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Chapter 304 Its Too Early to Reject Me Now

Situ Ye had already challenged Leng Shaoting, so he had to do something now.

If he still didnt say anything, or do something, he wouldnt be a real man.

As the kiss went on, Leng Shaoting gradually wanted more.

Gu Ning was always sexually attractive to him, but it wasnt an appropriate place for them to make love, so he was pushed away.

Seeing Leng Shaoting feeling so uncomfortable, Gu Ning flushed and felt a little guilty.

“Um, its just not appropriate.”

Leng Shaoting understood that, so he tried his best to curb his sexual desire, but it was very hard.

In the end, Leng Shaoting pulled Gu Ning, walking to their room without delay.

Leng Shaoting reserved a room for him and Gu Ning too when he booked the room for Situ Ye.

It was only three hours away from the dinner, and they could have a rest in the room.

Unexpectedly, the room was of great use now.

The minute that they walked into the room, Leng Shaoting pressed Gu Ning on the bed.

He didnt immediately thrust into her body, but touched and kissed her body step by step to turn her on.

Although he was eager to f*ck her, he cared about Gu Nings feelings too.  And Gu Ning wasnt a sexy toy in his eyes.

Instead, he respected her a lot.

Gu Nings body was trembling slightly from sexual excitement.

And soon they began to do what they both wanted.

In another presidential suite, Situ Ye stood by the window thinking.

He was thinking about his feelings towards Gu Ning and his identity.

Could he make Gu Ning happy There were countless people who wanted to kill him after all.

And if Gu Ning really became his girlfriend one day, she would probably be in the same danger as him, which wasnt something that he wanted.

However, he couldnt persuade himself to give up on chasing Gu Ning just because of that.

As long as he could protect her, they would be safe and happy.

Situ Ye smiled.

As the head of the Qing Gang, he was always mentally agile, but now he suddenly hesitated.

He really had changed after he met Gu Ning.

Since he refused to give up, then he would follow his heart!

Situ Ye also understood that it would take skill to get the girl that he wanted.

He didnt care about the fact that Gu Ning had been with Leng Shaoting at all.

All he cared about was the result.

It was during the day, so Leng Shaoting restricted himself.

The two finished after half an hour, but Gu Ning was still exhausted, because Leng Shaoting had been very fierce.

“Do you feel uncomfortable” Leng Shaoting asked.

He sounded worried.

He knew that they were going out later, but he couldnt control himself.

“I need a rest,” Gu Ning said and turned her back against him.

She wasnt mad, but they had always done it with the light off before, and she felt strange to be naked in front of him in the daylight.

Leng Shaoting noticed that Gu Ning wasnt mad, so he was relieved.

He cuddled her from the back and lay in silence.

They rested for an hour, and got up at around 5:30 pm.

They dressed and went down to the private room before they called Situ Ye.

The minute that the two men met each other, there was high tension in the air.

Although they didnt argue, or fight, Gu Ning felt uneasy, and immediately broke the ice.

“Hi, Situ! What do you want to have Please order whatever you want to


Situ Ye wore a smile that he thought was charming and said to Gu Ning gently, “Sure, I will.”

After that, he sat down beside the table.

In fact, Situ Ye was also a handsome man, and he had an attractive smile.

If Gu Ning hadnt met Leng Shaoting before him, she probably would have fallen in love with him.

Although Leng Shaoting was better looking than Situ Ye, he didnt smile at all, so he wasnt that attractive.

Situ Ye, on the other hand, was adept at showing his charm.

However, no matter how charming he was, Gu Ning felt nothing at all, because she already had Leng Shaoting as her boyfriend.

“Were ready to order, please,” Gu Ning said to the waiter, and the waiter handed the menu to Gu Ning at once.

Gu Ning gave the menu to Situ Ye directly and he would be the first to order.

Situ Ye didnt hesitate and ordered several dishes.

“When will you go back” Situ Ye asked Gu Ning after they finished ordering

“In a few days probably,” Gu Ning replied.

“If you need any help, you can call me,” Situ Ye added.

“No, thanks.

I can help Ningning.” Before Gu Ning could say a word, Leng Shaoting turned Situ Ye down.

The capital fell within the spread of his influence, and there was nothing he couldnt help Gu Ning with.

“Well, its too early to reject me now.

You and I have totally different backgrounds, so what we can do is different too.

Arent you afraid to hurt the Leng Family” Situ Ye smiled a little in a provocative tone.

Leng Shaoting stayed quiet, because Situ Ye had hit the point.

He served in the military, and had to obey some strict principles, so it wasnt always convenient for him to deal with something.

And if he accidentally provided the Leng Familys enemies with ammunition, his family could be hurt.

He couldnt deny Situ Yes words, and was more irritated now.

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