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He believed that Gu Ning beat them for a reason, and he would protect her no matter what happened.

However at this moment, Gu Nings phone rang.

It was a strange number from City Teng, and Gu Ning immediately thought that it must be Yan Shuya, so she answered it at once, “Hi!”

“Miss Gu, the policemen came to arrest me.

I think theyll come to you soon.

Please hide as soon as possible!” Yan Shuya said in a hurry.

“Its too late.

They already found me,” Gu Ning answered, but she wasnt afraid or nervous at all.

“What” Yan Shuya was surprised.

“Fine, just take care of yourself.”

“Dont worry.

Itll be fine.

See you at the police station,” Gu Ning said.

“OK,” Yan Shuya replied.

For some reason she believed in Gu Ning.

If she said that it would be fine, it would be fine.

The policemen felt humiliated and were mad because Leng Shaoting stopped them, especially the policeman who held the photo in his hand.

He snapped, “It is interfering with police duties if you stand in our way! Bring him as well!”

Leng Shaoting heard the conversation that Gu Ning had with Yan Shuya, so he didnt resist, but he wouldnt allow the policemen to touch Gu Ning.

In the end, Gu Ning along with Leng Shaoting got in the police car.

When they arrived at the police station, Yan Shuya was already there, in the hearing room.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were sent into the same hearing room as Yan Shuya.

The police had no intention to separate them.

To be specific, they had no interest to hear their account at all, because they had already sentenced them as guilty before they even went to arrest them.

Yan Shuya was disappointed when Gu Ning walked inside, because she thought that Gu Ning would help her out, but now they were both in trouble.

Gu Ning told her that it would be fine, but it seemed worse now.

However, Yan Shuya was not blaming Gu Ning.

Instead, she felt helpless.

Gu Ning noticed that Yan Shuya was a little disappointed, but she didnt care because she indeed did nothing till now.

Meanwhile, a policeman in his early thirties came in.

He was the leader of this police station, and was called Wang Zhilin.

He was a distant cousin of the Wang Family.

Although he was only a distant cousin of the Wang Family, others would also respect him because of the Wang Familys influence.

Wang Zhilin would do absolutely anything to please the Wang Family.

He walked to the table with pieces of paper in his hands, and slapped the papers heavily onto it.

“Sign it.”

Gu Ning gave it a glance.

Those pieces of paper said that they were guilty of beating people.

As long as they signed, the crime would be established, and they would be sentenced to half a year in prison.

Article nine of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment stipulated that for violations of public security management behaviors caused by civil disputes or damage to other peoples property, the public security organization could mediate if it wasnt severe.

If the parties reached an agreement through mediation by the public security organization, they wouldnt be punished.

However, if the mediation failed to reach an agreement or failed to fulfill the agreement, the public security organization should, in accordance with the provisions of this Law, impose penalties on those who violated the public security management.

They would inform the parties that they might file a civil lawsuit and hand it to the Peoples Court according to the law.

However, those people had only been hurt lightly last night in the fight, which wasnt severe.

And the police station didnt meditate at all.

Instead, they wanted to sentence Gu Ning along with Yan Shuya to prison as soon as possible.

Gu Ning understood that it had to be the Wang Familys order.

Yan Shuyas family was barely comparable to the Wang Family in City Teng.

And they didnt know Gu Nings or Leng Shaotings background, so they did whatever they wanted.

Besides, they didnt believe that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had powerful support.

Gu Ning found it interesting, and asked the policeman, “Are you sure that this police station has the right to sentence us to prison directly”

“So what Do you know who youve annoyed The Wang Family is one of the most influential families in City Teng, and they can do whatever they want in this place,” Wang Zhilin sneered with disdain.

“Really What if we refuse to sign it” Gu Ning asked calmly as usual.

“Do you think you can resist” Wang Zhilin asked arrogantly.

“Well, I dont think that you have the ability to force us to sign,” Gu Ning said coldly all of a sudden.

“Lets see!” Wang Zhilin was mad.

He immediately took out his electric baton, pointing it at Gu Ning, and tried to threaten her.

However, the minute Wang Zhilin did so, Leng Shaoting got irritated.

He kicked him in his stomach without delay, and the electric stick fell onto the ground.

“Leader Wang!” All the other policemen in the room instantly stood up, holding their electric batons and aimed them at Leng Shaoting, like they were going to fight.

Yan Shuya had thought that Leng Shaoting was one of the policemen at the beginning, but to her surprise, Leng Shaoting was with Gu Ning.

She didnt realize that Leng Shaoting was so handsome until now after she had a closer look at him.

“How dare you attack the police!” Wang Zhilin shouted at Leng Shaoting in anger.

“So what” Leng Shaoting said airily.

He would protect Gu Ning even though they were policemen.

“You…” Wang Zhilin was furious, and ordered the other policemen, “Get him now!”

All of the other policemen immediately attacked Leng Shaoting, but none of them were able to get near.

Within seconds, Leng Shaoting punched them all down on the floor.

This time, the policemen were really sacred.

They didnt expect that this man was so excellent at fighting.

Wang Zhilin immediately pulled out a handgun.

He aimed at Leng Shaoting and threatened, “Freeze! Or Ill shoot you!”

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