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Moreover, the fact that he was the leader of the mutant organization was a secret.

Even in the organization, only the senior management were aware of that, so if he went over, the secret would be exposed.

At this time, the people in the lab were still praying that Gu Ning and the others wouldnt be able to open the elevator and come down.

However, unfortunately, they were disappointed, because Shangguan Yang easily damaged the door of the elevator with a punch.

Watching that from the surveillance cameras, all the senior managers were terrified.

They realized the elevator couldnt stop the intruders, so they immediately arranged for the ninjas and mutants to fight.

That was their only solution.

The elevator was at the bottom, so Shangguan Yang directly jumped down.

The next second, he used his magical energy to hit its top opening a hole with a loud boom.

It couldnt be seen with the surveillance cameras, but the people in the lab could hear the loud crash.

Even though they were aware that the elevator couldnt stop the intruders, they were still horrified.

Once the elevator was opened, Leng Shaoting and the others jumped down as well.

After walking out of the elevator, there was a thick, heavy iron door, but Shangguan Yang still broke it with a palm strike.

The moment the heavy iron door was opened, the ninjas and mutants inside the room dashed out to attack Leng Shaoting and the others.

A battle began.

Because there were many ninjas and mutants this time, it wasnt easy for Leng Shaoting and the others to deal with all of them.

This battle lasted for nearly an hour, but from the very beginning, the ninjas and mutants were at a disadvantage because Shangguan Yang was too strong.

If Shangguan Yang wasnt present, Leng Shaoting, Jing Yunyao, and Gu Ning might not have been able to kill all of them.

However, they wouldnt have lost either, because Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting were at high levels.

Only Gu Ning was comparatively weak.

As a result, Gu Ning was exhausted after killing those ninjas and mutants.

Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting also lost a lot of energy.

Only Shangguan Yang was still energetic.

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He was a little tired, because he killed most of the mutants, but he wasnt as tired as the rest.

There were other people left in the lab, but they were the researchers in white coats.

Although the ninjas were members of the organization, those people in white coats created the mutants, so they should be killed too!

However, they were mortals without many fighting skills, so it couldnt be easier to kill them.

None of them survived, because Gu Ning wanted nothing from them and didnt give them any chances to ask her anything.

When everyone in the lab was killed, Gu Ning said, “Why dont we directly explode this place”

“Right, there are still many things in the laboratory for mutation research.

Its better to destroy it all,” Leng Shaoting said.

Although it might not be the organizations only laboratory, and there were many more ninjas and mutants outside, it was a good thing for them to destroy as many of the labs, ninjas, and mutants as possible.

There was dynamite in Gu Nings telepathic eye space and Leng Shaotings Qiankun Bag.

Leng Shaoting took out dynamite and placed it properly, then they quickly left.

They waited in a safe place, but didnt leave until the lab exploded.

There were boats which belonged to the organization, but they didnt use the boats to prevent their whereabouts being exposed.

Fortunately, this place was relatively remote.

They could fly with swords, but they couldnt go to high altitudes.

Instead, they could only be above the surface of the water to avoid encountering planes or ships passing by.

It was also convenient for them to dive into the water to avoid being caught.

Because the small island where the laboratory was located was a little far from the XX pier that they departed from, it took them nearly two hours to return to the pier.

Luckily they werent discovered along the way.

After they returned to the XX pier, Leng Shaoting immediately called Xu Jingchen and asked him to pick them up while telling him that they were safe.

Before Xu Jinchen came, Leng Shaoting and the others removed their disguise and revealed their real faces.

When Xu Jinchen received Leng Shaotings call, he was relieved and shared the good news with their other comrades.

Without delay, he went to pick them up at XX pier.

Their other comrades waited at their residence.

Knowing that Leng Shaoting was coming back, they were very relieved.

Before long, Xu Jinchen arrived at XX pier, and saw Leng Shaoting and the others.

“Boss, how is it” Once Leng Shaoting and the others got in the car, Xu Jinchen asked.

Leng Shaoting didnt tell him any details on the phone, only asking him to pick them up.

He was in a rush out to see them, so he didnt ask further about the situation.

“The ninjas and mutants in the laboratory were all killed.

The laboratory was also blown up.

As long as they dont commit crimes in our country, there is nothing to be worried about.

If they come again, well kill them again,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Do they know who you are” asked Xu Jinchen.

“We didnt expose our identities, but I dont know whether they recognized us,” said Leng Shaoting.

Even if they were suspicious of them, there was no evidence to prove that they were involved.

“I bet theyll be suspicious of us, but they can do nothing without evidence,” said Xu Jinchen.

It was true that the leader of the organization wasnt only suspicious of his political enemies, he was also suspicious of the leaders of other countries.

However, he couldnt know who it was.

In order to get some useful information, he sent people to investigate foreign visitors to City Gang, Country R these days.

However, there were too many visitors, so he couldnt know who the target was and was therefore unable to get all the information about the foreigners.

When they returned to the holiday villa area, it happened to be lunch time, and the others had already booked a private room.

Since they finished the task, they would go home, so they booked plane tickets for a flight which would take off at 7 pm.

They would publicly take a plane back to the capital of their own country from City Gang.

They werent afraid that they would be caught, because there was no evidence.

After the meal, because it was still early, they went to sleep in the house.

Gu Ning had no interest in Country R, so she didnt go out for a tour.

They only chatted and drank tea in the house.


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