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However, the Wei familys scandal didnt go viral, so only high society knew about it.

Even though they were aware of the grudge between the two families, they wouldnt post it on the Internet.

After all, the Wei family had made a clarification and no one was willing to get in trouble by talking about it.

Therefore, they would only discuss it with their close friends.

“The Wei familys son just has a scandal about overdosing.

Why did Chang Kairui of the Chang family get in the same trouble today It cant be a coincidence!”

“I dont think its a coincidence.

The two pieces of news must be connected.”

“Do you mean what happened to the Wei family was caused by the Chang family and so the Wei family did the same thing back to the Chang family”

“Its highly possible.

But I think it might have been done by a third family in order to stir things up between them.”

“If so, neither the Chang family nor the Wei family wanted it to happen.

Both of them were trapped by a third family!”


Actually, many of the Wei family had the same thought, thinking that it might have been done by a third family.

Anyway, it could be a grudge between the two families, it could also have been done by a third family.

They didnt know the truth and had no courage to ask.

After all, no one wanted to annoy the Chang and the Wei families.

Wei Lingfeng understood that people might have that idea, but he didnt care.

There was no evidence to prove that the news about Chang Kairui had anything to do with the Wei family.

As for a third family, it had to be either the Yuan family or the Rong family.

After all, they were opponents and always went against each other.

Therefore, the two families were displeased when people hurled the blame at them, but it was normal that people were suspicious of them given their bad relationship.

As long as the Wei family and the Chang family didnt criticize them publicly, they wouldnt say anything.

It would make them look guilty if they stood out before the Wei family and the Chang family said anything.

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Besides, they had encountered serious trouble many times before, so it was barely a problem in their eyes.

They were unhappy about it, but didnt think it was a big deal.

After the scandal about Wei Lingfengs son broke, they were suspicious of each other, because they all watched the drama.

No one bothered to investigate.

Now the news about Chang Kairui was spread, so they believed that Wei Lingfeng must be paying the Chang family back after Chang Kairui tried to scheme against his son.

They were suspicious of other families instead of their own family, because the masters didnt think their own family members would dare to do anything without their permission.

The Chang family members took action secretly, but outsiders didnt know about it.

That afternoon, the Chang family released a clarification and said that Chang Kairui wasnt on drugs.

He had just had an attack of angina pectoris.

If anyone dared to spread rumors, the Chang family would sue them.

There was also a test report from the hospital.

It was a fake report, because they needed it to distract peoples attention.

Although some people believed the Chang familys clarification and report, there were many people who werent convinced at all.

Why Because in most peoples eyes, the heirs of the wealthy and the powerful never obeyed the rules.

It was common knowledge that they indulged in drugs, drinks, and sex.

As a result, it was more believable that Chang Kairui was on drugs.

It wasnt difficult for the authorities to fake a report.

In fact, many people didnt believe the Wei familys clarification either.

However, the test report was out, and the public had no proof to prove it was fake, so nobody dared to talk about it any longer.

Nevertheless, not everyone read the report on the Internet, so they would discuss it in their own circles.

Therefore, only some people were distracted.

It wasnt surprising, and the Chang family knew that it was impossible to completely remove the news from the publics attention.

As long as fewer and fewer people paid attention to it, the drama would be forgotten within a short time.

If anyone dared to question them, they would punish someone as a warning to others.

The test report was already out, so they believed that they were cleared and could defend themselves.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt pay attention to it for the time being.

At noon, they went back to the siheyuan.

When they got to the siheyuan, they saw Shangguan Yang, Jing Yunyao, Miao Jingjing, Jiang Liluo and Si Jin in the yard.

In the middle of them stood a little boy about three years old.

The second Gu Ning saw the little boy, she was amazed by how lovely he was.

However, Gu Ning sensed a pure magical energy from the little body.

Where did they get this little boy with magical energy

“Oh, where did you pick up this little kid Hes adorable.

Come on, give me a hug!” said Gu Ning and reached out her arms to hug the little boy.

“Hi!” The little boy giggled and ran to Gu Ning with open arms.

Just when Gu Ning picked the little boy up and hadnt straightened yet Shangguan Yang said, “Hes the tree vine you took home.”

Gu Ning was struck dumb and subconsciously loosened her hands, then the little boy fell to the ground with a loud sound.

If he was an ordinary kid, Shangguan Yang and the others might have gotten worried, but he had magical energy, so they werent worried at all.

“Master, you just dumped me.” The little boy complained.

Although it wasnt painful, he still felt hurt because his master disliked him.

“Oh, Im sorry, I was just too shocked.

How come you turned into a boy now” Gu Ning didnt know how the tree vine managed to do that, so she was stunned.

Even Leng Shaoting was surprised to know that this little boy was the tree vine.

“I wanted to give you a surprise,” said the tree vine, feeling hurt.

“Fine, I should apologize.

Why dont we go buy some clothes.

Since youre a boy now, you need to put on clothes,” said Gu Ning.

The tree vine was currently wearing clothes which Jing Yunyao had adjusted for him from her own clothes, because he was totally naked when he turned into a boy.


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