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However, it wasnt over.

After they came out of the bathroom they continued to have sex.

“Ningning, do you want to ride me” asked Leng Shaoting in a hoarse voice, sounding quite seductive.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt uneasy, because she rarely rode him and she needed to do the work if she was on him.

She was willing to do that, but felt shy.

Although they had been together for a long time and they often had sex, she still felt slightly embarrassed every time they made love.

Therefore, Gu Ning declined.


“Come on, get on me.” Leng Shaoting didnt take no for an answer.

He directly placed her on him and placed his hands on her waist.

He didnt let her do it alone, because it would be tiring, so he would move his body under her at the same time.

In fact, he was rougher when he was under her.

After having sex again and again till both of them were exhausted, they fell asleep.

When she was with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning always got up late.

It was 7 am now, but she was still asleep.

Leng Shaoting wanted to have morning sex, but she was deeply asleep, so he gave up.

He only gave her a kiss, then got up to make breakfast.

After preparing breakfast, Leng Shaoting received a call.

He told Gu Ning that he needed to leave, then left home.

Gu Ning didnt leave bed until 8 am.

After having breakfast, she cleaned the dishes and went to work.

Right after she arrived at her company, Chen Cangyi came and reported the recent situation to her.

The company was as profitable as usual.

Although competitors tried to scheme against them, they could handle it very well.

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Chen Cangyi left once he finished reporting and Gu Ning received a call from York.

“Miss Gu, your people are unbelievable.

Ive encountered assassination attempts twice these days, but your people easily helped me out,” said York.

He was very satisfied with Jiang Liluo and Si Jins abilities.

If it was possible, he hoped that they could become his bodyguards.

Although he didnt think it was likely to happen, he still asked Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, I really appreciate and badly need them.

Can they stay with me”

Hearing that, Gu Ning turned it down.

“Im sorry, Mr.


If you need them every now and then, I can assign the task to them as long as they have time, but they cant stay with you all the time.”

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were her people, and she wouldnt let them serve foreigners.

Although Country Y had a close relationship with their country, it was still a foreign country.

Therefore, Gu Ning would rather pay Jiang Liluo and Si Jin to protect Wei Lingfeng than receive millions of yuan from York and give them to him.

“What a shame…” York was disappointed, but it wasnt a surprising answer.

He understood it and wouldnt force Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning was unwilling to let him have them, it would be meaningless if he put pressure on her.

She wouldnt agree and it might damage their relationship.

Then if he needed her help again in the future, she wouldnt agree to help him.

“Fine, if I need them again, Ill call you.

Were back in the capital of Country Y.

Ill arrange for Mr.

Jiang and Miss Si to fly back this afternoon,” said York.

“Sure.” Gu Ning replied.

Shortly after the call with York, Gu Ning received a call from Jiang Liluo, who told her their task was done and that they had just arrived at the capital of Country Y.

They were currently resting in a hotel and York would arrange for someone to send them to the airport.

Their flight would take off at about 5 pm.

From the capital of Country Y to the capital of their country, they needed to take a ten hour long flight, so they would be back at about 5 am the next day.

Given Jiang Liluo and Si Jins abilities, Gu Ning wasnt worried about their safety, but she still reminded them to be careful.

Gu Ning hadnt received a call from Leng Shaoting by the time it was time for her to get off work, so she directly had dinner at her company and didnt wait for him.

Because Leng Shaoting left to deal with something, he had to be busy now.

Gu Ning didnt call him, but she still sent him a message telling him that she was eating and reminding him to have a meal as well.

After a long while, Leng Shaoting still didnt reply to her.

It seemed that he was really very busy.

Leng Shaoting didnt call Gu Ning until 2 pm.

Once she answered the call, Leng Shaoting apologized.

“Im sorry, I was busy.

I didnt look at the phone.

I finally had time now.”

Even though he knew Gu Ning was a considerate girl, he needed to show his attitude.

“Its fine.

I knew you were busy.

How is it Is it done Have you eaten” asked Gu Ning.

“Im about to have a meal.

Where are you now” asked Leng Shaoting.

“Im at the company,” said Gu Ning.

“Great, see you later,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning, then they hung up.

At 3:30 pm, Leng Shaoting arrived.

In Gu Nings office, Leng Shaoting said, “President Weis son was trapped into taking a lot of drugs and was tested.

It caused a sensation, but didnt become hot news.

If it goes viral, itll surely damage the Wei familys reputation, especially at this key moment.

Someone wants to use public opinion to damage their reputation, so that theyll lose votes this time.”

“I heard you gave President Wei some power crystals last time, so I told him to help his son take one when I received his call.

A few minutes later, they had a test again and the result showed that his son was fine.

They took the first test report as a mistake, but someone must take responsibility for the damage to their reputation.

So the doctor has to carry the blame.

We all know the doctor has been made a scapegoat, so the punishment is only for the public.

He wont be seriously punished.”

“This morning, we conducted an investigation about the mastermind.

It has something to do with the Chang family,” said Leng Shaoting.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was also mad.

“The Chang family is the most troublesome.”

They werent only troublesome, they also wouldnt stop causing other people trouble!


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