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Because Gu Ning was running a jade provider, she also bought many raw materials which contained medium-low-level jade.

The second method of sale was great news to each of those jewelry businessmen, because they were all worried about the steady supply of jade.

If Zheng Peng was able to provide jade for them every month, they were more than willing to cooperate with him.

And although they couldnt get many pieces of jade monthly, it was much better than none.

Many jewelry businessmen and representatives of jewelry companies were excited to sign a deal with Zheng Peng, but, they also had doubts.

“Manager Zheng, are you sure you can provide jade for us every month” someone asked.

Zheng Peng answered, “I cant promise there will be jade on sale every week, but I assure you that every client who signs a contract with us will get jade every month.

As for the amount, it depends.”

Zheng Peng clearly knew that the raw materials in their factory building were enough for half a year.

With Gu Nings extraordinarily outstanding ability of stone gambling, they werent worried at all.

In addition, there were many other cities and Burma where Gu Ning could buy raw materials.

However, to the outside, they should be low-key.

“We all know how hard it is to cut out jade from raw materials.

Manager Zheng, how come youre confident that you can supply jade to us steadily for two years” another person asked.

“Exactly, does Colorful Jade Provider have any connection with the Queen of Jade” someone asked.

In fact, many had the same thought.

The Queen of Jade was already famous for her extraordinarily outstanding ability of stone gambling.

If this Colorful Jade Provider had a close connection with her, it absolutely could supply them with jade for a long term.

Although it was the truth, in order to not cause Gu Ning any trouble, Zheng Peng could only deny it.

“Our company has nothing to do with the Queen of Jade.

We have our own source of jade, so please dont worry about it.

We can sign the contract and if we fail to provide jade for you, well pay you compensation according to the contract.”

When they heard that, everyone understood that it was a fair business and that Colorful Jade Provider was reliable.

Seeing that they didnt have any other questions, Zheng Peng added, “Colorful Jade Provider is officially being established today, so well put 10 pieces of jade up for auction.”

The minute that Zheng Peng announced the news, everyone was thrilled, and the auction was becoming increasingly intense.

Among the 10 pieces of jade, there were three medium-low-level ones, two medium-level ones, two medium-high-level ones, two high-level ones and a top-level one.

Although they had cut out much more than 10 pieces of jade, Gu Ning only put 10 of them up for auction.

In the end, the 10 pieces of jade were sold at the price of six hundred and thirty million yuan in total.

After the auction, Colorful Jade Provider was entirely well-known in City Teng.

Now Gu Ning already had capital of over three billion yuan, and she was able to do what she had planned earlier.

Gu Ning pretended she was just an onlooker from the beginning to the end, and didnt expose her relationship with Colorful Jade Provider at all.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning didnt walk inside until the auction was over and all the jewelry businessmen were gone.

However, when Gu Ning was about to talk with Zheng Peng, a young man suddenly ran into the store and shouted at Zheng Peng, “Dad, why didnt you tell me that youve made so much money Im running out of money now, so give me a few million yuan to help me out.

Oh no, youve made six hundred and thirty million yuan today, and you should give me at least half of that!”

The young man took it for granted, as if the money should be his.

This young man who called Zheng Peng his dad must be Zheng Hao.

Seeing Zheng Hao, Zheng Peng was already angry, so after hearing what he said, he was completely infuriated.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were displeased as well.

“Zheng Hao, get out now! From now on, you have nothing to do with me, and I wont give you a cent!” Zheng Peng snapped at Zheng Hao in great anger.

Zheng Peng had already made up his mind to cut off his connection with Zheng Hao.

Zheng Peng was kind, but he wasnt dumb.

Zheng Hao had hurt his feelings too many times, and almost ruined his business.

He could have died because of him! He would never forgive Zheng Hao, let alone give him money.

Zheng Peng didnt have the duty to support Zheng Hao after all.

“What Im your only son.

Your money is my money.

If you dont give it to me, I wont take care of you when youre old!” Zheng Hao threatened, because he had always believed that Zheng Peng adopted him for the purpose of being looked after in his old age.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Zheng Peng didnt buy his words at all.

“I dont need you to do so.

Get out right now!”

“You…” Zheng Pengs attitude surprised Zheng Hao.

He was mad and threatened again, “Give me the money! Or youll regret it!”

“If you dont leave right now, youll regret it too!” Zheng Peng said.

“You…” Zheng Hao glared at Zheng Peng, as if he was going to eat him alive.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting stood still temporarily, because they wanted to see whether Zheng Peng would spoil Zheng Hao as usual.

If Zheng Peng gave in, Gu Ning would abandon him, because Zheng Hao would ruin her company.

“Zheng Hao, let me tell you the truth.

This jade provider doesnt belong to me, so the money isnt mine either.

Youve ruined my business and I dont have much money myself.

I dont need you to repay me, which is the most I can do.

Youre not my son any longer, and dont forget the Qing Gang is still looking for you! If you dare to hurt me or this store, you probably will die on the street, because my boss has a close relationship with the Qing Gang!” Zheng Peng warned.

Although he had already abandoned Zheng Hao, he still didnt want him to do something stupid and die for it.

This was the last thing that he would do for Zheng Hao.

Hearing about the Qing Gang, Zheng Hao immediately lost his energy.

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