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Master Xu didnt want Zi Beiying to be displeased if she heard Master Lengs words.

He understood that Zi Beiying was tolerant, but he didnt want Master Leng to say it aloud.

“Oh, Ive never seen you so protective of anyone before!” Master Leng joked.

“Youre protective of your future granddaughter-in-law.

Why cant I do the same thing” Master Xu argued.

“Alright, do you have to argue every time you meet Cant you be quiet for a while” said Jiang Zhongyu resignedly.

Master Leng and Master Xu always argued whenever they met.

It seemed that there was always a reason for them to have an argument.

“Were old now.

And were dying.

Life is short.

If we dont argue with each other now, we might not have the chance in the future,” said Master Leng.

He was joking, but he sounded slightly sad.

Although they had lived for nearly eighty years and it wasnt a short time, nobody wanted to die if they didnt need to.

“Stop it! Dont say something like that.

I want to live till a hundred years old.

I still have twenty years ahead of me.

Im going to see my grandchildren get married and have a family!” Master Xu also felt sad, but he refused to allow the sadness.

Actually, they were nourished by Gu Nings power crystals.

As long as there were no accidents, they could live a hundred years.

Anyway, their bodies would be in good condition for a long time.

“Ha-ha, right, Im going to see my grandchildren get married and raise a family as well!” Master Leng laughed out loud and dropped this topic.

Leng Shaoting believed in Gu Nings abilities, but was still worried about her.

Therefore, after walking the guests out, he waited at the gate for Gu Ning.

Seeing that, Xu Jinchen and the others were amazed.

“Who could expect a man whos never been interested in women to be so deeply in love He can barely separate from Gu Ning for a minute!” said Xu Jinchen.

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“Its rare to see such a loyal man nowadays, but women love affectionate men.

Do you think its a bad thing for a man to be so deeply in love” said Zi Beiying, turning to look at Xu Jinchen meaningfully.

Xu Jinchen was startled and realized that he said something wrong.

The others watched him, gloating over his misfortune.

They were waiting to see a drama.

Xu Jinchen immediately cleared his throat and explained.

“Its definitely not a bad thing.

I have the same feeling as Shaoting.

Were both loyal, affectionate men.

I just feel that Shaoting has totally changed after falling in love with Gu Ning.

Love can really change a man.”

Hearing that, Zi Beiying was satisfied.


Xu Jinchen was also relieved.

When their friends saw how scared Xu Jinchen was of Zi Beiying, they found it extremely funny.

They knew that Xu Jinchen wasnt really scared, but he loved Zi Beiying, so he cared about her feelings.

Leng Shaoting didnt relax until Gu Ning was finally back.

After the car stopped, Leng Shaoting walked forward at once.

He went to open the car door for Gu Ning and helped her out by holding her hand.

The chauffeur who drove Gu Ning back was surprised by Leng Shaotings behavior.

He had to admit that no one could resist the charms of a beautiful woman.

Even the famously cold General Leng had to give in before a beauty like Gu Ning.

After the chauffeur left, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning walked into the house hand in hand.

Along the way, Leng Shaoting asked, “Did anything happen”

“Yeah, we ran into two ninjas that hid by XX Road.

If neither of us had gone with the president, he might have been killed,” said Gu Ning.

Because Leng Shaoting understood that there was trouble ahead of Wei Lingfeng, he wasnt surprised, but he was displeased to hear about the ninjas.

“How dare they try to hurt the president It seems the agreement between our country and Country R and Country F made Country R feel threatened,” said Leng Shaoting.

He didnt tell Gu Ning any details about the agreement.

Although he didnt keep secrets from Gu Ning in their romantic relationship, it was related to their countrys interest, so he couldnt tell her.

Gu Ning didnt ask about it either.

After Gu Ning gpt back, nobody criticized her.

Instead, they all asked her whether she was hungry.

She had eaten nothing before she left so Yu Yin and Jing Yunyao prepared food especially for her.

They didnt criticize her, but Gu Ning left halfway through and didnt come back till the birthday party was over.

It was rude, so Gu Ning apologized to Master Leng at once.

“Grandpa Leng, Im so sorry for my absence.

I had to leave due to an emergency.

Please forgive me for not celebrating your birthday party until the end.”

“Of course I wont blame you.

Im not unreasonable,” said Master Leng, seemingly displeased.

He didnt want Gu Ning to think that he would blame her.

He cared about her safety and only hoped that she would be safe.

“I know youre not unreasonable, but I shouldnt forget my manners.

So its necessary for me to apologize.

Alright, Im done, and Im starving.

Is there anything to eat” said Gu Ning like a naughty girl, leaving everyone amused.

Hearing that Gu Ning was hungry, Yu Yin immediately pulled her to have a meal in the dining hall.

“I didnt see you eat anything earlier so I knew you would be hungry after getting back.

The food is ready for you.

Go have some.”

Leng Shaoting was afraid that Gu Ning would be lonely if she ate alone, so he went to the dining hall with her.

Then he sat right next to her and watched her eat.

Witnessing Leng Shaotings behavior, the others felt it was too much.

“I think Shaoting wants to mix himself with Gu Ning as a whole! I have to say Im a little jealous,” said Leng Shaoxi with slight jealousy.

She suddenly wanted to be in love too after seeing how happy they were.

“Are you jealous Get yourself a boyfriend!” Gu Anna said.

“Come on, youre older than me and youre still single.

Why should I be worried” Leng Shaoxi argued.

“I love freedom.

Do you understand I think drinks and the Internet are more fun than a boyfriend,” said Gu Anna, making it seem as if she had little interest in men.

“Fine!” Leng Shaoxi gave a perfunctory reply.

Then she suddenly remembered something and asked Xu Jinchen, “Jinchen, I coincidentally met Song Haoyu and a woman on the streets the other day.

Hes absent today.

Did he go back to the military base”


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