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They had all heard of the Shengning Organization and the Leng family, but both the Shengning Organization and the Leng family were totally beyond their circle.

And Gu Ning was He Qihangs student.

All of a sudden, Li Mingzhang and Li Mingcun felt jealous of He Qihang.

How could He Qihang have a relationship with such an important figure

“D-Did you say shes the chairman of the Shengning Organization and the Leng familys future granddaughter-in-law” asked Mrs.


She was too shocked to believe it.

“Yes,” said He Qihang.

“So what Even though shes the chairman of the Shengning Organization and the Leng familys future granddaughter-in-law, it doesnt mean she can save Mingyues life.” Li Mingzhang argued acidly.

“Since Qihang trusts Chairman Gu, I believe Chairman Gu has the ability to save Mingyues life.

And shes still in the operating room, which means the doctors are also convinced by her.

Perhaps she can be helpful,” said Li Mingcun.

Surprisingly, he was defending Gu Ning.

“Mingcun, you…” Li Mingzhang couldnt believe his ears.

Although they didnt get along, they always teamed up against He Qihang.

“Given Chairman Gus status, I dont think shell joke about a life,” said Li Mingcun.

It sounded as if he was educating Li Mingzhang, but he did indeed believe that Gu Ning wouldnt make decisions without careful thought.

If Gu Ning was impulsive, she wouldnt be able to build a successful business.

Li Mingzhang was struck dumb.

He was mad, but didnt know what to say because Li Mingcun was right.

“Um, Qihang.” Li Mingcun turned to He Qihang with slight embarrassment.

“Since Gu Ning is your student and shes so influential, can you ask her to do our family a little favor Its not easy to do business nowadays, and we encountered some trouble, so…”

Li Mingcun tried to form a relationship with Gu Ning through He Qihang since the Li family might benefit from that.

“Right, Qihang, you should help us with that.

After all, were a family!” Li Mingzhang joined their conversation at once.

He was unwilling to let Li Mingcun take the credit if it really worked.

Li Mingcun had a good attitude, but Li Mingzhang was a little aggressive.

He was obviously forcing He Qihang to help them.

“Shes just my student.

Im not in a position to ask her for help,” said He Qihang.

The two brothers were really calculating.

To be frank, he wouldnt do them a favor like that.

“He Qihang, how can you say that Youre so ungrateful.

Why cant you help us Arent we a family” Li Mingzhang was mad.

“Right, shes your student, so she shouldnt refuse to help you,” said Li Mingcun.

He showed obvious unhappiness on his face, feeling that He Qihang was deliberately embarrassing them.

“Why do you think she should help me just because shes my student She just studies in the Capital University.

Were not close at all.

And I have plenty of students.

Do all of them have to help me Are you too naive or too self-centered You dont have a clear self-understanding, but I have.

Dont drag me into trouble just for your own benefits!” He Qihang argued.

He was not afraid of them; he had just always tolerated their behavior, but now he had enough of it.

Hearing that, Li Mingcun and Li Mingzhang were mad.

“Fine, you dont want to help us, but do you have to humiliate us like that We take you as our family, so we turned to you for help.

How can you say were naive and…”

“Right, He Qihang, its too much.

After all, if the Li family gets better, you can also benefit from that,” Li Mingzhang said angrily.

“Li Mingzhang, did you forget how you argued against her earlier Its already very nice of her if she doesnt pay you back.

How can you expect her to do you a favor Who do you think you are” said He Qihang, laughing at Li Mingzhang.

“You…” Li Mingzhang was struck dumb for a moment and felt embarrassed.

Obviously, he had forgotten.


Li actually had the same idea, but she didnt open her mouth after hearing their argument.

After all, He Qihang was just Gu Nings teacher and they werent close.

Why should Gu Ning help them

Li Mingzhang and Li Mingcun didnt know what else they could say, but they disliked He Qihang more than ever.

They believed that He Qihang refused to help them.

In the operating room.

Everything went smoothly and the patient was getting better and better, shocking all the doctors.

However, no matter how astonished they were, they needed to focus on the operation.

So they would ask Gu Ning about it after the operation was done.

Half an hour later, it was finished.

From the beginning to the end, they stayed in the room for nearly an hour, but they didnt feel tired at all.

Normally, it was tiring to do an operation for an hour and they often needed to complete an operation in shifts to make sure they had enough energy and strength.

“The operation was very successful and the patient is already getting better.

That has never happened before!” said the attending physician happily.

He knew the credit should go to Gu Ning.

Therefore, the attending physician thanked Gu Ning sincerely.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for your help, but I have to say what you did earlier is very rude.

Out of duty, we had to be impolite to you.

I understand its hard for people to believe you, but the result is good, so lets get over it.”

“I know, but it was an emergency.

Even if I wasted a lot of time on explaining, you wouldnt believe me either.

So I directly came in.

Thank you for your understanding,” said Gu Ning.

The doctor was very nice, so Gu Ning had a good attitude.

“However, Miss Gu, can you tell me what medicine that was It has unbelievable effects,” asked the attending physician.

Hearing that, everyone looked at Gu Ning with anticipation and curiosity.

“Im sorry, its my masters unique medicine.

I dont know its formula, but I know its really good at healing and is capable of curing many diseases.” Gu Ning said, “Although its effective, there isnt much of it.

I only had one with me, but it was taken by Miss Li, so I no longer have any with me now.”

Gu Ning said that in order to stop them from asking her for a pill for study.

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