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Hearing that, Gu Ning had sympathy for Tang Yunfan.

And exactly because of what Tang Yunfan had been through, Gu Ning didnt have dissatisfaction towards him because he had “abandoned” Gu Man.

Tang Yunfan himself didnt want it to happen after all.

“Why does he refuse to get married” Gu Ning asked.

“We have no idea, because he wont tell us, but I think that he doesnt know the reason why hes reluctant to be married either.

In the beginning, we even doubted his sexual orientation, but he isnt gay,” Tang Haifeng said resignedly.

As Tang Yunfans father, he didnt understand why his son refused to get married either.

“Maybe he already fell in love with a woman but couldnt be with her, so he refuses to get married now,” Gu Ning said.

“I had the same idea before.

I investigated it, but failed to find any clues,” Tang Haifeng replied.

“Master, I think that it has something to do with Lord Tangs lost memory,” Tang Wu said.

It was a previous guess, but lacked evidence so nobody believed it.

Tang Haifeng felt sadder and sighed.

“Grandpa, dont worry.

Life is full of changes.

Maybe your son will change his mind one day in the future!” Gu Ning comforted Master Tang, although she knew that it was meaningless.

If Tang Haifeng was able to let it go, he wouldnt be so sad now.

Indeed, Master Tang understood what Gu Ning had just said, but he still had to accept the truth.

In order to not upset Gu Ning, Tang Haifeng pretended to be happy.

“Sure! Life is full of changes.

Although its a shame that Yunfan refuses to get married, I wont force him to do so.”

Gu Ning understood that Master Tang was pretending, and immediately changed the depressing topic.

After the meal, Tang Haifeng gave Tang Wen a knowing glance, and Tang Wen immediately took out a box the size of a palm handing it to Tang Haifeng.

“Girl Gu, since youre my granddaughter now, this is a gift I am giving you as your grandpa,” Tang Haifeng said to Gu Ning.

“There are two cards in it.

One is a Black Card for the Huangdeng Hotel.

You can have free accommodation, meals and drinks in the Huangdeng Hotel chain across the country.

The other one is a Black Card for the Fengshang Shopping Mall.

You can shop there for free for your entire life.

However, the monthly limit is a hundred thousand yuan.

It isnt much, but just my little gift.

Please accept it, if you really regard me as your grandpa.”

Gu Ning didnt know what to say, but could only take it.

She didnt know that the Tang Family owned the Huangdeng Hotel until now.

Huangdeng Hotel was a five-star hotel chain, and expanded across every city above third-tier.

And the Fengshang Shopping Mall was also a well-known brand in this country.

Tang Haifeng was indeed generous! With the two cards, Gu Ning could eat, drink, live and shop for free in this country!

Tang Haifeng was generous, and Gu Ning would also give him a valuable gift.

“Thank you so much, grandpa!”

“Ive prepared a gift for you too.

Please accept it, if you really regard me as your granddaughter,” Gu Ning said, and took a box out of her backpack, giving it to Tang Haifeng.

“Really What is it” Tang Haifeng was surprised.

He opened the box, and there was a red object the size of three fingers in it.

Before Tang Haifeng could ask, Gu Ning opened her mouth again.

“Its natural red coral.

I planned to make a bracelet from it for you, but the time is limited, so I can only give you the raw material.

Please dont mind.”

“What Natural red coral” Tang Haifeng was astonished this time.

Both Tang Wen and Tang Wu were shocked as well.

They had all heard of the natural red coral, which was extremely rare and expensive.

Gu Nings gift was worth at least millions of yuan!

“This-this is too expensive!” Tang Haifeng thought that it wasnt necessary for Gu Ning who was just a teenage girl to give him such an expensive gift.

“Grandpa, please take it.

If you dont want my gift, Ill give your gift back to you too,” Gu Ning deliberately said, and took out Master Tangs gift at once.

Tang Haifeng immediately stopped her and said, “Fine… fine… fine, Ill take it.”

Obviously, Gu Ning had already prepared the gift for him, which touched Tang Haifeng deeply.

They then chatted for a while longer before they separated.

Gu Ning proposed to send Tang Haifeng to the airport, but was declined, because Tang Haifeng didnt want to waste her time.

After that, Gu Ning went to her factory building.

She had planned to make money by stone gambling in City Teng within three days, but unexpectedly, a lot had happened and she had spent a week in City Teng.

Luckily, the result wasnt bad.

Gu Ning had actually not intended to unseat the Wang Family, but the Wang Family had kept annoying her, so she had to do it in the end.

So now Gu Ning had already finished her business in City Teng and decided to leave for the capital.

Although her companies in City Teng were all newly established, she wasnt worried about them at all, because most people were in awe of her after she got the Wang Familys raw material exploitation right like lightning.

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