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Actually, when Shangguan Yang took the tree vine to eat lamb kebabs here last time, they ordered fifty kebabs, so the store owner remembered them.

He wasnt surprised when the tree vine came again and wanted more kebabs.

Anyway, this little kids grandfather could eat forty kebabs by himself.

Because the oven could only bake thirty or so skewers at a time, the tree vine needed to wait for a longer time.

Normally, it took seven minutes to cook dozens of kebabs in the oven, so the tree vine needed to wait for over twenty minutes.

When Gu Ning was done, the roasted lamb kebabs were nearly cooked.

After waiting for five minutes, they finally had their kebabs.

At the same time, the two policemen asked the man some questions on their way to the police station.

“Are you a recidivist” asked a policeman in a flat tone.

He didnt seem to be interrogating at all.

The man was indeed a recidivist, so he acutely sensed that the policeman wanted to give him a chance.

Therefore, he acted innocent and said, “Im not a human-trafficker! Im definitely not a recidivist either.

Ive been wronged.”

“If youre not a human-trafficker, why did they all call you that” asked the policeman.

“They misunderstood me.

I just saw the little boy standing there alone without an adult.

No one was watching him so I thought he was lost.

I planned to help him.

I didnt know the girl would suddenly jump out and injure me,” said the man.

“Really” the policeman asked doubtfully.

They didnt think this man was innocent, but it wasnt important.

They didnt really care.

In fact, they simply wanted to know whether this man was willing to pay some money to solve this problem.

“Yeah,” said the man.

He also knew the police wouldnt believe him, but he was willing to give them some money to get away with it.

“Um, sir, can you give me a chance” asked the man.

He didnt talk about money right away, but he knew the police would understand him.

“How” asked a policeman.

He was asking how much the man was willing to give them.

“What do you think” asked the man.

“Well, at least…” The other policeman waved his hand.

“A little less” Although the man was willing to pay that, he didnt want to lose that much money.

“No,” said the policeman.

“Fine! But I dont have that much cash with me.

I need to withdraw some,” said the man.

He agreed to give them fifty thousand yuan, because he would be put in jail for years if the police really did a further investigation.

Afterwards, the police stopped the car at a bank.

The man got out to withdraw money, followed by a policeman in a casual suit.

Once the man had enough money, he gave the policeman fifty thousand yuan.

The police then drove the police car away, leaving the man behind.

The man successfully got away with it.

Without delay, he took a taxi and left.

Back in the police station, the director went to see them.

However, the criminal was absent.

The director instantly figured out what the two policemen had done.

“Where is the human-trafficker Where did you take him” The director was furious.

The two policemen were struck dumb, and the other policemen in the police station were also scared.

“Director, it was just a misunderstanding, so we didnt bring him back,” said a policeman.

“Misunderstanding No way! Tell me how much did he give you for you to let him get away with it” The director questioned them.

Actually, he already had the answer.

The two policemen realized they couldnt keep it a secret from the director, so they didnt dare to argue against him.

“Um, director, can we talk about that in your office” one of the policemen asked.

He had to share the bribery with the director, so that the director would stop scolding them.

They were in a public place now and everyone was watching! It would affect their future work.

Even though it was not only them who were taking bribes, they had to do it secretly.

“Why Tell me right here.

Did you get money from him and let him go” The director angrily questioned them again.

“Its not a big deal.

Do you have to be so angry” One policeman complained with a frown.

However, the next moment, the director gave the policeman a heavy slap, which scared a large number of people.

“Uncle…” The policeman subconsciously covered his cheek.

Staring at the director, he was totally amazed.

“Dont call me uncle.” The director snapped at him.

The policeman was the directors nephew, so he was very arrogant and nobody wanted to mess with him in this police station.

“Do you know who made the call The chairman of the Shengning Organization.

You had a bad attitude towards her, and you even let the man go halfway.

Do you not want to work here any longer” said the director in anger.

He just received a call from the director of the branch of the Public Security Bureau.

When he learned about the case, he was terrified.


Hearing that, the two policemen were scared too.

They didnt expect the girl to be so influential.

“But its just a young girl.

How can she be the chairman of the Shengning Organization” said one policeman.

He couldnt believe it.

He had heard about the Shengning Organization, but had no idea who the chairman was.

“Go search for information about her on the Internet if you dont believe it, but youve made a terrible mistake, so you must be punished.

Now, go catch the man again!” The director ordered, filled with fury.

“Alright, alright, well go right now.” The two policemen immediately left to find the man.

Given Gu Nings status, they would probably be fired if they angered her.

They could only hope that she would forgive them now.

In fact, even if the caller wasnt the chairman of the Shengning Organization, the director would still take the case seriously, but since the chairman of the Shengning Organization was involved and the director of the branch of the Public Security Bureau in their district gave him a call in person, he had to take this case very seriously.

Some of the other policemen gloated over the two policemens misfortune because they were always arrogant and never did their job well.

It wasnt surprising that they finally paid for what they had done.

After the two policemen walked away, one of them drove the police car, while the other searched for information about the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

They didnt doubt the directors words, but found it quite unbelievable, so they wanted to find out more about it by themselves.


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