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“Arent you afraid of monsters” asked Leng Shaoming.

“There are bad people and good people, just like monsters.

Would you hate a monster who treats you very well” asked Leng Shaoting.

“Of course not!” Leng Shaoming answered without hesitation.

“Its understandable that people are scared when they hear about monsters, but as you said, if its someone you like, you can decide whether to accept her according to the affection between you.

If there is no love, you will probably hate her after finding out that shes a monster.

You might even want to cut off your relationship, but if you really like her, youll hesitate and wont know what to do,” said Leng Shaoting.

Although Leng Shaoting seldom talked, he was patient, so he was willing to talk with Leng Shaoming about it in detail.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoming admitted that it wasnt an easy decision to make.

He undoubtedly liked Zhan Zhiyin, but it would take time for him to be sure whether there was deep affection between them.

“Um, if it really happens to me and we get together afterwards, will you find it disgusting” asked Leng Shaoming.

Because of Zhan Zhiyins secret, he was worried about other peoples opinions.

It was unbelievable to ordinary people, and he cared about what other people thought of them.

Nobody would know it if he kept it a secret, but he just wanted to know other peoples opinions.

If other people could accept it, he might feel better about it.

“Why is it disgusting Your opinion matters the most.

There is no need to think about other peoples opinions.

Just follow your heart,” said Leng Shaoting.

He rarely shared his life experience with other people.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoming felt better, but he still couldnt make a decision within such a short time.

Suddenly, Leng Shaoming realized that Leng Shaoting might be aware of something, so he asked, “Shaoting, do you know anything about it”

“I bet Miss Zhan told you about it, right” asked Leng Shaoting in an affirmative tone.

He asked that because he decided to let Leng Shaoming know that he was aware of Zhan Zhiyins secret.

“How do you know” Leng Shaoming asked in surprise.

He just had doubts, because Leng Shaoting seemed to know something, but he wasnt sure whether Leng Shaoting really knew about it.

“What did she tell you” asked Leng Shaoting.

Although he understood that Zhan Zhiyin was honest with Leng Shaoming, he still needed to ask Leng Shaoming about their conversation.

“She…” Leng Shaoming hesitated for a second, then said frankly, “She sent me a message and told me that she isnt the real Zhan Zhiyin.

She is actually a monster fox.

Her soul entered into Zhan Zhiyins body by accident and she is now a half monster.”

“What are your thoughts now” asked Leng Shaoting.

“Arent you surprised at all” Leng Shaoming asked.

He was surprised that Leng Shaoting didnt seem surprised at all after hearing his answers.

“Im not, because I knew already.” Leng Shaoting replied honestly.

“What” Leng Shaoming was astonished.

How come Leng Shaoting was already aware of that Why didnt Leng Shaoting tell him

He didnt blame Leng Shaoting for it, because Leng Shaoting probably had a reason for not telling him.

Even though he had a very shallow relationship with Leng Shaoting, Leng Shaoting wouldnt bother to harm him.

Leng Shaojia had treated Gu Ning so badly and had even almost killed their grandfather, but Leng Shaoting only made Leng Shaojia pay a small price.

So clearly, as long as they didnt scheme against Leng Shaoting, he wouldnt hurt them.

Instead, he was very protective of the Leng family.

“Let me be honest with you, but you must keep it between us.

Actually, there are people with superpowers in this world.

You already knew about monsters, but Im one of those people with superpowers.

So I knew that Miss Zhan is a half monster when I met her for the first time.

Normally, people with superpowers should kill monsters once we meet them, but Miss Zhan is only a half monster.

We shouldnt kill her.

Anyway she has done nothing wrong.

In fact, she showed up specially for you from the very beginning.

She only wants to return your kindness.

She has no intention of hurting you, so we didnt stop her.

However, whether you can accept her or not is very important, and I think thats the reason why she told you her secret,” said Leng Shaoting.

“People with superpowers” Leng Shaoming was greatly surprised.

He didnt expect Leng Shaoting to have superpowers!

Although this was the first time that he had ever heard about people with superpowers, he had seen them many times before on TV, so he could understand what it meant.

It turned out that Leng Shaoting was so strong because he had superpowers!

Leng Shaoming didnt think Leng Shaoting would be weak as an ordinary guy, but it was very helpful to have superpowers.

People with superpowers were good at fighting, it had nothing to do with ones intelligence.

However, why did Leng Shaoting say we Who else knew

Thinking of that, Leng Shaoming asked, “What do you mean we”

“Ningning also has superpowers,” said Leng Shaoting.

He didnt mention Jing Yunyao.

Leng Shaoming took a deep breath.

Surprisingly, Gu Ning had superpowers too.

No wonder she was so outstanding.

“Whats the difference between a half monster and a real monster,” asked Leng Shaoming.

“She still has some of the abilities of a monster, but not all of them.

She isnt completely a monster.

If she was a real monster, she would live for hundreds or even thousands of years, but she has a human body, so she can only live as long as a human.

She can also get sick and die,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Do you mean shes more of a human” asked Leng Shaoming.

“Right,” said Leng Shaoting.

Hearing Leng Shaotings explanation, Leng Shaoming felt more relieved.

His fear and discomfort also went away a lot.

It was still hard for him to totally digest the news that Zhan Zhiyins soul was actually a monster fox, but now he would learn to accept it.


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