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Wei Lingfeng also heard the news and was happy that Chang Kairui was in more serious trouble than his son had been in.

If he was targeted, he wouldnt be so mad, because he was in a very dangerous position, but he wouldnt allow other people to hurt his family.

Leng Shaoting was going to leave today, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to the siheyuan to have lunch.

At this time, Chang Kairui returned home too.

Once he was home, Chang Kairui was laughed at by his cousins.

Although they were a family, they werent close.

Often, they couldnt wait to see each other in trouble.

People who valued interests above everything would take their own family members as enemies, even though they were brothers or even father and son.

The Chang familys relatives didnt get along well and were always competing against one another.

Otherwise Chang Kairuis father wouldnt scheme against Wei Lingfeng behind Master Changs back.

When they decided to trap Wei Lingfengs son, their real target was actually Wei Lingfeng.

Chang Kairuis father planned to share the news with Master Chang after they succeeded, but unfortunately they failed.

“Tell me, what happened” As soon as Chang Kairui got home, Master Chang questioned him angrily.

Chang Kairuis father had already explained that Chang Kairui had been trapped, but Master Chang wasnt fully convinced.

After all, Chang Kairui was a frequent visitor of the nightclubs.

If Chang Kairui spent so much time in nightclubs, it would be very easy for him to get addicted to drugs.

“Grandfather, I was trapped.

Although there is no evidence to prove it, I can swear I have no habit of taking drugs.” Chang Kairui explained at once.

Then he took out a USB disk and handed it to Master Chang.

“This is the surveillance video of me having fun in the nightclub last night.

You can watch it.”

Master Chang said nothing and took the disk.

He told the housekeeper to get him his laptop.

Afterwards, he put in the disk and played the video.

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After watching the video, he indeed didnt see anyone touch Chang Kairuis glass.

Even Chang Kairui didnt do anything strange, but then he suddenly stood up and danced before falling to the ground and twitching.

Because Master Chang didnt see the cause, he was in a bad mood.

If Chang Kairui werent his grandson, he would think Chang Kairui took drugs by himself.

“Is it possible that the drugs werent in the drink, but the fruits” Master Changs other grandson guessed.

“You just watched the video.

Did I even have a bite of the fruit” Chang Kairui argued in annoyance.

He only drank, so he doubted whether his drink was drugged from the beginning.

Moreover, he poured the drink for himself.

Because he had encountered the same trouble before and someone had tried to drug his drink, he had learned to pour his drink by himself.

Hearing that, his cousin didnt know what to say because Chang Kairui indeed hadnt had a bite of the fruit.

“Then its strange.”


“Are you sure you didnt take drugs” Master Chang stared straight at Chang Kairui and asked seriously.

He was willing to trust Chang Kairui, but he needed to make sure.

“No, I didnt,” said Chang Kairui honestly.

“If so, you must have been trapped.

And its a smart trick.

We cant see anything in this surveillance video.” Master Chang got even angrier.

Who was it How dared they trap his family

“Have you had any conflict against anyone recently” asked Master Chang.

If anyone trapped Chang Kairui, the person must be the Chang familys enemy, or Chang Kairuis own opponent.

Chang Kairui panicked a little, because he just schemed against someone.

He also guessed that the person paid him back, so he felt slightly guilty.

Seeing his reaction, Master Chang realized it was the answer.

“Tell me.”

“Grandpa, Im sorry, I secretly schemed against Wei Lingfengs son, so I think it might be…” Chang Kairui explained.

Given the current situation, he didnt dare to keep it a secret.

“What That was done by you” Master Chang was astonished.

It was not only Master Chang, the other people were also surprised.

They were aware of what had happened to the Wei family, but didnt expect it to have been caused by Chang Kairui.

At the beginning, Master Chang didnt connect what happened to Chang Kairui with the news about the Wei family, but now he realized it was connected.

Master Chang was furious, but he didnt blame Chang Kairui for scheming against the Wei family.

Instead, he was mad because Chang Kairui failed and got into trouble.

“How could you do that when you lack the ability to succeed Now you failed and even got into trouble.

You…” Master Chang criticized him.

Although the Wei familys reputation was damaged, it didnt become serious after the new test report came out.

Some people didnt think the result was correct, and believed that it was released under pressure of those in power.

However, the new report was already out, so no one dared to talk about it again.

They would only discuss it in private.

However, because the new test report was out, if anyone dared to spread rumors, he or she could be sued.

Besides, the Wei family wasnt an ordinary family, so nobody wanted to go against them.

Even the Chang family was reluctant to challenge Wei Lingfeng publicly.

Chang Kairui shut his mouth.

“Obviously, it has something to do with the Wei family,” said Master Chang with determination.

Chang Kairui encountered the same thing, which was a clear message.

The Wei family had found out about Chang Kairuis scheme.

Since the Wei family dared to pay Chang Kairui back, they didnt care about their reaction.

The Chang family did it first, so they couldnt blame the Wei family.

Besides, they didnt have evidence.

Therefore, Master Chang had to accept the result.

“We must make a clarification as soon as possible, or itll cause a huge impact,” said Master Chang, giving the order at once.

As for how they should clarify it, they would explain that it was an attack of angina pectoris.

At the beginning, outsiders didnt connect the news about Chang Kairui with what had happened to the Wei family because not many people knew about the scandal involving the Wei family.

However, people who were aware of it immediately felt the news about Chang Kairui had something to do with what had happened to the Wei family.


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