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“But you can use this accident to let the Chang family continue to support us.

if they disagree, tell the Leng family about what they have done,” said the patriarch.

He wouldnt end his cooperation with the Chang family just because he failed to trap the Leng family.

Otherwise the Thomas family would suffer a great loss.

Although it was their fault that their plan failed, the Chang family turned to them for help, so they couldnt leave without doing anything.

“Sure,” said Kirk.

After that, the patriarch directly walked away.

The monster fox actually didnt leave after jumping out of Kirks study.

Instead, it hid in a dark corner to hear their conversation because Gu Ning felt that Kirk could give them some information after he was injured.

Reality proved that Gu Ning was right.

After the patriarch finished the talk with Kirk, the monster fox left and went to meet Gu Ning.

There was a recording pen dangling from the monster foxs mouth which was used to collect evidence.

Although the Chang family werent in the room, it was enough to prove that Kirk was working with them to scheme against the Leng family.

As a result, the Leng family could pay the Chang family back, as was reasonable.

Gu Ning took the recording pen, then put the monster fox into the telepathic eye space and left.

Gu Ning returned to the embassy before 8pm.

They were ready to go to the airport, but Gu Ning had a private talk with Leng Yuanqian before they set off.

Gu Ning directly played the recording in front of Leng Yuanqian.

Knowing that the mastermind was the Chang family, Leng Yuanqian wasnt surprised at all, because it wasnt beyond their expectation.

It wasnt even a surprising answer.

Because the time difference between their country and Country Y was four hours, it was 8 pm in Country Y while it was 4 pm in their country.

Therefore, at 8 pm, Leng Yuanqian called his family and told Master Leng about the situation here.

After having the talk, they went to the airport.

Although the Thomas family wouldnt scheme against them again, they had to stay alert in case any accidents happened.

The Thomas family were also worried that Gu Ning and the Leng family might take other actions, so they also sent people to watch them.

They werent relieved until Gu Ning and the others left for the airport.

In the Thomas familys house.

After treating his wounds, Kirk slept and felt much better, then he had a call with the Chang family.

Even though Kirks entire body hurt, his hands were fine.

He could move, but the wounds would be pulled and cause him sharper pain.

Nevertheless, he had to contact the Chang familys eldest son as soon as possible.

The person who stayed in touch with him was the Chang familys eldest son, but the Chang familys eldest son was also lying in a hospital bed at that moment.

He had just had an operation yesterday afternoon and didnt wake up until 10 am that morning.

He was awake, conscious, and could speak, but it was too painful for him to move right now.

He was suffering excruciating pain after the operation.

Honestly, he would rather die than live in such pain.

However, he wouldnt kill himself since he was reluctant to do that.

In fact, after he recovered, he could still live a good life.

As for the car accident, he believed it was just an accident, because he noticed nothing wrong and the police couldnt find any evidence.

At this moment, it was about 5 pm in their country.

Only the wife of the Chang familys eldest son stayed to take care of him in the ward.

Afterwards, the Chang familys eldest sons phone rang.

Because it wasnt convenient for him to answer it, his wife picked it up.

“Well, this is a foreign number without a name.

Is it a spam call” Mrs.

Chang gave it a glance and was surprised to see a foreign number.

However, the moment the Chang familys eldest son heard that, he knew who it was.

He told his wife to give him the phone and asked her to go out.

He said it was a confidential call.


Chang didnt doubt him.

After all, her husband had a high status, and he received a lot of confidential information.

So shortly after, Mrs.

Chang walked out.

When Mrs.

Chang was gone, the Chang familys eldest son bore the pain and answered the call.

His arms were fine, so he could move.

Because it took a while for Mrs.

Chang to go out, Kirk almost ended the call.

Due to pain and anger, Kirk was irritated.

He angrily criticized once the Chang familys eldest son answered his call.

“What are you doing Why did it take so long”

Because Kirk was weak now, his voice was also weak, but the Chang familys eldest son was too angry to notice that.

“My family was with me just then, so it wasnt convenient for me to answer your call.

How is it now” said the Chang familys eldest son in an unhappy tone.

His voice was also weak, but Kirk didnt pay attention to it.

He thought that the Chang familys eldest son lowered his voice in case other people heard them.

The Chang familys eldest son had studied in Country Y before, so he was good at Language Y.

He met Kirk in school.

Although they werent close, they had a good relationship, otherwise he wouldnt work with Kirk.

“We failed.

Theyre too strong,” said Kirk.

He was reluctant to admit it, but it was the truth.

“What Theyre too strong Couldnt you control them at all” The Chang familys eldest son was shocked and questioned Kirk.

“Mind your attitude.

If you dont believe it, I can send you the surveillance video.

Theyre not ordinary humans.

I ordered eight bodyguards to control them, but two girls easily beat them up.

They held me hostage and threatened me.

They forcefully took away Leng Yuanqians daughter.

I even sent professional killers to kill them afterwards, but they found out.

The two girls kicked their car over easily and disabled all of the professional killers.

I dont think your family can do better than us!” said Kirk angrily.

It took a lot of strength to finish so many sentences.

“What Thats so strange!” The Chang familys eldest son was astonished.

He didnt know who the two girls were, but they easily beat eight bodyguards.

They even held Kirk hostage and threatened him.

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