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Upon hearing that the Zhang family were already aware, Master Rong didnt know what to say.

He didnt blame Zhang for it.

After all, she was treated so unfairly, she couldnt share the secret with anyone except for her parents.

However, since the Zhang family had learned about it, it would become tricky.

Now they could only wait till Zhangs parents came to see what they could do.

Rong Jingtang frowned in annoyance.

He was mad at Zhang for calling her parents, but he knew that he shouldnt say anything more at this moment.

“Alright, you can have some time alone.

Jingtang and I will go out first,” said Master Rong, then he went out with Rong Jingtang.

Rong Jingtang followed Master Rong back to the living room, then Mater Rong said, “Are you happy now I told you to apologize to her.

Why did you go blame her instead”

Rong Jingtang didnt know what to say.

“Dad, is sister-in-law still going to ask for a divorce” asked Master Rongs second son.

“We can only wait till her parents come,” said Mater Rong in disappointment.

It was a serious matter, but it was solvable.

“Fine, then lets wait till her parents come.

I know its really unacceptable.

She must be very upset and could only turn to her parents for help,” said Master Rongs second son, understanding why Zhang called her parents.

“Jingtang, I must tell you this seriously.

If you divorce Xinyun, you wont just be embarrassed.

Youll also lose the Zhang familys support.

So if you still care about the Rong familys benefits, admit your fault and apologize to them after they come.

As for the boy, dont bring him home for now.

Well see what to do about him in the future.

Dont talk about your nonsense.

The Zhang family will only be angrier at you,” said Master Rong with a serious expression.

He had no strength to shout at Rong Jingtang now.

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Hearing that, Rong Jingtang completely understood how serious this matter was.

He obviously cared about the Rong familys benefits!

Therefore, Rong Jingtang listened to Master Rong.

Before the Zhang family came, Mater Rongs first son and daughter-in-law came back.

They had gone to attend a party tonight, so they were a little late getting home.

When they got home, they sensed that the atmosphere wasnt right.

“Dad, what happened” Master Rongs first son asked.

“Jingtang has an illegitimate son outside, and Xinyun found out.

She wants to have a divorce,” said Master Rong.

It wasnt a secret now, so he didnt bother to lie.

“What” Hearing that, Master Rongs first son and daughter-in-law were extremely surprised.

They immediately turned to look at Rong Jingtang.

Rong Jingtang avoided their eyes, not daring to look at them.

Rong Jingtang didnt dare to meet their eyes, not because he had an illegitimate son outside, but because he schemed against Rong Zechen.

It seemed that they were still unaware of his scheme.

If they knew, they wouldnt be so calm.

In fact, Rong Jiangtang still couldnt figure out who stole the evidence.

Did the exposure of his affair have anything to do with that

He believed that there had to be a connection, but he couldnt be sure before having solid proof.

In the Rong family, Master Rongs first son and daughter-in-law were the most upright people, so they were the most shocked when they heard the news.

“Jingtang, how could you do something like that You humiliated the Rong family and its morally unacceptable!” Master Rongs first son criticized Rong Jingtang loudly.

Although he didnt have a close relationship with Rong Jingtang and knew how ambitious Rong Jingtang was, they were a family after all.

Rong Jingtang hadnt done anything to hurt him yet.

Though, if he learned about Rong Jingtangs scheme against Rong Zechen, he wouldnt feel that way.

When Rong Zechen called Rong Jue, he also told his brother to keep it a secret from their parents and other family members.

Rong Zechen wasnt protecting Rong Jingtang, but he didnt want more people to know about his


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Rong Jue understood Rong Zechens feelings.

If it was exposed, not only Rong Zechen would be heavily hit, but the Rong family would also be humiliated.

Therefore, Rong Jue agreed and kept it a secret.

However, they couldnt tolerate Rong Jingtangs behavior, so Rong Jue collected evidence of his illegitimate son, then sent it to Zhang to teach him a lesson.

Although Zhang was hurt, it wasnt a bad thing for her to find out about it now.

If the boy grew up and became independent, he might come back and steal her family properties.

By then, she would suffer more.

Although the Rong family didnt split, they didnt share all the family wealth.

Each of them had their own properties.

The Rong family wasnt only involved in politics, they were also involved in business and Master Rongs second son was managing their family business, which other family members had shares of.

Rong Jingtang didnt reply to his first brother, because he didnt know what to say.

After hearing Master Rongs analysis, he dared not to give his unreasonable excuse now.

Afterwards, they could only wait till the Zhang family came.

Half an hour later, the Zhang family came.

Zhangs parents and two elder brothers showed up and they looked extremely unhappy.

The Zhang family was less influential than the Rong family, but there wasnt a huge gap, so they werent afraid of the Rong family and didnt bother to please them.

Anyway it was the Rong familys fault that their daughter was treated badly, so they obviously wouldnt be happy.

If they didnt care about Zhang, they wouldnt have come.

For the sake of their face, they might even have told her to live with it.

Although they cared about their dignity as well, they wouldnt accept unfair treatment.

In order to protect their pride, they had to do something.

Zhang Xinyuns first brother was a soldier, a senior colonel.

He was a very outstanding man in all aspects.

Even Master Rong had a very good impression of him.

He spoiled his younger sister ever since they were little, so he rushed to punch Rong Jingtang once he saw him.

Rong Jingtang couldnt bear the punch, and directly fell to the ground with blood pouring out of the corner of his mouth.

“Zhang Jiancheng, are you crazy” Rong Jingtang shouted angrily.

He had never been humiliated like that before.


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