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Zhang found it extremely humiliating.

Rong Jingtang really took her for an idiot and believed that she could be easily fooled.

“You…” Rong Jingtang felt a little guilty when Zhang pointed it out.

He suddenly didnt know what to say.

Anyway, since Zhang already knew his purpose, what could he say

“Then what do you want A divorce” asked Rong Jingtang.

“Isnt that what you want If you really wanted to be with me, you wouldnt have betrayed me.

Since you betrayed me, it means you dont want to be in marriage with me any longer.

Its you who wants a divorce,” said Zhang.

“Stop saying that I betrayed you! If you were willing to get pregnant again, I wouldnt have done that! Both of my brothers have a son, while I dont.

Do you want me to lose my share of the familys wealth” Rong Jingtang snapped at Zhang.

He only cared about his own benefits.

He couldnt care less about other peoples feelings.

“Fine, fine, fine, its all my fault! Youre right all the time! I dont want to continue now.

I must have a divorce.

You can move to live with the woman and your son.

I feel disgusted upon thinking of you having sex with the woman in the bed,” Zhang shouted.

Master Rong was worried that Rong Jingtang might ruin everything and make it even worse, so he told his second son to go up and have a look.

Once Rong Jingtangs brother went up, he saw him defending himself with the same ridiculous reason.

He blamed his wife for everything.

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Everyone had ambition, so did Rong Jingtangs brother, but he wouldnt blame other people for his own mistakes.

No matter what, Rong Jingtang was wrong this time.

However, Rong Jingtangs brother couldnt say anything right now.

He could only go downstairs and report the situation to Master Rong.

Master Rong actually still had some confidence in Rong Jingtang and believed that Rong Jingtang could control the situation, but unfortunately Rong Jingtang failed.

He didnt control the situation at all and even made it worse.

Master Rong was so mad that he even wanted to slap Rong Jingtang again.

Rong Jingtang couldnt solve the problem, so he had to help.

Without delay, Master Rong hurriedly went upstairs.

After Master Rong got upstairs, Rong Jingtang had been chased out of the room by Zhang and was still criticizing Zhang for being unreasonable.

Master Rong was so mad that he almost had a heart attack.

“Rong Jingtang, shut up!” Master Rong stopped him.

Hearing Master Rongs voice, Rong Jingtang trembled in fear and shut his mouth at once.

He realized why his father told him to come upstairs, but he ruined everything.

Rong Jingtang panicked a little.

“I told you to apologize.

What are you doing” Master Rong angrily questioned out of breath.

“I did, but she wouldnt listen to me.” Rong Jingtang argued.

He didnt think it was his fault.

“You did Why dont I see any sincerity Do you know what an apology is” Master Rong questioned.

He couldnt see that Rong Jingtang sincerely apologized.

“You did something wrong.

You must apologize to your wife sincerely.

How can you blame your wife for it”

“Dad, why are you all criticizing me Am I really wrong” Rong Jingtang lost his patience when Master Rong wouldnt stop criticizing him.

“Because you have no standards.

You only care about yourself, so you never think that youre wrong,” said Master Rong.

He wasnt saying that he was an upright man, but he wouldnt do something like this nor think it was right.

However, he felt it had already happened so he wanted to keep the Rong familys kid, but the woman couldnt join the Rong family even if Zhang divorced Rong Jingtang.

It would only humiliate the Rong family.

Although the Rong family wasnt comparable to the Leng family, it was much better than the Yuan family and the Chang family.

At least, the Rong family wouldnt be involved in drug trafficking or corruption.

However, they didnt know what their collateral branches and the officials in their faction were doing, because they couldnt control everyone.

They would only solve problems if there were any.

Rong Jingtang was slightly persuaded by Master Rong, so he remained silent.

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“Im sorry, its my fault that I didnt educate my son well.

He hurt your feelings.

I promise you that Ill send the woman and the boy abroad.

Theyll disappear from your life.

Please think twice if you really want a divorce.

You dont want your kids to lose their mother, right Itll hurt them deeply,” said Master Rong.

He wouldnt directly stop her from getting a divorce, but he used her kids to persuade her to calm down a little.

His words were useful and Zhang softened slightly.

She only cared about her kids now; it had nothing to do with Rong Jingtang.

However, upon thinking of Rong Jingtangs attitude, she couldnt help getting mad.

“If I get a divorce, my kids will be hurt, but if I dont, Ill be hurt.

Its so difficult to be a woman.

I cant live my own life, yet my husband betrayed me and even took it for granted.” Zhang found it ridiculous.

She had sympathy for all women.

Afterwards, she turned to look at Rong Jingtang and asked, “Rong Jingtang, since you hurl the blame on me, would you accept it if I had an illegitimate kid outside”

“Of course not, why should I accept that” Rong Jingtang subconsciously answered.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha.” Zhang laughed sadly and cried.

“Yeah, why You know its unfair.

Then why should I accept it Why do you force me to do something you cant Why”

“Rong Jingtang, enough! If you still cant realize its your fault, youll be chased out of the Rong family!” Master Rong felt embarrassed by his son.

He was trying to solve the problem for Rong Jingtang, but Rong Jingtang wouldnt stop embarrassing him.

“Dad…” Hearing that, Rong Jingtang was shocked and finally realized how serious it was, so he didnt dare to argue about it again.

“You should leave now.

I need to be alone for a while.

My parents will come and we can talk about it later.

I already called them,” said Zhang, feeling helpless.

She was so tired and was sick of arguing with them.


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