“I plan to go to university in the capital, so my next step is to move the headquarters to the capital, and Ill get some trustworthy managers to deal with the branches,” Gu Ning


“Very well.

Have you found any suitable stores available for renting yet There are several stores in good locations under my name.

If you need, I can help,” Situ Ye said.

No man could resist the charms of a beautiful woman, and Situ Ye would do everything to win Gu Nings heart.

“No, thanks,” Leng Shaoting said before Gu Ning once more.

However, even if Leng Shaoting didnt do that, Gu Ning would reject too, because she had already agreed to let Leng Shaoting help her with that.

However, Situ Ye ignored Leng Shaoting, and only looked at Gu Ning.

He wanted to hear the answer from Gu Ning.

“Situ, thank you so much for your kindness.

Ill deal with the store in the capital myself.

If I need your help, Ill call you.” Compared with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning rejected Situ Ye more gently.

She didnt want to lose a friend like Situ Ye.

In addition, there was no grudge between Situ Ye and her, so it wasnt necessary for her to keep a distance from him.

Although she understood that Situ Ye wanted more from her, he hadnt done anything yet.

“Sure, if you need anything, just call me.” It wasnt a surprising answer, so Situ Ye didnt feel disappointed.

Instead, he was confident that Gu Ning needed him.

They then ate the meal in harmony.

Situ Ye would directly ignore Leng Shaoting and talk with Gu Ning only, but he wouldnt forget his manners or intentionally argue with Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning was aware that Situ Ye was a well-educated gentleman who admired her but wouldnt interfere in her relationship with Leng Shaoting.

After the meal, Leng Shaoting used an excuse and pulled Gu Ning to leave right away, and left Situ Ye alone in the room.

Situ Ye didnt stop them.

He watched them disappearing from his sight thinking deeply.

Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning to his house, but he remained silent along the way.

Gu Ning pursed her lips.

“Are you mad”

“No,” Leng Shaoting answered, but his annoyed tone betrayed him.

“Youre lying,” Gu Ning said.

Obviously she didnt believe his


“I just dont like him,” Leng Shaoting said in the end.

He was talking about Situ Ye of course.

Gu Ning felt like laughing, but said to him seriously, “If you dislike every man who admires me, I think you will probably be mad often.”

Gu Ning wasnt a narcissist, but was telling the truth.

With her outstanding appearance and ability, she had plenty of admirers.

During the short time after she had been reborn, she had already met Qin Yifan and Situ Ye.

Both of them were quality men, although they couldnt compare with Leng Shaoting.

It didnt matter which one of them was her boyfriend, she would live a good life.

However, in the end she chose Leng Shaoting.

“Well, compared with me, youre better looking and from such an influential family.

There must be far more women who admire you than men who admire me.

Nevertheless, the point is whether youre determined to be with me only, no matter how many admirers you have.”

Gu Ning naturally was displeased when other women made eyes at Leng Shaoting, but as long as Leng Shaoting loved only her, she wouldnt be mad at him.

Actually, she wouldnt care about other men since she already had Leng Shaoting as her boyfriend, but Leng Shaoting couldnt tolerate that other men still tried to please her when he was present.

Leng Shaoting immediately stopped the car at the roadside, and looked to Gu Ning with affection.

“I dont care how many women admire me.

I only care about you, and youre my one and only love and I will love you forever.”

“Exactly! I dont care how many men admire me either, and I wont give them any chances, so please dont show me your angry face along the way!” Gu Ning complained.

“I…” Leng Shaoting was struck dumb, but he agreed with Gu Ning.

He wasnt actually mad at Gu Ning, but he did show his angry face often in front of her when they were alone together.

“Im sorry, Ningning.”

“Its alright, Im not blaming you.

Lets go ahead,” Gu Ning said.

Leng Shaoting then relaxed.

Within a short time, they arrived at a high-end housing area with a great environment.

Leng Shaoting stopped in front of a house with a garden.

Gu Ning looked at it.

The house was large and was about 200 square meters in size with a big garden that was about 100 square meters.

The house price was extremely high in the capital, and only the super-rich could afford a large house with an outdoor garden here, but it wasnt actually surprising given Leng Shaotings family background.

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