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Do you remember that you rescued a fox five years ago at the Heavenly Mountain It wasnt an ordinary fox, it was a fox monster.

And Im that fox.

I thought we wouldnt meet again, but Zhan Zhiyin fell off the cliff three years later.

She knocked into me accidentally.

At that moment, I had just achieved a human shape after cultivation, but I was still a soul.

After the hit, my soul entered Zhan Zhiyins body and I became her.

So I have a human body now, but a monsters soul.

Im half human and half monster.

After becoming Zhan Zhiyin, I had her memories and learned about the relationship between the Zhan family and the Leng family.

I was determined to marry you to thank you for saving my life.

But I was studying back then, so I couldnt go to see you without a good reason.

I only hoped that we would meet one day after I became a better me.

I know it sounds crazy to you.

And you might think Im fooling you, but its all real.

All this time Ive been thinking about how to be honest with you.

I dont want to scare you away and ruin our relationship.

But I want to be with you so badly.

I dont want to hurt you by telling you the truth after we have gotten together.

I know the damage is done, but I only hope that it wont get worse.

I dont have courage to tell you this face to face, so I can only send you a message.

You dont need to rush to reply to me.

Whether you accept it or not, please give me a reply before 12 pm tomorrow.

After typing the message, Zhan Zhiyin hesitated for a while longer.

In the end, she summoned up her courage and sent it to Leng Shaoming.

Because Leng Shaoming was playing on his phone, he saw Zhan Zhiyins message immediately and read it.

When he read that Zhan Zhiyin had kept a secret from him, Leng Shaoming frowned.

He didnt think it could be very important even though Zhan Zhiyin said that she was afraid he might leave her after finding out.

At this moment, Leng Shaoming guessed that Zhan Zhiyin might be in a bad physical condition.

He wasnt willing to accept a girl with problems, but he wouldnt leave her just because she had an illness.

As long as it wasnt a serious disease, he would stay with her because he loved her.

However, when he continued to read the message, he became upset.

He remembered that he had saved a fox at the Heavenly Mountain five years ago, but he didnt expect Zhan Zhiyin to be the fox.

Leng Shaoming was subconsciously scared, but immediately felt it had to be a joke.

However, after reading the message, Leng Shaoming was totally shocked and his body even shook a little.

It turned out that she wasnt the real Zhan Zhiyin, but a monster fox who had achieved a human shape.

After Zhan Zhiyin accidentally fell off a cliff and hit it, Zhan Zhiyins soul entered its body, then became Zhan Zhiyin and now she was a half human and half monster.

It was unbelievable!

Although he had heard about zombies and was aware of the existence of strange creatures, he couldnt believe it when it happened in his life.

When he got along with Zhan Zhiyin, he had fallen in love with her and knew she was a very good girl.

Especially when the car accident happened, her first reaction was to protect him, which shocked and touched him.

If he missed the opportunity of becoming her boyfriend, it would definitely be his loss.

Actually, before Zhan Zhiyin came to see him, he was prepared to confess his affection for her.

So he did not have that idea just because of the car accident.

Now he realized why they were only slightly injured after their car fell into the river.

It was Zhan Zhiyins effort, but she was a monster…

Leng Shaoming didnt feel disgusted, but it wasnt easy for him to accept either.

Therefore, Leng Shaoming didnt reply to Zhan Zhiyin right away.

He needed time to digest it.

After pondering over it for an hour, Leng Shaoming suddenly thought of Leng Shaoting.

He immediately called Leng Shaoting and asked him about it.

He wasnt close to Leng Shaoting, but they were cousins and Leng Shaoting was more reliable than anyone else in Leng Shaomings eyes.

As long as he told Leng Shaoting to keep it a secret, Leng Shaoting would.

Therefore, he would rather talk about it with Leng Shaoting than with his own parents.

In addition, Leng Shaoting had seen zombies before, so it was easier for him to believe in other strange creatures.

At that moment, Leng Shaoting had just returned to his dormitory after training and having a meal.

He was about to call Gu Ning when he suddenly received Leng Shaomings call.

Because Leng Shaoming rarely called him, Leng Shaoting was surprised by his call, but he knew it had to be very important.

Afterwards, Leng Shaoting picked up the call.

“Yeah, whats up” Leng Shaoting said in a flat tone, but he wasnt as cold as before.

He simply remained calm.

“Um, Shaoting, do you have time now Is it convenient I need your opinion about something,” said Leng Shaoming.

He felt a little uneasy having a private conversation with Leng Shaoting.

“Im alone in the dormitory.

What is it” said Leng Shaoting.

“Um…” Leng Shaoming opened his mouth, but somehow didnt know what to say.

However, since he already called Leng Shaoting he couldnt give up halfway.

Therefore, after hesitating for a few seconds, he said, “Someone asked me if I can accept it after knowing that the girl I like isnt a human, but a monster.

So I want to ask you about it.

If you were me, would you accept that”

Upon hearing that, Leng Shaoting understood that Zhan Zhiyin either just felt him out or told him her secret.

“Well, it depends on whether you really like this girl.

If the girl were Ningning, I would definitely accept it because were in love with each other.” Leng Shaoting answered seriously.


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