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Most importantly, Leng Yuanqian was fine.

If he was injured, Jiang Shuyuan would definitely go to see him.

When Master Leng came, everyone greeted him with great respect.

Since they survived, they needed to go home safely.

As for the other people at the scene, the police would deal with them.

Leng Yuanqian and the others followed the police to escort York and the other important guests to the hotel they were staying at, then went back home.

The hotel York stayed at was an exclusive hotel for important figures local and foreign and had extremely tight security.

They just wanted to have fun somewhere else today, and didnt expect to run into such a terrible explosion.

Therefore, someone had to be spying on them from the dark.

It was true that someone was watching them from the crowd.

However, when he saw York walking out alive, he realized he failed.

He instantly became angry, because he had believed that he would succeed.

How did the girl know there was a bomb in the clubhouse Did she see him put it there

York and the others could only survive because this girl saved them.

Although he didnt know what the girl had done to save York and the others, he was very displeased that she found out about the bomb.

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As a result, the man gave Gu Ning a cold glare, but Gu Ning noticed him right away.

Gu Ning didnt turn to meet his eyes, and simply gave him a quick glance.

It was an Asian.

He was young, in his early thirties.

At first glance, Gu Ning knew that the man couldnt be simple.

Besides, he seemed very aggressive and must have killed a lot of people.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning targeted him.

She wasnt sure whether the man was a bad guy or whether he had something to do with the explosion, but she had to be clear about it since the man paid special attention to her.

Leng Yuanqian got in the Leng familys car and Jing Yunyao was the driver.

They followed the police in sending York back to the hotel, because they were afraid of running into more trouble on the way.

Because Gu Nings friends were there, she didnt leave with Master Leng and the other family members.

Actually, she really wanted to know more about the strange man.

Right after York left, the man also walked away.

He couldnt hurt York again, so he could only leave first.

Watching the man walking away, Gu Ning told Chu Peihan and her other friends to go back before her.

She needed to deal with something else.

The man didnt drive, leaving on foot.

Gu Ning followed not too far behind him, but he didnt notice her.

The clubhouse wasnt at the side of the main road, so they needed to walk over a hundred meters to leave.

There werent many people by the road, only some greenery.

So, it was convenient for Gu Ning to take action.

Gu Ning looked around, making sure that no one was looking at them, and then she moved to attack the man.

Because she was really fast, the man felt the hit at the back of his neck before he saw her.

The next moment, he lost consciousness.

Without delay, Gu Ning dragged him into the woods, then took out a sack and squeezed the man inside.

She carried it and avoided the surveillance cameras while walking to a remote place.

Normally, a fancy clubhouse was built in a place with beautiful views and far away from the crowd for quiet and fresh air.

Therefore, behind the clubhouse, there were mountains.

Gu Ning didnt need to carry the sack through the crowd, which could easily cause trouble.

She could directly go into the mountains.

After walking into the mountains, Gu Ning put the sack down and let the man out before waking him up.

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The man opened his eyes dizzily.

When he recognized Gu Nings face, he was scared.

It was dark in the woods, but there was still some light and the man had good eyesight, so he could see Gu Nings face clearly.

He was caught and taken to this place without attracting any attention, so this girl was obviously suspicious of him.

She must have seen him put the bomb in the clubhouse.

Because of that, the man got nervous, but he didnt show it on his face.

He wouldnt admit it, so he asked, “Who are you Why did you bring me here”

“Because youre very strange,” said Gu Ning.

She wasnt sure whether this man really had something to do with the explosion, so she didnt bring it up right away.

She decided to see his reaction first.

Hearing that, the man panicked a little, but quickly went back to normal.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning caught his panic.

It seemed he was really guilty, but Gu Ning still needed more evidence.

“Why do you think Im strange Im innocent!” The man denied it, seeming very angry as if he was indeed innocent.

“Do you think Ill believe you You better be honest, or I might need to use some violence…” said Gu Ning aggressively, putting great pressure on the man.

The man couldnt help feeling confused.

Who was this girl How could she be so powerful at such a young age

“I did nothing wrong.

What do you expect me to say” The man argued.

“Really” Gu Ning asked and released cold magical power to attack the man.

The man immediately felt the pain.

He thought it was just a windy night, but his body soon stiffened, so he finally realized that something went wrong.

He tried to stand up, but his limbs could barely move and were very sore.

Gu Ning watched him with a vague smile.

“How is it Can you feel your body stiffening In just a few more seconds, your body will be completely frozen.

By then, youll see yourself dying.

Are you sure you wont be honest with me”

If the man still refused to tell her anything, Gu Ning wouldnt really kill him, because she didnt have evidence.

She would just spy on him and conduct an investigation.

“You…” The man watched Gu Ning in surprise.

It seemed that she caused him to be unable to move.

How did she do it

“Yes, I did it.

So are you going to be honest with me or not Oh, even if you refuse to tell me, I wont kill you quickly.

Ill torture you and youll beg me to kill you in the end…” said Gu Ning coldly, sounding quite scary, especially in the ears of the immobilized man.

He might get rid of the pain after being killed, but it would be very bad if he couldnt die soon.

However, he didnt give in at once, but instead chose to attack Gu Ning.


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