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“Were glad to help,” said Gu Ning.

She accepted Jiang Shuyuans apology, because Jiang Shuyuan should thank her.

Jiang Shuyuan wasnt unhappy when Gu Ning accepted her apology.

Instead, she felt a lot more relieved.

“My pleasure, Mrs.

Leng,” said Si Jin politely.

After that, they sat down and chatted.

Because they were all back, Gu Ning and Master Leng stopped talking about the major families.

After Gu Ning and the others came back, they shared the news with Shangguan Yang, but Gu Ning and Si Jin dined in the Leng familys house that afternoon, so they didnt go to the siheyuan until that night.

Because Master Chang was still unconscious, other major families suddenly had a feeling that it couldnt be so simple, but they had no idea what exactly had happened to Master Chang.

However, after knowing what had happened to the Leng family, they also thought the Chang family should be guilty, because the Chang family was the main suspect among them.

Therefore, the Yuan family felt they might get dragged into trouble if the mastermind was really the Chang family.

The Yuan family blamed the Chang family, so they conducted an investigation of the Chang family.

Although Master Chang and his eldest son were in trouble, the Yuan family didnt have sympathy for them.

Instead, they felt it was a great opportunity for them to do an investigation.

However, they hadnt found the person, who paid Chen Yunheng to scheme against Leng Shaoming, because they werent as skilled as Gu Ning.

They werent as skilled as Gu Ning, but that didnt mean that they couldnt find the man.

It would just take some time, but they would find him by following the clues.

Even though Gu Ning knew who the man was, she had no intention of telling the Yuan family.

She decided to let the Yuan family do the investigation on their own.

Accordingly, the Yuan family secretly attacked the Chang family causing them to encounter trouble again at 11 pm that night.

Chang Kairui, the son of Master Changs second son, was the one who got in trouble this time.

Right after Fan Yayue finished showering and was about to go to bed she received a message with a video.

In the video, Chang Kaixuan was in the underground parking lot of his apartment and a woman followed him.

Then they hugged each other while walking into the elevator.

The person who took this video went into the elevator as well, but it was obvious that the person secretly took this video.

It wasnt a normal angle, but Chang Kaixuan and the woman seemed very intimate.

After Chang Kaixuan reached the floor of his apartment, they got out of the elevator and the video ended.

As for what happened next, it wasnt difficult to imagine, so Fan Yayue changed her clothing and quickly left home.

Because she hurriedly went out, it attracted attention from her family.

Fan Yayues older brother stopped her and asked her where she was going.

Fan Yayue said she needed to deal with something.

Although Fan Yayue fought back her anger and sadness, her older brother still noticed that she wasnt right.

He was worried, so he went out with her.

Fan Yayue turned him down at the beginning, but her older brother insisted, so she agreed in the end.

Afterwards, Fan Yayues older brother drove her.

“Where are you going” asked Fan Junxin.

“Chang Kaixuans apartment,” said Fan Yayue.

Hearing that, Fan Junxin frowned and asked, “What happened”

Obviously, Fan Yayue knew something went wrong, but Fan Junxin didnt know.

Did something go wrong with Chang Kaixuan

“I received a message.

Its a video.

I watched Chang Kaixuan taking a woman back to his apartment, so I want to have a look,” said Fan Yayue honestly while crying.

“What” Hearing that, Fan Junxin was furious.

As a man, he wasnt loyal either, but he couldnt tolerate it when it happened to his younger sister.

And Chang Kaixuan even took the woman home!

If he did that outside, they wouldnt care about it if they didnt know, but they wouldnt tolerate it once they found out about it.

As a result, Fan Junxin sped up and rushed all the way to Chang Kaixuans apartment.

Currently, in Chang Kaixuans apartment, two people were in the middle of having passionate sex.

The woman in the room moaned in pleasure.

Although this was a soundproof apartment, people downstairs and next door still heard them.

There were only young men living downstairs and next door, so it was torture for them to hear the womans moans of pleasure.

Because it was so arousing, they were all sexually excited.

Chang Kaixuan was really bold.

He already had a girlfriend, but still took other women home.

However, Chang Kaixuan dared to do that because they didnt live together.

And normally Fan Yayue wouldnt come to see him without his agreement, especially at night.

As long as he told her that he had a business meal, she would be considerate and wouldnt bother him.

However, this time, he was wrong.

When Fan Yayue and Fan Junxin reached the door, they heard their moans.

Although it wasnt loud, they could be sure what it was.

They were immediately furious and wanted to kick the door open, but Fan Yayue had the key to Chang Kaixuans apartment, so she directly opened the door.

Because Chang Kaixuan and the woman were in the middle of having passionate sex, they didnt hear the door open.

In fact, they didnt stop until the door of their bedroom was kicked open.

The moment they realized that someone had come in, they subconsciously pulled the quilt to cover themselves.

Fan Junxin immediately ran forward and punched Chang Kaixuan.

Although the Fan family wasnt comparable to the Chang family, it didnt mean that the Fan family would be afraid, especially in such a situation, so Fan Junxin didnt hesitate to punch Chang Kaixuan.

“Fan Junxin, are you crazy!” Chang Kaixuan scolded.

He touched the corner of his mouth and took a deep breath in pain.

“Yes, Im crazy, but you f**king betrayed my sister! Do you expect me to be kind to you and even say its alright” Fan Junxin said angrily.

Chang Kaixuan felt a little guilty, so he didnt know what to say nor did he fight back.

Otherwise, he would want to beat Fan Junxin to death.

However, he was no match for Fan Junxin.

After all, Fan Junxin was a retired soldier so he was very good at fighting.

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