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Li Mingzhang was reluctant to do that.

He was just punched by He Qihang and was angry, but he was left with no choice.

“Mingyue, Im sorry, its my fault.

I shouldnt have pushed you.

Please forgive me.”

Although Li Mingzhang apologized, it was obvious that he was reluctant.

Li Mingyue said nothing because Li Mingzhang had a bad attitude, which angered her.

After not receiving Li Mingyues response, Li Mingzhang was even more unhappy, but he curbed his anger.

“Mingyue, what do you want Ill pay your medical fee and Ill give you compensation.

Is that enough” asked Li Mingzhang.

“You pushed me, so you should pay the medical fee and compensation.

But I dont think I can forgive you.

I can get over it, but well just be strangers from now on,” said Li Mingyue.

She felt exhausted and didnt want to waste more time speaking to him.

“Mingyue, you…”

Hearing that Li Mingyue wanted to be strangers with Li Mingzhang, Mrs.

Li felt hurt.

They were biological brother and sister, but now they wanted to be strangers.

“Mom, I wont bring up what Li Mingzhang has done to me before, but do you know how long Ive tried to get pregnant again Dont you know how dangerous it was when he pushed me He almost killed me! I havent sued him for the sake of our family,” said Li Mingzhang, then burst into tears.

If someone else did that to her, she wouldnt give in at all.


Li understood what Li Mingyue said was right, so she didnt know what she could say.

“Mingyue, alright, dont cry too long.

Its bad for your health,” He Qihang said to comfort Li Mingyue.

After having lunch, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left, while Jing Yunyao stayed.

Because they didnt need to join the investigation about the Chang family, Gu Ning went to the antique street.

Rong Jue shared that news with her yesterday, so she decided to go there in person to see whether she needed to put away some antiques.

Gu Ning also called the branch of Xiangyun Antique Store in City B.

If there were antiques, they should put them away.

As for the reason, Gu Ning didnt tell them and the staff didnt ask her.

“Anything wrong” asked Leng Shaoting.

He didnt know the news that Rong Jue shared with Gu Ning.

“When I left the hospital yesterday, I met Rong Jue by chance.

He gave me a ride to thank me for rescuing Rong Zechen last time.

He told me that someone is doing an investigation about antiques.

He reminded me to be careful.

After all, I got those antiques from ancient graves,” said Gu Ning.

If she got those antiques from legal sources, she wouldnt be worried.

Moreover, perhaps she was the target!

Gu Ning had that worry, not because she was self-centered, but because it was a possibility.

First, she was famous in this industry and had many real and highly valuable antiques.

Many people were jealous of her and doubted whether she got those antiques from legal sources.

Second, she was Leng Shaotings fiancée, so the Leng family might be targeted, affecting her.

It was just Gu Nings guess and she wasnt sure, but it was a key moment, so she had to be prepared in order to avoid trouble.

Hearing that Gu Ning met Rong Jue, Leng Shaoting was slightly displeased, but he said nothing.

They met by chance and Rong Jue gave Gu Ning a ride.

Gu Ning noticed Leng Shaotings displeasure and asked resignedly, “Are you mad about this”

“No,” said Leng Shaoting.

He wasnt mad, but he was indeed a bit unhappy about it.

Since Leng Shaoting denied it, Gu Ning said nothing further.

Half an hour later, they reached the antique street.

Even though Gu Ning already had many antiques, she still subconsciously observed the goods along the sides of the road to see whether there were real antiques.

Those who recognized Gu Ning were alert once they saw Gu Ning because they were afraid that she would see real antiques at their stands.

Some of them actually hoped that Gu Ning would come and ask them for prices.

They wouldnt sell, unless she offered a high price, they simply wanted to know whether there were real antiques by using Gu Ning.

Seeing their reaction, Gu Ning understood what they were thinking.

She felt a little guilty and rubbed her nose.

She didnt blame them for being so alert.

No one was willing to lose real antiques.

If other people came, they wouldnt be on alert, because they didnt think other people would have the ability to buy real antiques, but Gu Ning could.

Someone directly asked Gu Ning, “Boss Gu, why dont you come to my stand and have a look”

Gu Ning smiled and shook her head.

There were only fake products on his stand, and Gu Ning gave up looking around after seeing their reaction.

Without hesitation, she walked to Xiangyun Antique Store.

Before she came, Gu Ning had called Chen Darong, so Chen Darong rushed over from Xiangyun Crafts Company, arriving five minutes before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Afterwards, they put away the very valuable antiques in the office and waited for Gu Ning to deal with them.

Gu Ning walked straight to the office and decided to take away those antiques.

Coincidentally, right after Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went upstairs, four people walked inside.

They showed their permits and said that they were from the Bureau of Cultural Relics.

They heard that many antiques were on the market, so they came to inspect the antique stores.

Hearing that, the cashier was nervous because Chen Darong just put away those antiques and they were in the office upstairs.

If those public servants searched around, they would be caught!

“Please wait for a while.

I need to tell our boss about it,” said the cashier.

He needed to report it to Gu Ning.

“Be quick!” Those public servants didnt stop him because they needed their cooperation to do the inspection.

They couldnt be violent.

After all, the owner of this antique store was very influential.

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