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Hearing Gu Nings words, they were scared again.

Although they were mentally-prepared to face the result since they dared to abduct Dai Xiongyu, they were still afraid of being caught.

No one would choose to die if there was a possibility to stay alive.

“Even though he was born in the Dai family, his family doesnt have the power to kill us,” one man said.

“Do you think you can behave against the Dai family Or do you think the mastermind would help you Who do you think you are Do you think we cant collect any evidence about your illegal deeds Since we can catch you before you run away, we have the ability to find the mastermind behind your back.

If youre honest, you might get a lighter punishment.

After all, our target is the mastermind, not you.

But if you dare to not cooperate, well punish you seriously,” Gu Ning said frankly.

They could find the mastermind through an investigation, but it would be quicker if those men directly gave them a name.

If they told them who the mastermind was, they could receive a lighter punishment according to the law.

If not, they would receive a serious punishment for the crime of harboring criminals.

Hearing that, those men finally realized that Gu Ning stopped them shortly after they abducted Dai Xiongyu.

Could she really find the mastermind

Considering her outstanding abilities, they hesitated, but it wasnt an easy decision.

If they told her a name, their families might be hurt.

Seeing their reaction, Gu Ning understood that they were under threat.

In fact, if she were them, she would hesitate too.

She didnt want to die, nor did she want her family to be in danger because of her, but their families were dragged into trouble because they did something bad, so Gu Ning had no sympathy for them.

“If youre not willing to tell me who the mastermind is, can you tell me where you were going after abducting Mr.

Dai And what did you plan to do next” asked Gu Ning.

However, those men stayed silent again.

Dai Xiongyu was a little impatient and even wanted to force them to tell the truth with violence.

He wasnt a cruel man, but he was abducted today.

He was the victim, so he was filled with anger now.

However, he didnt interrupt Gu Ning, because she had her way to make those men answer her questions.

After all, violence couldnt solve problems.

Instead, he might cause trouble by being violent.

“You are still refusing to tell me Im running out of patience.

If you dont say anything again, Im afraid that I can only resort to violence.” Gu Ning stared straight at them.

Although she didnt sound mad, her flat tone still scared all of them.

“W-What do you want to do” asked a man in a trembling voice.

Would she kill them

“Ill torture you…” said Gu Ning, then a bottle suddenly appeared in her hand.

She opened it and walked closer to them with an evil smile.


They could barely finish a sentence in horror.

“This is a colorless, tasteless poison.

Even the hospital doesnt know what it is.

After you take it, youll feel your body getting stiffer and stiffer.

Three days later, your blood will stop circulating.

If someone pays a high price for your medical treatment, youll only be disabled.

If not, youll watch yourself die…” said Gu Ning.

Then she poured out a pill from the bottle.

Actually, this was just a common cold medicine.

She stored many Colaine medicines in her telepathic eye space in case she needed to advertise them.

“No, no, you cant do that.” Those men shouted at once, although they didnt think it was true, nor did they believe that there was such a strange medicine in this world.

Even Dai Xiongyu couldnt believe it.

He subconsciously thought that Gu Ning was bluffing them.

“Youre in my hands now.

I can do whatever I want to you.

You have no ability to fight back, right” Gu Ning sneered, looking like a devil.

In those mens eyes, Gu Ning was a devil now, because she could easily deprive them of their lives.

“No, you cant!” one man said in a trembling voice, staring at Gu Ning in horror.

“Its not up to you.” Gu Ning sneered again.

Then she picked up a pill and squeezed it into the mouth of the man who was closest to her.

The man couldnt fight back at all, so he swallowed it.

The moment the pill went down his throat, the man tried hard to spit it out, but it was too late.

He glared at Gu Ning in fury, wishing he could tear her to pieces.

The other men were also frightened.

Gu Ning didnt continue after forcing the first man to take a pill because she decided to punish him as a warning to the others.

When she pinched the mans cheeks, she secretly released cold magical power to injure his body.

Because she touched his skin, the man was quickly affected.

He felt something cold was entering his body.

It wasnt painful, but his body was becoming stiff.

The man immediately panicked.

Did Gu Ning really mean what she said Why was his body getting stiff

“G-Give me the antidote!” The man shouted.

He didnt want to be disabled or die.

He clearly knew that no one would pay for his medical treatment.

“How do you feel now Is your body getting stiff” Gu Ning stared at the man with a vague smile.

“H-How do you feel”

Other men asked him at once.

They didnt want it to be true, but it seemed to be happening.

“Tell them! How do you feel now” said Gu Ning.

She didnt care if the man told the other men about it, because that was what she wanted.

“Give me the antidote!” The man shouted once more.

He only wanted to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

In that case, other men believed Gu Nings words.

She could really disable them with a single pill.

Realizing that, they were very scared and wanted to give in.

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