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Therefore, it caused a sensation in City D.

The only good news was that no one was killed, or it would have been even more serious.

Gu Ning trusted An Guangyaos abilities and loyalty.

He wouldnt use substandard bricks to build a real estate, so this must have been done by his subordinates.

An Guangyao shouldnt take the blame for the fault of his subordinates.

After all, he needed to manage a lot of things, and he couldnt take care of everything.

However, he was the person in charge, if something went wrong, he had to take the responsibility.

As a result, An Guangyao felt very guilty.

Gu Ning, however, didnt blame him at all.

If she had to blame someone, she ought to blame herself first, because she was the boss!

Although they didnt know the reason yet, Gu Ning believed that it must be because of malicious business competition.

And since the scheme went smoothly, there had to be traitors in their company.

After that, Gu Ning asked An Guangyao for the information of all the related staff.

She ordered K to check their contact records, bank records, the surveillance cameras inside and outside the construction site.

Without delay, Gu Ning booked a plane ticket to City D.

Leng Shaoting wasnt due back at the military base yet, so he went there with her.

Shenghua Real Estate wasnt controlled by the Shengning Organization, but Gu Ning felt it was necessary to make it public after the accident.

In fact, she should have made it public early on, but there hadnt been a good time.

Therefore, she seized this opportunity and decided to make it public.

Otherwise other people might plan to take advantage of Shenghua Real Estate!

There was no evidence, but An Guangyao had a name in mind.

Shenghua Real Estate had been established for a short time in City D, but it developed very well, so it wasnt strange if their competitors were jealous.

It might not be a scheme done by their peers, but they needed to conduct an investigation since there was a suspect.

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Anyway, it wouldnt do them any harm to conduct an investigation.

Therefore, Gu Ning didnt just investigate the staff related to this construction, she also investigated several competitors in the same industry.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting set off at 2:30 pm, and arrived at City D in two hours and fifty minutes.

An Guangyao reached the airport before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived.

Because Gu Ning was coming, An Guangyao decided to go fetch her.

When Gu Ning turned on her phone, she saw a missed call and a message from K.

K said that the information he collected was sent to her mailbox, so Gu Ning opened it at once.

There was the result.

The main suspect was the supervisor of the construction site, whose name was Lin Shiwei.

He was forty-two years old.

Lin Shiwei joined Shenghua Real Estate in May last year and because of his excellent performance at work, he quickly became a supervisor.

He did his job very well, but three months ago, his son was found to have leukemia, and he needed a lot of money for the medical treatment.

Unfortunately, he couldnt afford the fee.

However, in the middle of the month two months ago, Lin Shiwei suddenly had the money to treat his son.

If that was just the case, it wouldnt necessarily mean anything, but before Lin Shiwei suddenly had money to treat his son, a man had met with him.

After the third time they met, the man gave Lin Shiwei a bank card containing four million yuan.

This man was called Kong Lixuan.

He and Lin Shiwei were classmates in college.

He also worked in a real estate group.

And this real estate group was one of the best real estate companies in City D, Chengfeng Real Estate.

Obviously, Chengfeng Real Estate ordered Kong Lixuan to pay Lin Shiwei to scheme against Shenghua Real Estate, and he would receive a million yuan.

K was sure that it was a deal instead of just friendship because he had other evidence.

The second suspects were two people who had a very good relationship with Lin Shiwei.

One was in charge of cargo inspection, and the other was responsible for freight management.

They could be persuaded by Lin Shiwei because they had a good relationship with him, and they were greedy for money.

Kong Lixuan gave Lin Shiwei two million yuan, so the two of them could have a million yuan each.

Although their salary in Shenghua Real Estate wasnt low, a million yuan was still a huge sum of money for them, so they couldnt say no to the temptation.

Kong Lixuan didnt need to see them in person, Lin Shiwei would do it.

Even though the surveillance video K found was silent and couldnt prove anything, a transfer record was enough to use as evidence.

Even if they werent bribed, it was dereliction of duty, so they had to take responsibility.

However, when An Guangyao went to see them, they denied everything and put the blame on the brick factory.

Because An Guangyao hadnt found any evidence yet, he wasnt too suspicious of them.

Anyway, there was no doubt that they had neglected their duties.

If they were just negligent, they would either be fired or demoted after this problem was solved, but they received a million yuan now, so they didnt care about the job.

After picking up Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, they went to the construction site.

On their way, Gu Ning shared the result with An Guangyao.

An Guangyao was aware of Gu Nings skills, but he was still surprised when he heard that she had already discovered the truth.

After knowing that it was done by Lin Shiwei and the other two, An Guangyao was furious.

He thought they were schemed against by outsiders, but unexpectedly he was betrayed by their own staff.

If it was just a mistake, he might have given them a second chance, but they did it on purpose, so he had to punish them seriously.

“Boss, Im really sorry.

Its my fault.” An Guangyao apologized at once.

Because it was a betrayal, he blamed himself for it.

After all, he hired Lin Shiwei.

“You havent done a good job, but its not all your fault.

You have too many things to care about.

You cant deal with everything in person.

He did it for his son.

Its understandable that he chose his son over the companys interests, but we must prosecute him according to the law,” said Gu Ning.


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